How to Make a Logo Design for Any Product?

A logo is a powerful brand representation that influences how customers and the general public perceive your brand. This means that your logo design must be outstanding and presentable to serve this purpose.

A compelling and appealing logo makes a statement about a brand and increases the likelihood of attracting new customers.

Always think about how to make a logo like Google that is simple yet memorable.

Having a good logo is one thing, but what makes a logo successful? Below are essential tips that you can follow to design the perfect logo for any product. The following are the most critical steps.

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Why Do You Need the Logo?

Business is no different than looking for a date. Therefore, every effort you put into attracting the right audience and making them love your products is critical.

To do so, everything they see about you has to be exciting and lure them into wanting to know more about your brand. With such a huge impact, you have to be keen on the type of logo you choose.

Once you know why you need the logo, it’ll be effortless for you to make a logo easy to communicate with your audience and portray your brand. Remember, the logo will be a trademark of your company. It will present all branding materials, websites, products, and even business cards.

Define the Identity of Your Brand and Product

At the end of the process, you will want a logo that clearly defines the brand’s personality. For example, if you make a logo design for a Z Company, you will want everyone who sees it to develop an instant picture of the brand.

To do so, you first have to understand your brand’s core personality. This will help you make a different logo that is unique and gives a good impression of the brand.

Here are some key things to aid you in getting to the bottom of the product’s identity:

  • The reason that led you to start the business;
  • The beliefs and values deemed necessary within the business;
  • What your business does better than the competitors;
  • How you can briefly describe the business.

Coming Up With the Design

This is one of the most challenging stages when you want to make a logo, getting the inspiration for the design. You need to do the next:

1. Brainstorming

First, brainstorm for likely concepts. This will give you a rough idea of the design, look and definition of what you want to achieve.

When you are brainstorming, it’s essential to stay positive and accept all the suggestions, even those that seem not to be enough. Even the worst suggestion might spark up other better ideas.

For instance, an idea to make a logo with letters might seem cliche, but sometimes they are effective.

2. Shortlist Relevant Designs

After brainstorming for ideas, it’s time to shortlist.

Here, you will have to analyze the proposed designs from the audience’s point of view. How do you want them to perceive the brand? What would be most important to them in a logo?

Remove the designs that don’t fully address these and settle on the best.

logo design brainstorming

Yes, brainstorming all by yourself is okay, but as they say, two heads are better than one. You can incorporate diversity by bringing in the ideas of friends, employers, and even partners.

Another way to get helpful ideas is by going through the logos of your competitors.

They have retained the same logo for such a long time because it gets the job done. Borrowing such ideas means that you will be working with ideas that have already been tried and tested. However, keep in mind that you are just borrowing ideas, not copying. In fact, you might end up pinpointing the key elements that they missed out on and use them to attract more attention. And from that, you can make a logo example that fits your business and industry.

Choose the Most Appropriate Design and Work With

At this point, you already know your business well and have a rough idea of what you want the logo to look like. Now, you have to translate all these ideas into a design.

This stage has a step-by-step approach since it entails several different elements, each playing a major role in the final appearance of the logo. This includes colors, graphics, shape, typography, and size.

When designing your logo, always remember that there’s no specific standard or accepted design across all the logo designs. It’s your task to choose the best for your brand.

Therefore, keep an open mind and try different things until you get the final result. You aren’t tied to make a logo bigger or smaller. Try all options and see what works. There are different types of logos for you to choose from. However, you aren’t limited to one. You can blend them to make a logo design unique to others.

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Types of Logo Designs

Letter Marks

Used mainly by brands with long or multiple names, this is a type where you make a logo with letters. You can use the first letter of every word to come up with an aesthetically pleasing logo.


This is a logo that incorporates the name of the business or product by incorporating typography. It’s useful if you want to make a logo like Google.

Abstract logos

These logos don’t relate directly to the product’s name but instead, appear like an abstract or symbol that uniquely represents your product. It makes a logo easy to interpret.

Pictorial marks

These are logos that utilize images to represent the product or brand and create a connection with it.


These logos give your product a personality. For example, you can use cartoons and animated images for your logo.


This is a type of logo that includes a text being integrated into an icon or crest.

Combination mark

This is a combination of symbols and words, creating a conspicuous logo.

After you have the final result, consider the color shades. It’s among the things that make a logo successful. Different colors convey different messages and the right one will communicate with the customers. For example, red is associated with passion and happiness, while yellow gives a more friendly result. Brown can make a logo look vintage.


A logo will represent your product everywhere it appears. Therefore, put the right effort into designing the perfect one to define your product and act as the ideal marketing element.

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