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Tune Insurance

Logo Tune Insurance

Tune Insurance – Tune Ins Holdings Berhad, TIH Group is an underwriter, directly and via reinsurance, of general and life insurance products across the Asia-Pacific region. They operate two core businesses:
• Online insurance business – insurance products are sold to customers as part of their online booking process with our online partners,
• Other general insurance business – currently only in Malaysia.

Tune Insurance for online, comprises primarily their Travel Protection Plan but also includes products such as the AA Lifestyle Protection Plan and the Tune Hotels Lifestyle Protection Plan. This business segment is underpinned by exclusive long-term agreements with AirAsia, and a contractual arrangement with Tune Hotels. Through their online business, they operate in 15 markets including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and China as the key markets.

In addition to their relationships with AirAsia and Tune Hotels, Tune Insurance have also entered into arrangements with AirAsia Expedia to provide their insurance products to AirAsia Expedia customers making online bookings initially through three of their websites in Asia.

→ www.tuneinsurance.com

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    Dah log in, tapi bila nak download diasuruh log in.. bila log in, dia kata password salah.. agak2 la wei, byk kali aku try masih sama..

    • admin says:

      Lain kali jangan terus klik Download,
      >>Login DULU SEBELUM KLIK Download<<
      kalo tak error laa mcm tu..

      gi semula ke page tu → http://vectorise.net/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=1071

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