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Logo Design is part of our everyday jobs as designer. As the new addition inline with our Vectorise Services we provide Logo Design service to helps you in branding your products, company, business, clubs, website, etc. View some of our jobs done below.



How It Works


  1. Make your request order for Logo Design via Request Form link below.
  2. We will receive your request and appointed designer from our community will contact you.
  3. The designer will confirmed your order with you and asked for 50% deposit (from your agreed budget in the request form. This deposit is required for the designer’s commitment to proceed your order).

If you’re ready to hire us, click the Logo Design Request Form button at the bottom left:

Note: Once you agree and pay the 50% to the designer in charge, your request order will be proceed by the designer. He/she will provide his/her details – name, contact & account number for you. We have done many Logo Designs, Vector Illustration works, in fact more than what we provide in here, via online with trust. We have many trusted clients who we served via online since the first time we deal with them. And most of them being our friends by trust and friendly services we practice 😉


Have anything in mind to ask..? Just use the comment box below, we’ll try our best to help and answer you..


27 Responses to Logo Design

  1. nur says:

    i can t download logo umno 66

  2. says:


  3. Putra says:

    May i know your chargers for your services?

  4. mohd irzan says:

    saya nak buat satu design untuk pasukan helikopter tentera laut. Apa yg diperlukan anda dari saya untuk hasilkan design tersebut. Sila maklumkan sekali tentang kos untuk design.

  5. firdaus says:


    may i know what is your charge? TQ

    • vectorism says:

      hi.. choose from 1 of our service available & click on the Request button (at bottom page) you’ll find the charge fees..

  6. Abu Bakar says:

    Berapa harga design logo?

  7. yusra says:

    boleh email harga untuk design logo?

  8. ammar says:

    Salam, boleh tak emailkan quotation logo services ni?

  9. Salam, boleh tak emailkan quotation logo services ni?

  10. Abu Bakar Jolhassan says:


    Nak tau berapa caj design logo untuk kejohanan lumba basikal?


  11. abd rahman says:


    Minx quote harga logo by size bleh tak..


  12. nizar says:

    sy berminat ingin belajar

  13. nars says:

    salam hai .. saya nak buat logo untuk fishing team.. boleh bagi detail charge

  14. Ghadafi Zainal says:

    Salam & Hi.

    Boleh sy dapatkn quotation untuk buat logo design.

    Terima Kasih.

  15. Ava says:

    Mintak quotation untuk trace logo lama dan design logo baru

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