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Kolej MASA (Malaysian Academic & Skills Advancement)

Kolej MASA was established on 22 August 2008. Although a new college, the visions and experiences of the stakeholders are not new. The vast experiences of the directors coupled with a strong belief in making a difference for the young minds speared them into setting up Kolej MASA.

Students who come to Kolej MASA can choose to do a certificate course or a diploma course with pathways established to pursue further to do their first degree. Courses include Diploma in Secretaryship, diploma in hospitality, diploma in Information Technology, diploma in Corporate Administration and Certificate in Corporate Administration. Additionally, students are given a strong grounding on English Language skills both spoken as well as written, through Kolej MASA’s specially designed English language intensive classes.

Acknowledging the disparity between academic knowledge and the ability to apply skills in the workplace, Kolej MASA has gone one step further, not merely exposing the graduates to menial workplace practicum, but Kolej MASA ensures that the students receive workplace training designed to encompass all relevant skills needed when they graduate. This is done through the many Memorandum of Understandings signed with industry leaders locally as well as internationally.


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