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MOF – Perbendaharaan Malaysia, Kementerian Kewangan M’sia

Treasury Malaysia is under the Ministry of Finance (MoF) with the vision :
  • To be the premier agency responsible for national financial and economic management.
  • To be an exemplary world class agency both domestically and internationally.
The objective of Malaysian Treasury are :
  • Ensure sustained and continuous economic growth.
  • Strengthen national competitiveness and economic resilience.
  • Ensure effective and prudent financial management.
  • Pursue a more equitable sharing of national wealth.
  • Improve quality of life and well being of society.

Download vector logo of MOF – Perbendaharaan Malaysia, Kementerian Kewangan

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  1. jafferi says:

    Black pepper Crops for Zone berkala besar(10 miles radius from sea whaft /sea side through Peningsular Malaysia in Pertanian ,is that are vaible to share a common creative with state & federal goverment project till 2020?Did so if improvise quality of life and well being of society after they phps left their sea side for better offer in Urban city. refers to Black pepper again on Berkala Besar Zone phps this idea sharing nasional wealth are implify and alternative prudent to finance the local folks on betterness their economy competitiveness and they will risilience with their crops growth.For your inf Market buying at 1,600 per ton as the state gov and federal gov. monitoring the project for them .

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