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Logo Persekutuan Pengakap Malaysia (New)

Updated 19 July 2011

Vector Logo, symbol, crest, emblem available under this category are from Society & NGO. Logo Events and Standard Symbol have been separated to the new category Designs, Events & Standard Symbols.. cheers…


NGO, Society, Organisation









International Society, Organisation

Credit & Thanks to:

  1. nInE fInGeRs for the angkasa..
  2. Ataei for Puspanita..
  3. Mohd Sebri b Abd Wahab for the SMART team..
  4. DS Jaafar for the PEWARIS logo..
  5. Shaikul for the M’sian Nurses Association..
  6. Anuar for the Silat Seni Gayong..
  7. fqemo for the MAYC, M’sia Building Society Bhd (MBSB), Pewaris2, Seni Silat Gerak Kilat, Proton Club M’sia ProCC, Yayasan Amal M’sia..
  8. Alph4 for the Perkasa..
  9. Palacca whmcompuart for the S.P.I.E.S..
  10. Luzgnirek for the PERASAMA.


Others that not available here might be under Logo Government Bodies, Dept. or look under Logo Brands, Product, Company.. for full list of log look at top right sidebar – Logo Category

Logo files are in Adobe Illustrator v10 format (.ai). You may also open with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Reader. More logos to come.. keep visit this website for new updates. Or you might simply subscribe for our updates direct to your email or add to del.icio.us or just bookmark us by pressing Ctrl+D. Support us by links back to vectorise logo.


  1. kadklate says:

    salam. ada tak logo kerabat diraja dymm long yunus kelantan..
    mungkin dah ada cuma sy tak jumpa kot.mintak tolong k.

  2. azu says:

    broken link : pewaris 1 dan pewaris 2

  3. Naslinda says:

    maaf.. ade tak logo tunas puteri

  4. Non says:

    Salam…nk tanya logo Badan Amal Dan Kebajikan Tenaga Isteri-isteri(BAKTI) ada tak?

  5. aim says:

    Ada Logo Persatuan perkhidmatan tadbir dan Diplomatik x?

  6. nora says:

    sy nk logo majlis Kebajikan India Muslim Pahang… bley x spe2 tlg trce.. plss.. ;-(

  7. hanafi says:

    salam….ada logo USAHANITA TAK?

  8. zack says:

    logo Persatuan Kadet Bersatu Malaysia (PKBM) ade x?

  9. sayaphitam says:

    sesiapa ada tak logo PERBEKAS. Persatuan Bekas Kastam Malaysia. urgent ni. bantuan2.

  10. keon says:

    salam… logo rtc gopeng xder ker..???

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