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Majlis Sukan Politeknik (MSP)


Majlis Sukan Politeknik Malaysia or MSP was established in 1999. MSP main purpose is to plan, coordinate and organize sporting events for the polytechnics. MSP also plans seminars and various sports courses to help the polytechnic students and staff to develop their skills, knowledge and expertise in various sporting areas. The council also acts as a resource centre to assist the polytechnics in various matters pertaining sports towards achieving excellence in sports.


To be a Healthy and Active Sporting Nation.


To achieve excellence in sports and to enhance the polytechnic image through sports.


To achieve sports excellence through the promotion and development of elite and recreational sporting opportunities and to inculcate sports as a healthy lifestyle in the polytechnics.

To develop a vibrant sports culture within the polytechnic which offers a range of indoor and outdoor sports catering for students recreational needs

To identify new talents and help existing athletes to further develop their skills, to participate in regional sports competitions, performances and accomplishment at various levels

To cultivate and develop external partnerships (regional and international) and joint ventures to seek opportunities to further develop sports in the polytechnics

To provide opportunities for the polytechnic students to participate and achieve excellence in sport and physical recreation at all levels equivalent to achieving academic excellence in line with the National Education Policy.

To increase values of participation in sports, educating and developing leaders through sports.

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