4 Ways to Build Skills Required for a Web Designer

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Web design is the first thing that ensures a site’s success on the Internet. It must keep visitors engaged visually and make it easy for them to navigate and interact efficiently with a page. Clunky or cluttered pages lead to slow loading speed and affect traffic negatively. Meanwhile, a unique and catchy layout brings visitors back and keeps them longer on a site.

As any profession that combines creativity with technology, web design changes fast. To stay on top of this industry, you must always seek to improve your web design skills. Do you want to create visually-stunning websites with great user-interface and impressive loading speed? We answer your question about how to improve the skills needed in this profession.

How to be a Better Web Designer

A web designer should have essential skills such as visual creativity, resourcefulness, mastery of the latest changes in CSS, HTML and UX technologies, and great communication abilities to connect with the client’s needs and desires. Let’s see what are the greatest methods to build and improve your web design skills, whether you’re a student or a professional.

1. Focus on Practice, Not Theory 

Especially if you’re a student, the most important thing to do is to focus on practical skills and abilities. Don’t waste time with tasks unrelated to your goals. Instead of spending hours writing a theoretical paper that doesn’t add value to your designer skills, you can ask essay helper for assistance. You must devote all your creativity, time, and energy on practicing your craft. Find help online from an essay writing service and forget about useless theory.

2. Get Visual Inspiration from Masters

Skills for a Web Designer

As a creative professional, you must let the world inspire you. Check the work of the best web designers but don’t copy their ideas. Instead, let them inspire you in developing your own ideas. To do this, you must look at their websites with a critical eye and see what you would do differently or better. View other designs with a scientific eye and take note of the details that make them stand out. This will show you how to improve the skills that you struggle with. Don’t mimic other people’s styles, but incorporate specific elements here and there that you like.

3. Learn Everything about UX

The answer to how to get better at web design is to learn to see your website from a visitor’s perspective. UX stands for user experience, and it is an essential thing that defines how successful your website will be. It’s all about how the website is making your visitor feel while navigating the pages. When you hire an essay helper, you can see that an essay follows a strict structure. When people visit your website and read the information, they also expect structure. Is the navigation easy and intuitive? Does the content stand out on the page? Are the colors attractive? The better you understand UX, the greater your work will become.

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How to improve skills with UX?

  • Use simple tabs and buttons for efficient navigation.
  • User proper indentation to maintain a clean, organized look.
  • Choose fonts and colors according to the type of the website.
  • Avoid filling each space on the page since a simple design makes it easier to emphasize important sections on the page.

4. Be Resourceful Web Designer

Skills for a UX Designer

It’s alright not to know everything, but the desire to learn and the ability to search for answers is essential for web designers. If you’ve ever sought essay writing help as a student, you know that trusting a professional can save you a lot of headaches. Web design skills revolve around CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Illustrator, where there’s always something new to learn. While you learn everything about UX, color palettes and colors psychology, web fonts and typography, you should not be afraid to search for helpful assistance or helpful tools.

Do you wonder how to get better at web design? The answer is to always be willing to learn more in terms of visual creativity, technologies, and the latest trends. Follow our tips, and you’ll find yourself prepared to face any career challenge with success.

Graphic Design Illustration

6 Trends in Animation and Design That we Will See in 2020

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The graphics design and 2D-3D animation industry has become a long way today. After all, we are living in a world that’s increasingly becoming digital. So, there is a huge demand for high-quality visuals for websites, videos, advertisements, social media, etc.

Graphic Design Illustration

If you are an animator or graphics design artist, then the following are 6 trends in the industry that you need to know:

1. Motion Design

Brands are realizing the value in storytelling as it allows them to connect to their target demographic on a personal and emotional level. So, motion design is now becoming popular as it allows the brands to offer genuine and customized experiences. You can take a look at some of the best animated logos to understand how motions in logos can add a creative element to the designs and help in sharing the brand story with billions of people across the globe.

2. Gradients

Graphic Design Gradients

No one wants to see dull and uninspiring graphics when visiting a website or a mobile app. Perhaps, that’s the reason why gradients in graphics are becoming more and more popular.

Gradient color effect is a color transition style that uses different shades of the same color. The image above is a good example of this technique and you can see that it uses different shades of purple to create a unique effect. You can use this design technique with all the popular photo editors. However, you may want to study some good examples online before you get to work.

3. Glitch Effects

Graphic Design Glitch Effect

If you are working on a project that could use retrowave or cyberpunk kind of vibe, then you can use the glitch effect. You can recognize this style with the 80s cartoons and action-hero comic books. Remember, the vibrant and energetic graphics that these products would use? Remember the rainbow, metallic, and dark patterns? That’s how glitch effects are used.

Simply put, glitch effect can be created by using some grain and noise in a design. The latter helps in visual malformation, and the formers helps with picture quality enhancement.

4. Typography

Typography plays a huge role in design and animation. This is because of how font psychology can influence design. That said, the following are two main typography effects that we can expect to see trending in the near future:

Graphic Design Typography

  • Broken Text: As the name suggests, it’s a font technique that uses, well, “broken text” just like in the image above. It can be used to express bold and vibrant thoughts. It can also evoke excitement and adventure.
  • Kinetic Typography: This involved moving or active text. It’s a good way to put more emotion into text and also makes it easier to grab the attention of the users.

5. Morphing

Morphing is an old design technique that’s making waves once again. In this, objects and characters “morph” into different items so that a transition is displayed but in a magical or surreal fashion. It looks incredible on a laptop or mobile screen. Since it can be implemented in different ways, the designers get ample flexibility and creative freedom to bring their ideas to reality, which is a big advantage.

6.  Visuals for Branding

Branding is becoming important for organizations more than ever, and they want to leverage visuals to showcase their values. It’s become the responsibility of the graphic designers and animators to understand the requirements of their clients and use select fonts, colors, and icons so that not only they market the products and services of a brand, but also its mission statement and vision.


Graphics designers across the globe have all kinds of tools and platforms to experiment and create some of the most complex designs with ease. They have advanced tools for finding new and interesting color palettes, massive repositories of icons for logos and other creative assets, and many large communities too where they can share their ideas and draw inspiration from the works of other creative geniuses. As long as they keep up with the latest trends, they can continue offering the world some of the most original designs we have ever seen.


Project management

PMI CAPM Credential – 20X Faster Way to Launch Your Career in Project Management

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Project management

Companies vary in scope and specialty but they all share one thing in common; the desire to cut down costs while increasing efficiency. To this extent, they require qualified professionals who can get the tasks done successfully. At this point, the role of project managers comes in handy.

These professionals employ their expert knowledge and experience to turn companies into industrious tools. With the median salary for a project manager in the US projected to be in the region of $90,139 (according to Project manager website), it’s natural that you are interested in launching a career in this field. Fortunately, getting started is quite simple.

In this guide, let’s walk together through the entire process of attaining the CAPM certification, a secret tool for launching a career in the prestigious Project Management industry. But, first, let’s make a brief overview of the PMI Certification Program Click to Download Free.

PMI Certification Program

The PMI Certification Program is extensive and suits individuals who possess the relevant experience and educational requirements. Unlike other credentials, project management skills can be transferred across geographical boundaries and other industries. They are never limited to a single organization or method.

That said, the PMI Certification Program entails 8 credentials across different career levels. These include

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM),
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP),
  • PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA),
  • PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP),
  • PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP),
  • Project Management Professional (PMP),
  • Program Management Professional (PgMP),
  • Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) certifications

In this article, we’ll focus on CAPM credential and you’ll get all the necessary information on how to gain it and pass the certification exam with success.

Overview of the CAPM Certification

The CAPM certification recognizes individuals who are looking to kick start their career in project management. This credential thus befits specialists with little experience in the project management field who target to gain top-notch skills and boost their career.

The CAPM certification equips you with basic skills and knowledge of the main concepts, terminologies, and operational procedures used in project management. It gives you a competitive edge over other candidates who would appear for the same jobs. In order to certify, you will have to meet the CAPM eligibility requirements and pass a certification exam.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the CAPM certification, you must fulfill the relevant education and experience requirements. You should have at least a high school diploma or its global equivalent and 1500 hours of project management experience.

Alternatively, you should have 23 hours of project management education in addition to the mentioned high school diploma or global equivalent. Aside from the said eligibility requirements, you will have to pass the required exam to certify.

So, what does this exam entail? And what is the cost? The next section answers both questions.

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CAPM Exam Description

The CAPM exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions that should be completed in 3 hours. Out of the 150 questions, 135 are scored while 15 are unscored questions. Nonetheless, you should aim at answering all the questions since the pretest questions are randomly distributed throughout the test. The CAPM exam is a closed book test and carrying any reference materials to the exam venue would be an offense. This exam costs $225 for members and $300 for non-members.

Online Proctored Exam

Naturally, the standard testing options include the Center Based Testing (CBT) and the online proctored method. But the Paper-Based Testing (PBT) is also available under special circumstances.

With the online proctored option, you can take your exam from any location while being monitored by a proctor via a webcam. This option is pretty cool when you’re working on a tight schedule.


Because most of the CAPM exam candidates are often new to the project management industry, passing this exam at the first attempt has proven to be challenging. That’s why PMI provides a generous 1-year exam eligibility period to allow for exam retakes.

During this period, you can take the exam up to three times. The reexamination fees are charged on your second and third attempts and are set at $150 for members and $200 for non-members.

If you fail the exam three times during the one-year eligibility period then you will have to wait for another year from the date of your last attempt to reapply for your credential. However, you can apply for any other PMI certification at any time during this period.

CAPM Recertification

Your CAPM certification is valid for five years from the time of attaining it. Therefore, you will have to recertify every five years to maintain its validity. Recertifying portrays you as a committed professional with up to date skills and knowledge of the project management terminology and processes.

Benefits of the CAPM Certification

Is the CAPM certification worth the whole investment? The simple answer is yes. Whether an entry-level or an expert credential, earning a certification in the project management sphere is a step toward exciting career prospects, improved earning potential and interestingly, more thought-provoking projects.

The CAPM certification is the ace up your sleeve for the prestigious PMP credential. Earning this certification fulfills the job experience requirements you will need to take the PMP exam.

Besides, the CAPM credential advances your knowledge of the project management industry. Whether your ultimate goal is to pursue the PMP certification or to maintain your credibility in the project management industry, attaining the CAPM credential clears your path to becoming a better project manager.

CAPM Exam Preparation Options

To excel in the CAPM certification exam, you need effective training materials. PMI provides reliable study materials that suit the candidates’ needs. For instance, how would you like preparing for your exam using the online training courses?

The PMBOK guide is another great tool to include in your cabinet. This guide covers the key details of the CAPM exam and is a noteworthy tool for all the exam candidates.

And if you want to test your knowledge of the exam concepts then the CAPM practice exams got you covered. This is by far the best study option if you are looking to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in readiness for the real test.

Other Training Options-Use PrepAway Website

Pass your CAPM certification exam effortlessly using quality training materials from PrepAway. For only $39.98, you can get the CAPM Premium Bundle that consists of a premium file with as many as 1073 questions related to the CAPM exam in addition to a 939-page study guide. Along with that study material, you’ll get a highly informative training course, led by IT experts. This tool is worth every penny you spend on it.

Besides, you can also use the free CAPM exam questions and CAPM dumps to prepare for your test. These are real questions that are uploaded by real users to help you pass your exam smoothly.

The Bottom Line

There you have it. A complete guide to the CAPM certification and the whole path to get certified. Whether you are looking to jumpstart your career in project management or to boost it, you have what it takes to succeed. With each credential from PMI, your salary will increase, and you’ll grow professionally. So, with the project management industry proving to be such a promising field in recent years, there’s no better time to certify. Why wait? Make up your decision now!


Get Lost Data With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Get Lost Data Back With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

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Get Lost Data With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

We live at a time when we can’t even imagine life without computers. Whether it be school work, office work or storing personal files, for most of us, our laptops and computers are hands down the most precious possessions.

This doesn’t mean that computers don’t cause us problems every now and then. The very fact that most of us are so dependent on computers and storage ends up being a source of inconvenience for us. This occurs when we lose the data stored on our computers. This can occur due to accidental deletes, malware attack or a glitch in the system. The fact remains that the loss of precious data files is a nightmare for many.

Is your data lost forever?

Let’s say your computer got attacked by a virus which corrupted all your files or wiped off your entire storage. Does this mean you have lost your data forever? No! In fact, all you need is a data recovery software, and you are good to go. What does data recovery software do? Well, it does exactly what the name suggests. It recovers your lost files for you.

About EaseUS recovery software

Professional services are quite expensive. Rather than opting for them, in most of the cases, using a free data recovery software is recommended. Among the various options available, EaseUS data recovery manages to extract various types of data efficiently.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Here are the main features associated with this data recovery software.

Recovering various types of lost data

Usually, free software is not thorough in their services. At most, it will recover accidental deletes of the recycle bin.

However, in the case of EaseUS, the free software takes it further up the notch and allows you to retrieve a wide variety of data, whether it be images, audio files or documents. It doesn’t matter how you lost the data; it allows you to retrieve it all quickly.

Quick and deep scans

Different problems require different solutions. Sometimes a quick scan can easily allow you to recover data. At other times, a more comprehensive solution is needed. This software has both features. You can choose to do a quick scan and find files within seconds. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can opt for deep scans that take a longer time and are more thorough; Here, your hardware is searched layer by layer to extract all lost and deleted data.

Quick and simple

The best thing about EaseUS has to be how easy the software is to use. Rather than making a complicated interface that only computer geeks can understand, EaseUS recovery features a simple interface and scanning process. All you need to do is click on a few buttons, and voila you are done.

Device support

You can also use the software to extract lost data from USB drives, camcorders, music players and Pen Drives along with laptops and computer. Therefore, this software comes in handy in all types of data loss, over a range of devices.


Retrieve your essential data easily with EaseUS data recovery software. You will not be disappointed with the results. By the way, EaseUS Making 50% off of the Pro version now. You can get it with lowest price now.

Microsoft 70-532 Exam

Microsoft 70-532 Exam – Tips & Tricks To Pass The Exam

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Azure is a cloud computing service developed by Microsoft to help in creation, deployment, and management of applications and services through data centers managed by Microsoft. The Azure services have been largely adopted by organizations due to their great benefits. This has led to increased demand for Microsoft 70-532 certification that equips learners with the knowledge and skills in Azure services.

Microsoft 70-532 exam tests your ability to develop, design, implement and manage Azure products. The technical skills that it focuses on are:

  • Creation and Management of Azure Resource Management Virtual machines
  • Designing and Implementation of Data Strategy
  • Management of Identity and Network Services
  • Designing of Azure services

This exam is for anyone who is geared towards building and putting together Microsoft Azure solutions – in short, for developers.


Here is what Microsoft 70-532 exam includes in percents:

  • Creation and management of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Virtual machines – this takes 20-25% of the test.
  • Design and implementation of a storage and data strategy – this covers 25-30%
  • Management of identity, application and network services – this covers 10-15% of the exam.
  • Designing and implementation of Azure compute, web and mobile services – this takes 35 – 40% of the exam.


Why should you become Microsoft certified?

  • Increase your chances of getting a promotion

    To qualify for a promotion, you must have the required knowledge and skills. Getting a Microsoft certification is one way to prove your technical abilities in a particular area.

  • Microsoft products popularity

    Microsoft is a well-known brand. Products by this company arewidely used in running and managing a number of programs in today’s virtual world. This has increased the need for Microsoft professionals in organizations.

  • To gain new knowledge and skills

    Microsoft certifications introduce you to new technologies. You learn a lot of new skills that can help you give the best service while at the same time supporting your career growth and development.

  • Specialization

    Earning Microsoft certifications makes you a professional and an expert in a certain area. The more you specialize in an area, the more you become a sought-after expert. With specialization comes quality service delivery and efficiency. This qualifies you for high paying jobs and makes you a part of a community of world-class professionals.


Why is Microsoft 70-532 certification so popular?

  • Microsoft 70-532 certification introduces the popular cloud platform solutions to the learners
  • Microsoft certifications including 70-532 credential are recognized internationally
  • Azure services have been largely adopted in organizations due to their huge benefits
  • Microsoft 70-532 certification topics are wide and cover cloud technologies in-depth


If you want to pass Microsoft 70-532 exam, you need to do the following:

  • Use right study materials
  • Identify a learning technique that works for you
  • Allocate enough time for exam preparation
  • Studyconsistently
  • Eathealthy food
  • Balance study with leisure activities


Microsoft 70-532 exam details you need to know

Microsoft 70-532 is a multiple choice test that contains 40-60 questions. Candidates are usually given a period of 2 hours to complete the exam. Important: you can only retake the test three times in a year.

The test can be found in the English, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Japanese, and Portuguese (Brazil) languages.


Tips for passing Microsoft 70-532 certification exam

  • Review the test objectives

    Exam objectives state clearly what the test covers. This gives you an overview of what to prepare for. You save time by only concentrating on what matters.

  • Practice

    Microsoft Azure MCSA 70-532 Practice Test is a great exam preparation method. There are good practice tests online that can give you the real boost. Through, by practicing you identify your weak areas and further work on them. As you get these tests online, ensure that they are up to date and in-line with Microsoft 70-532 exam objectives.

  • Join a discussion group

    The power of discussion groups cannot be underestimated during exam preparation. Through discussion groups,you understand exam concepts deeper. You may also learn certain strategies of tackling test questions from your group members.

  • Take notes

    While studying, make sure you take notes on important concepts. You can rarely forget what you write down. These days, there are online tools that you can use to record or save your most important notes. Have a look at these very important tools on the official Microsoft website. You can save the best notes for later referencing. You no longer need to go back to your textbooks or tutorial videos when you need to remind yourself something. We live in a world of technology and you must keep up with az-103.


Here is my personal experience of passing Microsoft 70-532 exam

I always aim at growing my career by taking various certifications. Recently, I took Microsoft 70-532 certification test and passed. I would like to share my experience in order to help anyone who may be preparing for the same exam.

First I would like to admit it was not an easy journey. Microsoft 70-532 exam covers a wide range of topics that require extensive study. Study materials are also limited.

With all the limitations, all I was looking forward was a success. I prepared a study plan and made sure I stuck to it. With the study materials I had gathered I studied topic after topic taking short notes. Taking notes helped me not to forget what I read.

Practice tests were also helpful during the exam preparation. Taking them often helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. I also got to know what to expect in thetest I was preparing for. Taking practice tests in a timed setting helped me manage the allocated exam time and I was able to answer all the testquestions on time.

I also enrolled in a short online course for about two weeks. The course helped me understand hard topics with ease. I also learned several methods of tackling exam questions from my instructor.

The exam was tough, but by reading questions carefully and using the elimination method, I conquered it all. Taking enough time to prepare contributed quite a lot to my success.

If you want to pass Microsoft 70-532 exam, study consistently and practice more and more.


What are the best training courses for Microsoft 70-532 exam?

  • 20532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Instructor-led Training
  • Building Your Azure Skills Toolkit Online Training
  • Getting Started With Azure App Service Online Training
  • Azure Cloud Service Multi-tier Application Tutorial
  • Linuxacademytrainingcourse
  • CBT nuggetsvideotrainingcourse


Microsoft 70-532 exam dumps are really helpful, and that’s why:

Test dumps are the only resource you can easily find online that help you know what to expect at the actual exam. This boosts your confidence and reducespanic during the test. By keenly going through the exam dumps you learn how to answer questions. However, don’t expect similar questions in the real test you are preparing for. From the dumps, you can learn only how to answer exam questions. The other wonderful bit about them is the fact that you can set the time yourself. This will teach you how to manage your time as you do your test.


Here are top web resources for Microsoft 70-532 exam preparation



Microsoft certification has changed the cloud computing world in a positive way. Developers are now equipped with skills and knowledge of Azure services, making it easier for organizations to adopt them. This has made possible for organizations to cut costs, while at the same timeensuring flexibility and security for their systems and data.