4 Ways to Build Skills Required for a Web Designer

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Web design is the first thing that ensures a site’s success on the Internet. It must keep visitors engaged visually and make it easy for them to navigate and interact efficiently with a page. Clunky or cluttered pages lead to slow loading speed and affect traffic negatively. Meanwhile, a unique and catchy layout brings visitors back and keeps them longer on a site.

As any profession that combines creativity with technology, web design changes fast. To stay on top of this industry, you must always seek to improve your web design skills. Do you want to create visually-stunning websites with great user-interface and impressive loading speed? We answer your question about how to improve the skills needed in this profession.

How to be a Better Web Designer

A web designer should have essential skills such as visual creativity, resourcefulness, mastery of the latest changes in CSS, HTML and UX technologies, and great communication abilities to connect with the client’s needs and desires. Let’s see what are the greatest methods to build and improve your web design skills, whether you’re a student or a professional.

1. Focus on Practice, Not Theory 

Especially if you’re a student, the most important thing to do is to focus on practical skills and abilities. Don’t waste time with tasks unrelated to your goals. Instead of spending hours writing a theoretical paper that doesn’t add value to your designer skills, you can ask essay helper for assistance. You must devote all your creativity, time, and energy on practicing your craft. Find help online from an essay writing service and forget about useless theory.

2. Get Visual Inspiration from Masters

Skills for a Web Designer

As a creative professional, you must let the world inspire you. Check the work of the best web designers but don’t copy their ideas. Instead, let them inspire you in developing your own ideas. To do this, you must look at their websites with a critical eye and see what you would do differently or better. View other designs with a scientific eye and take note of the details that make them stand out. This will show you how to improve the skills that you struggle with. Don’t mimic other people’s styles, but incorporate specific elements here and there that you like.

3. Learn Everything about UX

The answer to how to get better at web design is to learn to see your website from a visitor’s perspective. UX stands for user experience, and it is an essential thing that defines how successful your website will be. It’s all about how the website is making your visitor feel while navigating the pages. When you hire an essay helper, you can see that an essay follows a strict structure. When people visit your website and read the information, they also expect structure. Is the navigation easy and intuitive? Does the content stand out on the page? Are the colors attractive? The better you understand UX, the greater your work will become.

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How to improve skills with UX?

  • Use simple tabs and buttons for efficient navigation.
  • User proper indentation to maintain a clean, organized look.
  • Choose fonts and colors according to the type of the website.
  • Avoid filling each space on the page since a simple design makes it easier to emphasize important sections on the page.

4. Be Resourceful Web Designer

Skills for a UX Designer

It’s alright not to know everything, but the desire to learn and the ability to search for answers is essential for web designers. If you’ve ever sought essay writing help as a student, you know that trusting a professional can save you a lot of headaches. Web design skills revolve around CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Illustrator, where there’s always something new to learn. While you learn everything about UX, color palettes and colors psychology, web fonts and typography, you should not be afraid to search for helpful assistance or helpful tools.

Do you wonder how to get better at web design? The answer is to always be willing to learn more in terms of visual creativity, technologies, and the latest trends. Follow our tips, and you’ll find yourself prepared to face any career challenge with success.

Top 8 Tips For a Creative Logo Design

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Creative Logo Design

Logo design is not only about being creative. It is also about being able to envision the mission of the brand and express it as concisely as possible. Many people think that it is easy to find a person who can paint to design and create a perfect and creative logo. However, the job is not as easy as it seems.

To come up with a timeless and creative logo, a skilled and experienced designer needs time and knowledge about the client. They should understand what design elements can really help promote the brand since a logo tells a lot about the products and services that a company offers. Colors, features, objects and even font matters when it comes to a logo. For example, if a brand becomes more environmentally friendly, companies usually choose green colors to manifest their good intentions.

logo design tips

Thus, given the fact that creative logo designing requires an individual approach to every business, there are several tips that can be useful for those who only start working in this field:

1. Simplicity

People like what is easy to understand and laconic. When you design a logo, you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine how they would comprehend what they see. If this logo does not call for any association with the brand, it is a bad logo. Let’s focus on several most popular companies. Apple, Nike, Adidas, they all have very simple logos. However, this simplicity adds up to brand recognition. Customers can unmistakably guess what company a half-eaten apple refers to.

2. Context

Logo designers who only start their professional career should understand that their final product should be practical. Even the most beautiful logo can have zero practical value. In this case, its customers would hardly notice this company among dozens of competitors. A good and functional logo should have the context to make people imagine, fantasize and associate when they look at it.

3. Originality

Creativity implies uniqueness and originality. If a logo you created looks similar to the one that exists for a long time, it is a low-quality product. A potential customer will always associate your clients with products and services they have no relation to. Thus, it is critically important to create a unique logo. Designers of Apple could choose several apples or just one of them to be their logo. However, in this case, even a small detail such as a bite can turn an ordinary logo into a huge hit.

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4. Customer Prioritization

As a designer, you should prioritize your client. However, their main priority is their customers. Thus, when you are creating a logo, it all comes down to the fact that you should prioritize potential and existing customers. You should guess what they would want to see and what associations they have with the brand to reflect them positively in the logo. For example, logo designers of samedaypapers company decided to keep their logo simple while keeping the name of the company. Due to harsh competition in the industry, this decision was the best in order not to confuse a client.

5. Versatility

Colors, photography, fonts, objects, and layouts serve as key elements that turn a simple picture into an impactful logo. Moreover, a good designer should be able to see a bigger picture meaning how this particular logo will look like on the products, marketing materials, etc. All of it affects customers’ perception of marketing information. Creating a timeless and versatile logo usually means projecting it onto its key mediums.

6. Contemporary Art

To postpone your logo’s expiry date, you need to make sure that there is a meaning behind it. Moreover, you should make it as contemporary as you can for now. A skilled designer should always keep abreast of all trends and development in the industry, offering their clients the best that the industry has. The usage of contemporary elements will also ensure that your product is memorable. Good advice for it is to look for inspiration in places where no one has dared to seek before. Reputable illustrators say that nature is the best place to search for contemporary and memorable elements.

7. Getting into Basics

Sometimes computers cannot seize all your creative ideas in one. You may try using different instruments and textures, but the designed logo still does not look like the one that already exists in your head. Thus, do not be afraid to go to the basics and use a pencil and paper for your creative process. Sketching on paper had helped lots of people before computers made their way into our lives, but it never lost its charm and practicality. Sometimes, the best logo ideas are born on paper and then become digitized.

8. Quality Over Quantity

When you start working on a logo design project, you want to show all of your ideas to the client. However, all of them may get rejected because you focus on quantity rather than quality. Instead of showing 10 drafts, prepare 3-4 logos that look finalized and show them to the client. Quantity will not make you stand out. Quality will. Focus on the latter, and it will definitely make a difference in your work.

Final Words There is much more behind logo design than creativity and artistic and decorative skills. Logo design requires people in this occupation to be experts in marketing and customer interaction. They should understand that their product is long-lasting, that it will be printed on the company’s products and that it will add up to brand awareness. Thus, professional logo designers are usually guided by simplicity, originality, versatility, and contemporariness in their work. Only if they can project the future application of their logo and its impact on customers, they can create a timeless and creative final product.

Credit image: Image 1, Image 2

Creative Idea Stock Image

5+ Creative Ideas Using Stock Images for Your Marketing

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Creative Idea Stock Image

As we dot our i’s and cross our t’s for the end of 2019, it’s a good time to start thinking about the new year 2020. What we can prepare for better marketing efforts in the new coming decade. Surely your business isn’t this far into December without some kind of 2020 marketing strategy started, but let’s dive into it a little more in stock images.

Stock Images as Visual Communications

The importance of visual communications, especially photo & video used in marketing strategy are undeniably will help to boost the campaigns. Whatever type of marketing strategy campaigns you will use in 2020, email newsletters, social medias, web contents, or anything else, Stock Images are among the biggest player. Companies like iStock by Getty Images is one of the must listed site to shop for stock images.

This world’s leading royalty free stock content marketplace, iStock by Getty Images offer oceans of carefully selected premium contents.

You just name it, they got it.. images, vector illustrations & videos.

Yes, they offer all contents category in one place:

In fact, they also provide useful tools and smart plugins to smooths your work tasks, such as Adobe CC plugins, just to name one.

With that said, here are 5 tips to using iStock and their collection of stock images in the upcoming year 2020 and the new decade.

January Idea

Since this month has probably already been taken care of before the holidays, use iStock’s Boards to help manage the upcoming months. Simply create a board to save any content that you might have found and are not ready to use yet. Way better than bookmarking or write down the images you’ve come across during other projects. So, when the time is right, you already have the options to start with.

Hey remember, January 25th is a big celebration for our Chinese friends. Spruce up your website or create a gift guide for the Chinese New Year images holiday.

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March Ideas

Be prepare for the International Women’s Day 2020 graphic contents in 8 March. Be unique for this month to get attention for ladies with visually appealing marketing. Also there will be Earth Hour 2020 on 28 March, so you may have some ideas to be different from your common strategy. Save time and use a pre-made sale template that fits the theme and designed to make them click through.

April Idea

Taxes. Make this time a little more fun for people and throw a Refund Sale to get rid of the stress.

May Idea

Fills your May marketing strategy with heart touching content is another good way to try out. Honor mothers around the world or your target markets with special stories, promotions, or gift guides for Mother’s Day and make them extra special with heartwarming images.

June Ideas

Summer vacation planning is usually in full swing by now since school is out and people are wanting to enjoy the warmer weather. Offer up some destination ideas with amazing places photos from actual places to visit.

Within half a year, you’ll get use with iStock and more familiar with the way iStock has to offer. Therefore, check out their plug-ins and see how to streamline and simplify your projects even more with your working apps.

Now you have all the tools and confidence you need for a successful 2020, head over to iStock and browse their flexible pricing plans & low cost credit packages. You’ll be surprised how much you need can be found in one place!

Design Branding

Graphic Design: What Makes the Brand Go Successful?

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Design Branding

The digitalized world has altered the trends of marketing. The digital marketing world is centered upon creating attractive and fascinating visuals to attract customers. Graphic designing is the major source that facilitates the brands to cope with digitalized marketing trends. Creative branding agency provide tactics that we see on e-stores or any business websites are the manifestations of popularity that graphic designing has gained in the last few decades. Be it a clothing brand or a sanitary products website, graphic designing helps every single business venture to present its products in an effortlessly striking and intriguing way, thus persuading the customer to buy it.

By creating logos, advertisements, magazines, business cards, etc. graphic designing helps you to fortify your brand’s elegance, style, and quality in any form. Here are some major facts about how graphic designing helps your brand go successful and keeping its success intact by targeting the target audience:

Communication Through Graphic Design

When a person sees a flyer, advertise mentor receives a text message his/her phone about any of your sale offers, they want to pause doing their assignment or office work and will access your website. They don’t have time to read your brand’s description or reviews, but they will only see the images, which gives you only a few seconds to grab their attention and make them stay.

In that case, graphic designing helps you do this. The vibrant, attractive, high-quality visuals and images are what keep customers glued to your websites if you are a clothing brand, for instance, customers want to see the cloths more clearly and through multiple angles.

Therefore, graphic designing helps you create 3D images and GIFS which helps the customers to do online shopping in a more satisfying way. Graphic designing helps you propagate your campaigns in a more attractive way. Graphics convey your message to the customers faster than words and help build a positive image of your company in the marketing world.

Creativity Wins

Creativity Wins

Humans are all about believing in visuals. Believe it or not, nothing attracts us more than creative, well designing, elegant images. Graphic designing gives you leverage to digitalize your creativity. Remember you are not the sole brand who is trying to fit into digital marketing trends, rather there are number of other competitors that you might not even be aware of.

For this reason, creativity is what will let you win the success race. So, build a team with a bunch of creative souls and create unique and voguish visuals that other brands don’t have, after all our humanely thirst for seeing something new is never-ending. Let your creativity speak for your brand.

Graphic Design Customization

Customization has never been so easy for business websites. Graphic designs enable you to add a diverse range of features that are catchy for the customers. For example, most of the clothing brands let you zoom in the pictured outfit by just putting a cursor on it, which helps customers to get a detailed view of an entire dress and its design, which is essential for buying something online. Besides, you can add as many buttons to your website as you want plus the vast range of fonts and color allows you to build your website as per your taste and your brand’s identity.


Attractive visuals, creativity and customization are what help create your brand’s identity and also keeps it intact. It’s the perks of graphic designing that logos have replaced the brand’s name on the products. The artistically designed logo is what helps your brand build an identity. These days having a logo of a brand is enough for people to buy a product. Even if replicated, the engaged customers always recognize what your genuine logo looks like.

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Happy customers are what leads your brand to success. Keeping in view what attracts them and merging it with your brand’s style and theme enables you to make an impactful digital presence and graphic designing facilitates this process.

Graphic designing provides us with a high quality of visual, infographics and illustrations that are more likely to attract customers at a higher rate, unlike poor quality images that are fatal to the brand’s reputations. Therefore, adapt to the changing marketing trends and bring your brand to the limelight on the business map through graphic designing. Let the graphics speak for your brand, as they communicate more impactfully than words and last longer. Your logo is what becomes a symbol of reliability.

Graphic Design Illustration

6 Trends in Animation and Design That we Will See in 2020

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The graphics design and 2D-3D animation industry has become a long way today. After all, we are living in a world that’s increasingly becoming digital. So, there is a huge demand for high-quality visuals for websites, videos, advertisements, social media, etc.

Graphic Design Illustration

If you are an animator or graphics design artist, then the following are 6 trends in the industry that you need to know:

1. Motion Design

Brands are realizing the value in storytelling as it allows them to connect to their target demographic on a personal and emotional level. So, motion design is now becoming popular as it allows the brands to offer genuine and customized experiences. You can take a look at some of the best animated logos to understand how motions in logos can add a creative element to the designs and help in sharing the brand story with billions of people across the globe.

2. Gradients

Graphic Design Gradients

No one wants to see dull and uninspiring graphics when visiting a website or a mobile app. Perhaps, that’s the reason why gradients in graphics are becoming more and more popular.

Gradient color effect is a color transition style that uses different shades of the same color. The image above is a good example of this technique and you can see that it uses different shades of purple to create a unique effect. You can use this design technique with all the popular photo editors. However, you may want to study some good examples online before you get to work.

3. Glitch Effects

Graphic Design Glitch Effect

If you are working on a project that could use retrowave or cyberpunk kind of vibe, then you can use the glitch effect. You can recognize this style with the 80s cartoons and action-hero comic books. Remember, the vibrant and energetic graphics that these products would use? Remember the rainbow, metallic, and dark patterns? That’s how glitch effects are used.

Simply put, glitch effect can be created by using some grain and noise in a design. The latter helps in visual malformation, and the formers helps with picture quality enhancement.

4. Typography

Typography plays a huge role in design and animation. This is because of how font psychology can influence design. That said, the following are two main typography effects that we can expect to see trending in the near future:

Graphic Design Typography

  • Broken Text: As the name suggests, it’s a font technique that uses, well, “broken text” just like in the image above. It can be used to express bold and vibrant thoughts. It can also evoke excitement and adventure.
  • Kinetic Typography: This involved moving or active text. It’s a good way to put more emotion into text and also makes it easier to grab the attention of the users.

5. Morphing

Morphing is an old design technique that’s making waves once again. In this, objects and characters “morph” into different items so that a transition is displayed but in a magical or surreal fashion. It looks incredible on a laptop or mobile screen. Since it can be implemented in different ways, the designers get ample flexibility and creative freedom to bring their ideas to reality, which is a big advantage.

6.  Visuals for Branding

Branding is becoming important for organizations more than ever, and they want to leverage visuals to showcase their values. It’s become the responsibility of the graphic designers and animators to understand the requirements of their clients and use select fonts, colors, and icons so that not only they market the products and services of a brand, but also its mission statement and vision.


Graphics designers across the globe have all kinds of tools and platforms to experiment and create some of the most complex designs with ease. They have advanced tools for finding new and interesting color palettes, massive repositories of icons for logos and other creative assets, and many large communities too where they can share their ideas and draw inspiration from the works of other creative geniuses. As long as they keep up with the latest trends, they can continue offering the world some of the most original designs we have ever seen.



7 Letter Design Tips For Beginners and Pros

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Lettering is a great option for a variety of design goals – from crafting an Instagram post to creating a memorable business card. It’s not as easy as writing something over a photograph in a photo editing software. You have to know the basics to create great-looking lettering design. Here’s how you start.

Start With a Grid

Think of your lettering design as a drawing, not a text. It’s what it is, essentially. So start designing it like a drawing.

Begin with a simple grid like this and flesh out the main elements of your design – the words. Think of each block as a word or a couple of words. Save smaller blocks for the functional words, and give the main words some room to breeze to make them stand out.

Grid design
Source: Stefan Cruze

While the form in which you present your lettering may not influence the meaning of the phrase more than by the sheer size, it has to catch people’s eye. It’s these blocks that people are going to see first, not the words.

Work on making your composition visually attractive and eye-catching. Don’t just leave the blocks as they are. Stretch, rotate, and deform them to find the perfect form.

Visual Hierarchy

Once you’re done creating the composition, think about the visual hierarchy of your piece. The form of lettering may be difficult to read from the first look, so you have to prioritize certain words. In content creation, the job of professional writing services is to make sure that the text is easy to understand. In lettering, your job is to do the same thing, but visually.

You need to make sure the audience gets the message without having to read the whole sentence.

You might want to highlight only one word in shorter sentences, while longer ones may need more. For instance, if you have to find the main words in Gandhi’s quote “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony,” you’d put a soft emphasis on the words “happiness” and “harmony,” and a bigger emphasis on the words “think,” “say,” and “do.”

You can make them stand out by choosing a different font type, size, and color. When placing the main words on your canvas, you need to make sure the whole sentence is readable, though. Otherwise, it may end up like this.

Type Setting Mistake

Not More Than Three Fonts

While it’s amazing that you’re ready to unleash your creativity, you shouldn’t get too carried away. If you place too many fonts on your lettering design, it can get pretty cluttered and hard to understand.

Try using no more than three fonts. Pick a basic font, a font for a soft emphasis, and a font for the main emphasis. They can be as different as you want them to be, but make sure you don’t use too many of them.

Work on Kerning

Kerning is the distance between the letters. You need to make it uniform to avoid breaking up a word visually. It’s a harder task than just finding the correct distance from the end of one letter to the beginning of the other.

The problem is that letters are very different, and kerning may appear the same on paper but look visually different. You have to make allowance for the problems with human perception when designing your lettering.

A common technique is to kern the letters upside down or in groups of three. This way, you can forget about the words and their meanings, and treat the letters as abstract shapes that relate to each other.

Add Visual Elements

Very few lettering designs can look stunning without additional visual elements. If you’re not trying to get a very minimalistic look, consider drawing something to compliment the lettering.

If You Stumble Make It Part of The Dance
Source: Crashboomdesigns/Instagram

It can be as simple as these lines, or you can create a full-on drawing to serve as an underlayer for the lettering.

Get Creative With Artwork

You don’t have to focus your design on letters. After all, what you’re creating is essentially a drawing. So, why stop there? Get as creative as you want with the artwork you use.

Great Jones
Source: Really Good Emails

You don’t have to stick to the traditional fonts, either.

Source: Rafael Serra/Behance

Do You Have to Print?

Here’s the last tip. You may find it particularly useful if you’re creating lettering for printable materials. Working on printables and digital drawings is very different. You should start by switching to CMYK color code and leaving plenty of bleed on the edges of the picture. For more information, please, read this printing guide.


Creating great-looking lettering design is all about maintaining a balance between structure and creativity. You have to design a grid and fill it creatively with your phrase. Remember about the audience you’re working for and the purpose of the drawing, and you’ll receive great results!


Blank business card

Graphics Tips for ID & Business Cards: 6 Tips to Improve Your Designs

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Blank business card

If you’re looking for a way to make a big splash with your business or ID cards but not sure where to start, here are a few tips to help you create sharp, professional, and unique designs that stand out from the crowd.

1. Keep It Simple and Concise

Different fonts can evoke different ideas and themes. So, don’t be afraid to try layouts that not only relay information but also express the individual style of your brand. Also, make sure the language of the wording is clear and concise as well as unique and memorable to your brand.

Your name or company name will be the anchor design of your brand, so build on that. Your reader should never have to guess whose card it is. Try using a free font editor for access to different fonts and designs.

2. Focus on Necessary Information

When first looking at a business card, the eye is often drawn to compelling graphic design. But a great business card or ID will support the overall image and message, further promoting the text information. If the graphic is too elaborate, it can be distracting and lose the reader’s attention.

Conversely, make sure to keep the text limited to only the most valuable and important information, Always remember the goal is to get the message across clearly and concisely.

3. Showcase a Sample

graphic design company display

You will always want to ensure your business cards are printed and designed to specs to maximize their benefit. Make the most of your mini promotion space even when you’re working on a tight budget. Print on both sides in full color and see the card as your personal canvas to showcase who you are.

When working on your projects, make sure you’ve got the best resources possible. With different types of computers, you’ll see the pros and cons of the different user interfaces. So take the time to find the best, most user-friendly and computer for your project.

4. Add a Call to Action to Your Card

It’s vital for any marketing tool that you know your purpose clearly. In addition to a supporting conceptual layout, a call to action is a great way to drive traffic to your product. There is no better time to encourage connecting with your readers, audience, and potential clientele than while they are impressed and inspired by your business card design. This clear call to action helps let them know what to do next.

Keeping a consistent tone in this call to action which also matches your overall design and message are great ways to further establish your brand.

5. Show How Excited You Are About Your Business

Whatever your specialty, it’s vital you consistently show passion for your business and what you do. This helps the reader and audience learn more about your style and focus for the brand you are working to create.

Creative business card design and display

Once you’ve got your design, try experimenting with professional typography as well. You want to make sure that you have complete readability with the text of your cards. Make sure the colors are clear, large enough to read, and have sharp contrast so that your customers, clients, and other personnel don’t have to strain to read it.

6. Get Professionally Printed Cards

The quality of your cards makes all the difference in the world. Instead of trying to DIY this kind of project, go with a professional ID card printer to do the job right.

Just remember, there are many tools out there and you should utilize them! Explore working with color, textures, patterns, different types of printing materials, and more. Realizing that you are only limited by your vision and imagination, you can create something utilitarian, new, and exciting for your company. You might also consider using a compelling photograph to get your idea or point across. Always get permission from the photographer or head to a website that has free stock images. Using colors from your brand logo as a tie-in or going with a font that evokes emotion are also great ways to play on the reader’s brief but impacting experience of reading your business or ID card.

Have fun, be bold, and create your vision today!

Ramadan Mubarak Calligraphy

Beautiful Ramadan Calligraphy Vectors Free To Download

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Alhamdulillah, thank God, once again we arrived in the blessing month of Ramadan, the 9th month of the Hijri lunar Calendar. This year the Ramadan of 1440 Hijri (2019 Georgian), we’re thinking to seek and share some more beautiful Ramadan calligraphy vectors free to download, shared by calligraphy designers all over the world.

Actually we have been thinking it for 2 or 3 months before, but could not have the time for that.. and as updated version of our older post of the Ramadan vector.

Here are some of the fresh beautiful Ramadan calligraphy vectors free to download for you. Most of the artworks are free to download and use but You’re advised to give credit to the designers for your works.


Ramadan Calligraphy 2019 – Fresh New Design

Ramadan Calligraphy Free Vector

  • Ramadan 2019 Calligraphy by Karim Mohammed
  • Released on May 2019
  • 3 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai
  • Download



Ramadan Typography 2019

  • Ramadan Typography 2019 by Yassmin Omar
  • Released on May 2019
  • 4 sets of calligraphy
  • Format PSD
  • Download



Ramadan Mubarak Calligraphy

  • Ramadan & Eid Calligraphy works by Algerian Designer
  • Released on May 2019
  • 7 sets of Ramadan calligraphy & 5 sets of Eid calligraphy
  • Format: Ai, Eps, PDF, SVG
  • Download

Ramadan calligraphy vector free

  • Ramadan 2019 Typography by Multiple Owners
  • Released on May 2019
  • 20 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: PNG & PDF
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy & Fonts

  • Ramadan Calligraphy & Fonts by Zakariya Saleh
  • Released on May 2019
  • 52 sets calligraphy also for fonts
  • Format: Ai, CDR, Eps, PDF, Font
  • Download



Ramadan Mubarak Vector Calligraphy

  • Ramadan Typography 2019 by Multiple Owners
  • Released on April 2019
  • 16 sets of calligraphy
  • Format Ai & PDF
  • Download



Ramadan Typography 2019

  • Ramadan 2019 Typography by Mahmoud ElsroGy
  • Released on April 2019
  • 3 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy 2018

Ramadan Mubarak

  • Typography Ramadan by Ramadan M. Hady
  • Released on May 2018
  • 6 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai & PDF (in Rar)
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy

  • Ramadan 2018 Calligraphy by Mohammad Farik
  • Released on April 2018
  • 4 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: PDF
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy Vector

  • Free Ramadan Kareem Typography 2018 by Multiple Designers
  • Released on April 2018
  • 20 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai, Eps, PDF (in Rar file)
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy 2016

Ramadan Wallpaper Vector 1

  • Free Ramadan resources package by Multiple Owners
  • Released on June 2016
  • Variety sets in multiple formats
  • Format: PSD, Eps (vector), Ae (After Effect)
  • Download


What an amazing beautiful calligraphy right..? if you have seen them all. May Allah bless you all, especially for those amazing Ramadan calligraphy designers who contributed their artworks for free to download and we wish you a month full of merits.

Please share to your friends & followers..


Free WordPress Page Builder 2019

Free Most Popular WordPress Page Builders 2019

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As many of us already knew (or maybe some of us does not know) that the most popular website creation tool or we called it website builder is WordPress, the self-hosted WordPress. The statistic in 2018 shows WordPress 68% conquering more than 2/3 of the global website platform. Therefore today we will cover 23 Free Most Popular WordPress Page Builders 2019.

credit: opensourcecms.com

Those days, in 1990’s people develop website the old-school way, the ‘Hello World’ coding method. After the millennium there have been many apps for building website the easier way without having to learn and understand the alien codes.

These web building apps is what we called as CMS – Content Management System. It’s fast, easy and we don’t have to worry about technical things or even error that might occurs when using the native way. In fact the CMS system is so easy as drag & drop, you only need your contents to be ready, that’s all.


20 Free Most Popular WordPress Page Builders


1.   SiteOrigin Page Builder   SiteOrigin Page Builder

  • siteorigin.com/page-builder



2.   Beaver Builder   Beaver Builder (Lite Version)

  • wordpress.org/plugins/beaver-builder-lite-version



3.   Elementor Free   Elementor Free

  • elementor.com



4.   Page Builder Sandwich   Page Builder Sandwich

  • pagebuildersandwich.com



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5.   Themify Builder   Themify Builder

  • themify.me/builder



6.   Brizy   Brizy

  • brizy.io



7.   Live Composer Site Builder   Live Composer Site Builder

  • livecomposerplugin.com



8.   King Composer   King Composer

  • kingcomposer.com



9.   Pootle Pagebuilder   Pootle Pagebuilder

  • pootlepress.com



10.   MotoPress Content Editor   MotoPress Content Editor Lite

  • wordpress.org/plugins/motopress-content-editor-lite



11.   Unyson   Unyson

  • wordpress.org/plugins/unyson



12.   azexo   azexo

  • azexo.com



13.   WP Page Builder   WP Page Builder

  • themeum.com/product/wp-pagebuilder



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14.   Nimble Builder   Nimble Builder

Nimble Page Builder

  • wordpress.org/plugins/nimble-builder
  • docs.presscustomizr.com/collection/334-nimble-builder



15.   Bold Page Builder   Bold Page Builder

  • wordpress.org/plugins/bold-page-builder



16.   Brix Lite   Brix Lite

  • justevolve.it/product/brix



17.   Mesh   Mesh

  • meshplugin.com



18.   Fusion Page Builder   Fusion Page Builder

  • wordpress.org/plugins/fusion



19.   Ultimate Page Builder   Ultimate Page Builder

  • themehippo.com



20.   Tailor   Tailor Page Builder

  • wordpress.org/plugins/fusion



3 Free Landing Page Builder

And these are Free Landing Page Builder. We can actually build landing page easily just with any of the Free Most Popular WordPress Page Builders 2019 listed above. But for those who are looking just for landing page, here are some of them you can try out.


21.   WP Lead Plus X - Free Landing Page Builder   WP Lead Plus X

  • wordpress.org/plugins/free-sales-funnel-squeeze-pages-landing-page-builder-templates-make



22.   Free Landing Page Builder   Free Landing Page Builder

  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/landing-pages-builder



23.   Landing Page by PluginOps   Landing Page by PluginOps

  • wordpress.org/plugins/page-builder-add


If you have tried any of these list Free WordPress Page Builder, we appreciate if you could share your opinion and experience in using it. Which is your best Free WordPress Page Builder according to you, or do you have any other which is not listed, let us know.
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