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Vegetable Oil Ink

Logo Vegetable Oil Ink

Vegetable Oil Ink is a standard symbol introduced by Japan Printing Ink Makers Association in December 2008 as a result of the great aim of environmental policies and sustainable development. Vegetable based ink is made with vegetable oil, such as soybean or linseed oil and is used as a substitute for petroleum. These inks significantly reduce the amount of ozone depleting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) released into the air during Heatset Offset printing, althought the waste gases containing the emitted VOCs are burned.

Among the advantages quoted are:
• less ink rub-off to the reader’s fingers,
• more brillant colours,
• better trapping,
• no misting,
• less ink per area needed
• biodegradable and more readily de-inkable
• enhances printability characteristics
• good press stability and colour control
• more range of substrates are applicable, so the stock can be reduced

Now whenever you prints using vegetable based ink, you can put this standard symbol as ‘Printed with Vegetable Oil Ink logo’ in your printed documents.. reference


Download Vector Logo of Vegetable Oil Ink


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