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Pramac Racing

Pramac Racing Logo

Pramac Racing is another Ducati satellite team that using Ducati Desmosedici V4 bikes similar to the Ducati factory team – Mission Winnow Ducati, but different setting by their mechanics of course. Usually when the Ducati factory team introduce some new innovation to their bike that was approved by the FIM (the MotoGP authority), they will share it with their satellite teams, like the new fairing design, winglet design, etc.

This year 2019 MotoGP season, Pramac Racing perform quite impressive in their tests and also in the live race. Their riders especially Jack Miller proved to be one of the perform rider on Ducati bike and he even (sometimes) outperform the Ducati factory riders itself, as their big brother team.

Recently about 3 days ago, the team known as Alma Pramac Racing, then latest news mentioned that they changed their name to just Pramac Racing, after dropped Alma, their main sponsor.. we don’t know yet why it happen the middle of the race season.

2019 MotoGP Riders:

  • #43 Jack Miller 🇦🇺 Grand Prix victories: 7x (1x MotoGP | 6x Moto3), Podium: 11x (1x MotoGP | 10x Moto3)
  • #63 Francesco Bagnaia (rookie) 🇮🇹 World Champion: 1x Moto2, Grand Prix victories: 10x (8x Moto2 | 2x Moto3), Podium: 23x (16x Moto2 | 7x Moto3)


MotoGP Team Pramac Racing 2019 Logo



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