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Syarikat Air Perlis – SAP

Logo Syarikat Air Perlis

Syarikat Air Perlis – SAP (Air Perlis Sdn Bhd) is a subsidiary of Menteri Besar Incorporation – MBI Perlis Enactment Group. The SAP had successfully undertook the corporatisation process of Bahagian Bekalan Air JKR Perlis (BBA) on January 2015. BBA is a section of JKR Perlis responsible to manage water services in Perlis until the corporatisation date and sanctioned by SPAN as operator of public water supply system.

SAP Vision – To be a center of excellence for the development of water services using creativity and innovation, human capital and technology.

SAP Mission – To be a supreme water company that provides water services to the state of Perlis with excellent customer services at sustainable operations performance that meet customers’ satisfaction.

To provide technical expertise for planning and design purposes of all activities related to water services in Perlis to the Federal and state Government. Their focus is to achieve customer’s satisfaction and sustainable business.



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