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It all started in 1991, in a small peaceful town down south of Malaysia. Our biscuit connoisseurs grew up on the heavenly smells of freshly-baked handmade biscuits that constantly filled their father’s biscuit factory. Affectionately known as their second home, it was there that they lived, ate, slept, studied and played. During the school holidays, they helped make and pack biscuits, and would quite happily follow Dad everywhere. While growing up in a biscuit factory sounds like a child’s dream come true, life wasn’t always all fun and games (unlike a Munchy’s biscuit that’s fun and games, all day and all night long!). Many biscuits and wafers were burnt, broken and bruised along the way. But their hard work paid off, as they amassed secrets learnt from their forefathers (to be used in the future with the birth of Munchy’s) to make the perfect homemade biscuit – handmade with cheeky fun, laughter, and above all, love.

website : http://www.munchys.com


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