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August Update

Tabung Haji New Logo
Wespac Australia’s First Bank

Brands Company, Products, Foods
Nona Roguy
Victorinox 3D

Brands Electronics, Telecommunications
Western Digital

Hotels & Travels
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Virgin Atlantic

ATM – Maktab Tentera DiRaja (MTD)
ATM – Kelab Golf Maktab Tentera DiRaja (KGMTD)
Jabatan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Negara (JKKN)

For some of you who request some of these logos.. enjoy your job (and say thanks to contributors of the logos). For some of you still unable to get what you asking for, hopefully someone can help and contribute. For the full list by category kindly look at the Free Logo List links.

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