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Logo Request

When a specific vector logo you’re looking for not available anywhere else, get someone to illustrate / trace it for you.

Trace a Logo depends on designers availability & interest. To get designer’s interest to do the job, some fee are highly recommended to be offered to the designer for their time & commitment.

Logo requests with some fee offered might be shown below as comments, interested designer / illustrator may reply or contact you for further info.


  1. vectorism says:

    Replying to Mark via email:
    dear user, try to search the logo ur'e looking for using Search box above before making request.. (u may save some penny)

  2. kamalzam79 says:

    Siapa ada vector logo lembaga lada malaysia

  3. Alif Lam says:

    ada x sape2 yg ada koleksi asmaul husna in jpg or ai format ? syukran TQ

  4. jack says:

    sape ada logo Ascc atau as-sakinah cycling club….

  5. Ardley says:

    anybody got Ministry of Transport Malaysia vector logo?

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