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Maulidur Rasul

Muhammad S.A.W.

For the special day (its yesterday) 20 March 2008 or 12 Rabiu’lAwal 1429 Hijrah where Muslims all over the world celebrating the birthday of The Last Prophet, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. (peace be upon him)… here the vector Islamic Khat of Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w… happy Maulidur Rasul.

Download the Vector File (Adobe Illustrator format)

updated Feb 2011

Maulidur Rasul Khat

Maulidur Rasul S.A.W vector khat in 1 color

Download Vector Caligraphy

For more Islamic vector… Bismillah, Assalam, etc. go to Islamic Khat Vector. Support this site & share with others by links to us from your site / blog.

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