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Submit Logo

Sent your vector file(s) by filling this form. Your file(s) will be sent to email and the admin will approve it. Please make sure the vector file(s) should follow this criteria. :

  • The files should be in Adobe Illustrator format & saved to version 10 (preferred)*,
  • Make sure all fonts were create outline & all effects/filters (if any) were expand appearance**,
  • Make it in cmyk color mode (rgb for onscreen logo only) & try your best to get the original color code

* pls make sure to
tick ‘create pdf compatible file‘ (in the Option box when you click Save).
** to ‘create outline‘ -> select all -> (menu) Type -> Create Outline, to expand appearance -> select all -> (menu) Object -> Expand Appearance.

Please click Submit once, to avoid double entry.
Logo(s) submitted will be added to the list after approved.
Admin have the right not to approve any logo submitted if the logo is not real vector, can’t be open with Illustrator CS3, not popular to be share, etc..


  1. Darkcyan says:

    Semakin canggih dah website ni… nak sent logo dah x pakai email… upload dari pc pastu sent… senang… syabas buat empunya website

  2. Anonymous says:

    just sharing.. thank you all hanyaAllah membalas jasa semua…


  3. vectorism says:

    Darkcyan – masih bnyk lg kelemahan.. slow2 laa kita improve ek'

    0 – amiiin ; )

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