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Malaysia Airlines (blue)

The Malaysian flag carrier Malaysia Airlines unveiled a new livery yesterday, March 8, when they showcased a new Airbus A380-800. The red and blue lines of the previous livery have been replaced by lines in three blue colour tones. The airline has also introduced an updated logo.

The previous identity was launched on October 15, 1987 and created by Johan Ariff of Johan Design Associates. At the same time, the company changed its name to Malaysia Airlines in a bid to strengthen the image of its home country, having previously been marketed as Malaysian Airline System or the initials MAS. The previous red colour was complemented with blue and the airline symbol, a wau bulan or Kelantan kite, was tilted to appear more aerodynamic.

The new look gives up the red to go all-blue. The wordmark has been modernised with a new typeface and the kite has been turned blue and slightly remodeled. (Apologies for the low resolution image at the top of this post.)

The agency behind this redesign doesn’t appear to have been revealed yet, but it has previously been announced that DraftFCB/FutureBrand and Johan Design Associates had been shortlisted for a corporate identity pitch.


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