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Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia – JKJR

Malaysia Road Safety Department

“We have to strive and work hand-in-hand in programs which aim to realize our mission of heightening the understanding and involvement of the general public towards road safety issues”. Datuk Suret Singh, Director. Malaysia Road Safety Department.

”Zero Death Resulting From Road Accidents”

To make Malaysia a nation with a road safety level that is on par with those of developed countries by the year 2010. The concerned criterions are: \

  • Ten (10) deaths per 100,000 inhabitants
  • Two (2) deaths per 10,000 units of registered vehicles
  • Ten (10) deaths per a billion kilometer of covered journey

To be a “One Stop Agency” tasked with monitoring and coordinating road safety programs encompassing the aspects of Education, Enforcement, Engineering and Environment or better known as the ‘4E’.

further information at http://www.jkjr.gov.my

Download Vectorism Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia

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    salam, logo jkjr x dapat download..

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