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Masterskill University College of Health Science

Incorporated in 1997, Masterskill Education Group Berhad (MEGB) is a leading operator in Nursing and Allied Health education in Malaysia, principally engaged in the provision of higher education and training.

MEGB encompasses two associate institutions, i.e. Masterskill University College of Health Sciences that officially attained university college status in 2008 and Masterskill College of Nursing & Health that was registered with the Ministry of Higher Education in 2004.

As the premier provider of holistic education in Nursing and Allied Health in the country, we aim to meet the health needs of the world. We prepare our students to function effectively in multifaceted roles in a variety of settings to promote the health and wellbeing of every individual and strive to build an inquisitive mind, motivate academic excellence as well as foster lifelong learning in all our students.

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website http://www.masterskill.edu.my

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