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Change to Vectorise.net

For every broken link address (cannot download), please change the old link address domain name from alhijjrah.net to our new domain vectorise.net instead..

example :


change to


Only change alhijjrah to vectorise (at the ‘address bar’) and the rest remain the same. Then all files will be downloadable as normal. We are still under progress updating all the links to make easy for you.. till next time.. thank you for all your support.. cheers..


Sila tukarkan link-link logo secara manual, contoh :

link logo AlRajhi Bank :

link lama – http://alhijjrah.net/vectorworks/logos/Bank/download/alrajhibank.htm.

tukar domain ke

link baru – http://vectorise.net/vectorworks/logos/Bank/download/alrajhibank.htm

itu sahaja yg perlu dibuat buat (utk semua links yg ada domain alhijjrah sahaja) buat masa sekarang.. semua logo boleh didownload seperti biasa.. kami masih dlm proses mengupdate semua 1500++ links.. terima kasih..

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  1. vectorism says:

    pls change ALL address link start from..




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