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The Andaman, Langkawi

The Andaman in Datai Bay, Langkawi is a luxurious getaway that’s located among a tranquil rainforest between the Mat Cincang Mountain Range and facing the Andaman Sea. The natural landscape and pristine environment promise to bring guest on an ultimate journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Langkawi, an island full of historical legend, stories and activities, revel in the view from Mat Cincang, Langkawi’s second highest mountain with a cable car ride. Wander throughout the island on private guided nature tours which include exploring the local area on mountain bikes, bird watching on Gunung Raya, the highest point of the rainforest, as well as observing the island from above the tree canopy.  Tours to the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, the largest freshwater lake in Langkawi, and The Seven Wells are also highly recommended.

Langkawi was granted Geopark status in 1997 by UNESCO, the first in Southeast Asia and only the 52nd park in the world, due to its geological and geomorphologic heritage.

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