Site To Sell Vector Arts Online

15 Sites Where To Sell Your Vector Arts

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Site To Sell Vector Arts Online

As a designer, specifically involved in visual or illustration design, sometimes it comes in your mind, after a lot of vector arts or vector illustrations you have made, where to sell your vector arts online. Either you start thinking to slow down on servicing  fussy clients, or just to fulfill your passion in creating more vector arts, you can start thinking to sell your vector arts and survey some top digital stock agencies that provide best offer for you to sell your masterpieces. Usually they called it micro stock agency, and we listed down some of the most popular sites among designers and buyers as well.

FAQ to Selling Your Vector Arts Online

1. What is a vector file ?

Vector (vector graphic file format), usually called vector graphic or vector arts or vector file, is a graphic media format that created using Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw, or InkScape, or any other vector graphic editor. Contrary with ‘Raster image’ or pixel based image (i.e jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff, psd, etc.), vector graphic can be scaled to any size without losing its quality, because it contains the physical attributes with it, such as width, height, line-stroke, fill-colors value that can easily be edited back with vector graphic editor.

2. Why should I sell vector graphic online ?

Look around, everything requires graphic. From product packaging, brochure, flyers, magazines, internet, mobile apps, many more, all contains vector graphics. Who create them? Every single vector graphic in this world is created by someone, and you might be one of the original source creator. We create graphics and buyers, either they are designers as well or non designers, buy from us. Designers buy from us because it is much cheaper and time-saving than to create new for a project.

Vector graphic market still considered less available compared to stocks image or stocks photo market that flooded anywhere in the digital media stocks we can find. So this is our opportunity to fulfill the buyers demand out there, in fact creating vector graphics can only be done by artist or designer like you, not everybody can do it.

3. How do you sell your vector graphic ?

We don’t sell it ourselves. We upload them to micro stock agencies and buyers will buy from there. This is just like how hypermarket works. Buyers search for the thing they want, they pay for it, and we got money.

4. Where can I find micro stock agencies that helps me to distribute my vector graphics ?

There are so many out there. But we will recommend top 15 sites as listed below due to popularity among designers and buyers looking for it.

5. How much does these micro stock agencies makes from selling my vector graphic ?

Different micro stock agencies have different royalties percentage. Some take more, some take less. You earned between 15% to 60% from the total revenue.

6. Will these micro stock agencies accept everything I upload to them ?

No. They will have to review your vector graphics first in term of quality and technical requirements before they put it up for sale.

7. Will my vector graphic gone after someone bought it ?

No. They will be continue to sell forever. That is how designers make money while sleeping :)

8. Can I sell the same vector graphics at all agencies ?

It depends. Some agencies allow you to sell the same artworks on other sites. Some are not allow you to do that, so always read the terms & conditions before you proceed.

9. How much can I roughly make on average ?

From $20/month to $20,000 a month. Some statistic survey saying average vector artists made about $300 a month.

10. What should I draw ?

Anything, such as wallpaper, icons, abstract arts, background graphics, floral elements, animals, tools, furniture, characters, etc.

11. What sells the most ?

Anything that is good looking will sell. Some good tips said prepare for the coming big festivals like new year celebration related arts can be hot selling stuffs.

12. Can I do this part time ?

Sure, almost everyone in this industry do it as part time. And there are also many millionaire artists or designers doing it ‘full time’ at home.

13. How do I get paid ?

You can opt your agency to pay you through PayPal, MoneyBookers, cheque. Some agencies may offer extra options.

14. Is micro stock industry a scam ?

When you have a business model whereby everyone has to pay to gain, it is then obvious that it is not a scam.

15. Why should I sell my vector graphics through micro stock agencies ?
Couldn’t I just sell it myself through my own website ?

Micro stock industries spent millions of dollar in advertisement and they already have hundreds of thousands buyers there.
You should only concentrate on producing more works and not marketing.


Where to Sell your Vector Arts ?

1.  Adobe Stock

sell your vector arts at Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock among the youngest ‘stock photo providers’, since 2015, we can find out there. Indeed Adobe needs one to complete their Creative Cloud features with digital stocks, and they was acquire Fotolia, one of the most popular stock photo. Adobe Stock provides creative assets from photography, videos, vectors and many more for creative users looking for digital assets on their jobs. Before you proceed, understand their rules on How to submit & sell on Adobe Stock.

2.  Graphic River

sell your vector arts at GraphicRiver

Graphic River is one of the most popular and rich contents of creative stock or digital assets category owned by Envato, an Australia based company. It is also among the most searched by creative users simply because they provide variety of sub-categories, from fonts, logos, icons, vectors, templates, presets, web elements, 3D, mock-ups, and many more.

3.  Creative Market

sell your vector arts at Creative Market

Another 5 star rating handcrafted digital assets made by creative designers all over the globe. A millionaire designer from South Africa was born with her Creative Market’s shop she used to sell her graphic stuffs.

4.  Shutterstock

sell your vector arts at Shutterstock

Shutterstock is well known for its photo stocks, graphic stocks, video clips and they also provide vector stock as well. They claim to cover near to 200 million royalty-free images, stock video clips, and music tracks. Besides that, they also have huge amount of vectors for high demand vector graphic users.. and what make Shutterstock one of the best option for designers or artists to submit is they provide contributors with comprehensive support, forum, guideline, etc.

5.  Pond5

sell your vector arts at Pond5

Pond5 providing not just photos, but they also offer rich royalty-free multimedia categories including video footage, music tracks, sound effects, After Effect templates, Vectors, Photoshop (PSD) and 3D models as well. Check it out, and see under your prefered category.

6.  123RF

sell your vector arts at 123RF

123RF have an impressive 97 million stock images, vectors, video & audio clips and they claimed to offer low prices for users to get their stocks. ‘RF’ simply means Royalty-Free. With huge amount of graphic stocks, they also attract millions of buyers. This will be an another good agency to sell your vector stocks.

7.  Freepik Contributor

sell your vector arts at freepik

A well known free graphic resources from vectors to any graphic items that can be downloaded free (with credit) and premiums stocks. Find out how to join them selling premium vectors graphics as freepik contributor.

8.  Vector Stock

sell your vector arts at VectorStock

Vector Stock as their name, the site specifically dedicated to vector graphics, designed for vector artists, designers and anyone looking for royalty-free vectors. So vector artist, illustrator, this is the place you need to try sell your vector arts..

9.  Dreamstime

sell your vector arts at Dreamstime

Dreamstime claimed to have 74 million images, from photography and vector graphics. With quite impressive numbers of graphic stocks, they are among popular royalty-free graphic stocks being searched. Try sell your vector arts with them..

10.  iStockPhoto

sell your vector arts at iStock

iStockPhoto is another ig name in this industry, owned by Getty Images, so we will see more photo stock sources, but they still have vector sources under Illustration category. You don’t want to missed this name in your list..

11.  GLStock


An another image & graphic stock that might worth to try.

12.  Alamy


Alamy has separated sellers or contributors from photo seller and vector seller.. so check it out..

13.  Go Media

Go Media

Go Media is well known for their collections of vector packs, such as silhouettes, vector textures, patterns, symbol elements, etc. Find out how to join them selling your vector packs.

14.  Cutcaster

Cutcaster is another photo & vector stocks provider and they do offer for designer selling stock as well.

15.  PayLoadz


PayLoadz probably might not be a familiar name for some, but they simply offer almost anything that can be downloaded for selling, including digital arts – vectors..

There are many more options too choose, creative e-commerce sites that offers printed vector designs & artworks with their selling products that you can sell your artwork design is another good choice to start. They mostly offer selling creative T-Shirts with your designs printed on it, canvas framed arts, creative bags or other souvenir items, and you can promote it yourself, selling your designs and getting commissions at the same time. Happy surveying ☺

Designers Redesigned Visit Malaysia 2020 Logo As Protest

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#VisitMalaysia2020 #logo

Above are two of the proposed for Visit Malaysia 2020 logo by designers..

A few days ago, the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, through it’s Tourism & Culture Minister, launched the new Visit Malaysia 2020 logo. The logo then become jokes and criticism from the netizens. Malaysians were surprised, while the country on its way towards as a developed countries in 2 years time, for vision 2020, still produce some poor quality of work results, it looks outdated, primitive that make many of netizens express disappointment, but the ministry itself feel proud of it – the logo of VM2020.

Majority of the netizen comments, especially Malaysian graphic designers through social medias, blamed the superior of the department who usually control everything in the government agencies, for approving the designs quality. Take a look at previous design of Malaysia 55th Independent Day or Merdeka 55 logo, the logo was criticized by netizens as the worst Merdeka logo ever, the minister of the Ministry of Communication & Culture defend their decision to use the ‘ugly logo design’. This kind of working attitude especially in designs field, one must let the expert do the job, the designer appointed, be it the in house designer or appointed design agency, not the minister itself who lead the ministry or department and hold the ‘remote control’. This kind of working culture, the ‘yes boss attitude’ in government agencies in particular, is hard to changed no matter how many times the minister or the political party changed.

Anyway we are here to show you some design masterpiece from the Malaysians Designers Community as the proposal to change the unacceptable current Visit Malaysia 2020 logo by many, to newly fresh designs by real designers for the sake of the dignity of the country’s the graphic design industry.

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]
[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]
[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]
[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]
[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]
[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]
[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]
[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]
[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]
[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]
[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]

There are a lot more in the Grafik Malaya facebook group. To view the rest of the designs go to → Logo Visit Malaysia 2020 from Grafik Malaya Group designers

Apowersoft - Free Online Screen Recorder

13 Free Screen Recording Software – Video Screen Capture

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One of the important and must have tool in today’s visual information technology is Screen Recording Software.. or usually called video screen capture. Be it for PC, or for mobile platforms, the needs for screen recording apps in today life style, has made apps developers compete to create the best screen recording software. As the user, what and which screen recorder apps would be the best for our job. To save time, we choose not to test one by one, instead we share some list from trusted sourcing we managed to collect, free screen recording apps.

We put some basic features that normally free screen recorder software offered as standard features; record anything from screen, record voice, speed control, zoom, record webcam, draw on screen, upload to youtube, and video editing as a bonus. This list as continuing our previous series of Free Designers Tools that benefits many readers. If you’ve experience in some of these apps, or others not listed here, kindly share with us, we’d love to hear your feed back.. and maybe share your articles related.

13 Free Screen Recording Software for Desktop [Video Screen Capture]

1.  OBS Studio

OBS Studio free screen recording

OBS Studio is an open source high performance real time video/audio capturing and mixing apps. With unlimited scenes it can be switch between seamlessly via custom transitions. Filters for video sources, intuitive audio mixer with filters, multiple themes available, etc. You can learn how to use obs easily with no additional software. They also provide forum support for fans or users sharing tips and helping beginners. OBS Studio has been rated as most powerful free screen recording software by Techradar.

  • Export Format: FLV (MP4 can also be supported)
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Platform:      

View it


2.  Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream free screen recording

Icecream Screen Recorder offers a complete suite of tools and options for professional screen capture with audio. They claimed this app as ‘Swiss Army knife’ among the free screen recorder software for desktop. With Icecream screen recording app you can record webinars, games and Skype videos in HD, on-screen drawing (annotating) while capturing and much more. What we notice about this app, they’re actively updating this app every month as shown in their change log, and sometimes they update it three times a month.. The company is really serious to provide the best for us, don’t you think so..?

  • Export Format: WebM, MP4, AVI, MOV
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Platform:    

View it


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3.  iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam free screen recording

iSpring Free Cam is another good desktop screen recording software that provide recording the entire screen, selected area of the screen, or a single window. It also record voice over with mic, record the sounds of your programs and applications or add some background music to your video. iSpring Free Cam offers built-in video editor to help us fine tune the recording such as, deleting unwanted parts, remove background noise, etc. However, it only support for WMV file format output, no webcam supported, but it make it easy for sharing the output video to Youtube with a click..!!

  • Export Format: WMV
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads.
  • Platform:  

View it



4.  ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter free screen recorder

ActivePresenter is a powerful and feature rich software that not just a screen recording tool, more than that it includes all the tools needed besides record screen, to edit screencast video and create interactive eLearning course as well. For instance, if we want to make eLearning video by making things easily explainable, this app offering a feature to insert interactive elements like quiz building, callouts, voiceover, annotations, graphics etc.

  • Export Format: AVI, FLV, WMV, WebM, MP4
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads.
  • Platform:    

View it


5.  Ezvid

Ezvid free screen recording

Ezvid Video Maker is another HD free screen recording & video editing in one software with user friendly operation. Claimed to be the World’s Easiest Screen Recorder, well you can give it a try. Doesn’t ask for any codecs or other supplementary tools that might distract users, it is compatible with all modern Windows versions (starting from Win XP), so hardware requirements should not be a challenge for any modern day computer with Ezvid Video Maker. Have most of the basic free screen recording features, such as record anything from screen, draw on

  • Export Format: MOV, WMV
  • No Watermark, Time Limit: 45 min, No Ads
  • Platform:  

View it


6.  Apowersoft – Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft - Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft is one of a good available independent developer that specialised on free audio & video recorder, editor, downloader, converter and mobile transfer. Besides their premium series of audio & video software tools for Windows & Mac, Apowersoft also offers many good freeware series of audio & video tools as well. Among them is Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder that runs online, it does not require Java Applet, but you need to install a launcher for the first time using it. You can then record screen online in HD with no time limits, add audio / voice, insert webcam. I’ve personally used it, it’s user friendly and easy to use for beginner. It has common basic features just like other free versions offered, such as annotation features – add colors, shapes, notes, icons, etc. using its toolkit, and also video editor integrated. Upload options offered by Apowersoft – Free Online Screen Recorder are quit extensive, they offer upload to Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive & Dropbox.

  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Export Format: MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, VOB, ASF
  • Platform:    

View it


7.  DVDVideoSoft – Free Screen Video Recorder

DVD Videosoft - Free Screen Video Recorder

DVDVideoSoft is an independent developer well-known for its free audio & video; converting, editing and downloding software tools. Similar to Apowersoft company that specialised on audio & video software, DVDVideoSoft also provide variety of very good software tools that focused on 100% free softwares series. DVDVideoSoft Free Screen Video Recorder – as the name given, is among the free screen video recording software offered, and it has some good reviews.

  • Export Format: MP4
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Platform:  

View it


8.  eLecta Live Screen Recorder

eLecta Live Screen Recorder

eLecta Live Screen Recorder is a very simple and straightforward tool that allows you to record your screen activity, for creating instructive materials, to record webcam conversations, etc. The interface only shows 4 buttons; New, Start, Pause & Stop. One of the different feature that this program has is, the ability to saving the file before the start of video recording. Most of the other programs reviewed here saves the file after the capture is completed, understandably due to video editor mode, hence it becomes vulnerable to crash due to large video size, and the whole file might lost.

  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Export Format: AVI
  • Platform:  

View it


9. Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture free recording

Debut Video Capture offers quite impressive features, besides recording desktop screens, webcam, it also provide networked camera recording as well. Many settings and configuration can be set, from video effects to task scheduling especially if you wanted to set CCTV recording from network camera. It also one of the free video recording software that offers variety of video output format to choose from. The best thing is, Debut Video Capture is among the smallest for full version download freeware in the list, with only 1.64MB download size (besides ApowerSoft Free Online Screen Recorder’s launcher).

  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Export Format: AVI, WMV, FLV, MPG, MP4, MOV, MKV, OGV, WEBM, DV, ASF, 3GP
  • Platform:    

View it


10.  CamStudio

Camstudio free screen recording

CamStudio is an open source desktop screen recording & streaming video. CamStudio Open Source is able to record all screen and audio activity on your pc and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs). This free screen recording app was last update in 2013, and no new updated version since that, if you’re using old system, CamStudio Open Source might be the right choice. Before I forget, don’t get confuse between CamStudio (open source) with Camtasia Studio from TechSmith, the later is a premium (paid) screen recording app.

  • Export Format: AVI, SWF
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Platform:  

View it


11.  Webinaria

Webinaria free screen recorder

Webinaria is another open source screen recording software, it’s not just free from limitation and free form ads but this desktop screen recorder (is quite old, the lastest version is almost last 10 years), is also suitable for old machine, if you still use Win 98 you can use this.

  • Export Format: AVI to FLV
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit No Ads
  • Platform:  

View it


12.  Screen2EXE

Screen2EXE free screen recording

Screen2EXE is a good alternative if you’re looking for ‘executable self playing‘ video file, very good for making tutorial for via CD / DVD. Screen2EXE claimed to be the highest compression (smallest ‘video executed’ file size), and support from Win XP up to Win 10. However it has limited to only 1 hour recording for free version. The pro / paid version is name Screen Anytime.

  • Export Format: SWF, FLV, MP4, AVI, EXE (self-playing file)
  • Timelimit: < 1 hour (below 60 min)
  • Platform:  

View it


13.  Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic free screen recording

Screencast-O-Matic is an online video screen capture, like Apowersoft. It is quit easy and straightforward to use, but the free version has recording time limit to 15 minutes and watermarks in the videos. It has no editing tools and does not support audio / voice recording. You may consider get the pro version at affordable price of $18.

  • Export Format: FLV, AVI, MP4
  • Watermark, Time Limit: 15 min
  • Platform:    

View it



Extra Free Screen Recording Software

Some other good basic free screen recording software available out there, we can found..

14.  Screen2Avi – Installable & Portable version available, AVI format, last version 2011.

15.  Jing – Timelimit only 5 min, (TechSmith company), Win & Mac Platform.

16.  Rylstim Screen Recorder – light application for instant recording, but download size is 12+MB, last version 2015

17.  JScreenRecorder – Java based, MP4 format, last version 2015

18.  Screenr – was retired since 2015, because it based on Java RE that Chrome no longer support.


Please share with us your selection of free screen recording if you have any other alternatives, we like to hear your opinion and would like to add in here.


Free Stock Photo

Free Stock Photo Sites For Designers

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Previously we published Free Designer Tools Online – Website Builder for designer, freelancer, photographer, etc. Today we continue the same topic, designers online freebies, but now specifically for Free Stock Photo Sites For Designers shared by photographers, designers & artists. They’re free to use personally and commercially, so far there are no restrictions, except the copyright used are under creative commons. You might also try reverse image search if you have the sample image and need to find the better copy.

13 Free Stock Photo Sites for Designers

Okay here are some rare photographer’s Stock Photo sites who share quite high quality, creative images and best of all, no copyright restriction as others. What they only ask from you as to support their efforts, if you don’t mind is to provide an attribution for the image you use. Come on lets support them as alternative Free Stock Photo Sites For Designers by share their sites, Like their fb pages, Retweet their tweets, ♥ their Insta, etc.

1. FancyCrave

2. Death To The Stock Photo

3. Pexels

4. Little Visuals

5. Life of Pix

6. StockSnap

7. Unsplash

8. Pic Jumbo

9. Gratisography

10. SplitShire

11. Startup Stock Photos

12. FreeImages

13. FreeImages UK



50+ More Free Stock Photo Sites

    1. All Free Download

      one of the most popular free stock images – background, wallpaper, vector graphic as well

    2. Magdeleine

      another free stock photo website

    3. pixabay

      site in Portuguese, need to register to download the photos

    4. 9 × 13 glänzend

      photos with Creative Commons license that can be used for any purpose

    5. Bajstock

      great gallery with thousands of free images

    6. ARS

      high resolution images gallery and public domain

    7. The Digital Dreamer

      over 1000 images 100% free

    8. IM Creator

      collection of free (images for) web design resources, all for commercial use, yeay! :)

    9. Amygdela’s atmosphere

      picture gallery with free pictures

    10. tinypic

      though they give tiny & low quality images, they have many categories and have gif images too

    11. – photos for artists, developers, teachers and students
    12. – community with more than 3,000 shared photos. Does not allow commercial use
    13. – free photos for any use except redistribution.
    14. FreeFoto – more than 100,000 free images. It is necessary to give assignments to the author.
    15. Big Picture – free photo gallery for any type of use
    16. – more than 1 million photos and illustrations free.
    17. – one of the best free high quality sites.
    18. – 10Mb limit per day
    19. – photos and images provided by various photographers.
    20. – free images, but with a lot of advertising for paid pictures
    21. – community for photographers registration required
    22. – only images with lower resolution are free
    23. – community that allows commercial use of some pictures.
    24. Dns Digital Photography – stock of free images. Requires Registration.
    25. – free and paid images.
    26. – public domain photos that allows commercial use
    27. Public Domain Stock Photos – Free photos of public domain
    28. – hosts more than 20,000 photos in various categories.
    29. – images, graphics, vectors, icons, templates, PSD files, etc.
    30. – free images for download in several categories
    31. – allows commercial use and does not require registration
    32. – photos of just a photographer
    33. – small amount of high-quality images
    34. – small amount of high-quality images
    35. – allows commercial use – high quality images
    36. – allows commercial use – high quality images – requires registration
    37. – allows commercial use
    38. Fotobank – Image bank with paid and free photos.
    39. – allows commercial use – high resolution images
    40. – Free photo gallery of medium resolution – allows commercial use – good for blogs.
    41. – various types of free images
    42. – over 2000 free high quality images.
    43. – database of public domain images
    44. – small bank of high-quality images
    45. – small bench Free images
    46. – great free images in 6 categories
    47. – great photos in medium resolution in the free version
    48. – hundreds of free photos in various categories
    49. – more than 15,000 images for personal or commercial use
    50. Burning Well – small photo gallery of high resolution
    51. Studio25 – stock of free images. See the usage restrictions available for each photo
    52. Twice Pix – photos with Creative Commons BY-SA
    53. Yellowstone Digital Slide File


Conclusion on Free Stock Photo Sites

There are many more free stock photo sites for designers we can search out there, I believe new stock photo sites may appear every years, numbers of people sharing freebies increased of the decades, so do with photographers. Or if you are a photographer, mind share with us your photo site..? If you find some other good Free Stock Photo sites, please share with us :)

Web builder

Free Designer Tools Online – Website Builder

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Free Designer Tools Online - Web builder

Free Designer Tools Online:

11 Free Website Builder

Free Website Builders will be our featured topic for the Free Designer Tools Online. Website Builder is the easiest, hassle free ways in building professional looking website. Website Builder usually is an online tool, so consider you will do the job with internet connection. Created for non special skill persons to get modern website in a few minutes with the principle of What You See Is What You Get – WYSIWYG web builder that features standard drag & drop method with the latest html5 editor allowing (non coding) designers or even anybody to develop a website. No programming, html, coding, or Photoshop needed.

Fetured here are some of the top free website builders based on the these criteria;

templates design available
drag & drop
responsive or apps supported
SEO friendly
no trial limitation

So what you can do with this Website Builder as one of free designer tools online..? Well, you can start your own professional looking website, or..

  • add a new web design services for your clients, or
  • start an online store for your clients, or
  • create your own online store to sell your artworks / products online, or
  • make your own designs portfolio website in just a few minutes..

or perhaps this will be your startup for your new skills or knowledge as graphic or visual designer into website development, start to ‘read & write’ <coding>. What else, you will need your brand.. a domain name.

1. WIX


  • 500MB storage
  • 1GB bandwidth
  • fully customise from designer’s template
  • built-in Google Analytics
  • free hosting

2. Website Builder

Website Builder

  • 50MB storage
  • free email
  • 10,000 templates
  • image library
  • eCommerce

3. Im Creator


  • 50MB storage
  • own domain supported
  • eCommerce
  • no Ads

4. Site Builder

Site Builder

  • free domain
  • free email
  • 10,000 templates
  • eCommerce

5. Weebly


  • 500MB storage
  • sub domain name
  • no limitation hosting
  • unlimited pages
  • basic online store (with 3% transaction fee)

6. Sitey


  • 50MB storage
  • 5MB file upload
  • 1GB bandwidth
  • free hosting
  • 100+ professional templates
  • image library

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7. Jimdo


  • 500MB storage
  • password protected area
  • online store (no transaction fee), 5 items max
  • iOS & Android apps

8. WebStarts


  • 5 page max
  • 1GB cloud storage
  • 1GB bandwidth

9. Webnode


  • 1GB bandwidth
  • 100MB for personal website
  • 10MB for online store
  • own domain name supported
  • statistic & widgets supported
  • no ads

10. Yola


  • 1GB storage
  • 1GB bandwidth
  • 3 pages



  • 3GB storage
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited pages
  • designed for static website & blog system
  • themes (but limited)
  • statistics

update june 2017

We are glad to add here a good review made by one of our new online friend – Best Website Builders Reviewed

You may find some more info with focused on affordable price offered for website builder on onblastblog. They also provide clean & nice infographic about Top Website Builder for easy reading and comparison you may take a look.. click on the image above. Thanks to Matt Banner for the great review.

There’re actually a lot more website builders out there, you will find many or new names and new features, but generally they offer the same functions and besides free version, they also provide paid services as well. So as free version, you cannot expect more, just compare which offer the best that suit your needs, ask your self for what purpose you wanna use it. If you getting familiar with it, then later you can start invest with the paid service and add it inline with your design services to diversify your business.

Designer’s Games & Designer’s eBooks

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Looking for some good resources for sharing with you guys, here we found some interesting designer’s games & designer’s ebooks you can download for free. The designer’s games created to challenge or to test our design skills and to know our limits in specific skills, try it out. Also we share below are some more free designer’s ebooks collections, as add on of some free designer’s ebooks that we had shared previously..


Games for Designers

Here are some designers games collection created by designers for designers just to test our skills on colors, illustrations, etc.

Eye Test

Eye Test Color

Eye Test is to test your color vision limits and see how far can you go. Mine is 35 points with robot level, and it says ‘Your color vision and survival skills are incredible. You can recognize a mosquito from miles away’.. lol ☺


The Bezier Game

The Bezier Game

The Bezier Game is a Pen Tool illustration test game. The game teach us how to minimize the use of anchor points and how to draw curve lines perfectly in a drawing. If you wanna be expert in using Pen Tool especially for drawing using Illustrator, try the game to learn how the expert use the Pen Tool professionally..




Shape is an another creative app (game) in sharpening Pen Tool skills for designers in using Illustrator or any vector graphic apps. Shape is created specifically for perfecting letter’s shape, in other words, if you have to trace back some letters in your design works (in case of you couldn’t find the right fonts), then this game might helps you to draw as perfect letters as possible. Tips – use Shift (keyboard) to maintain vertical or horizontal axis while drag..

There are many more creative games for designers you can look at Games for Designers.


EBook for Designers

Here are some more designers eBook collections free to download.

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign – Help & Tutorials

Photoshop CC free eBook here is an official Photoshop help & tutorials by Adobe in PDF format. This CC version contained more than 800 pages. You can also find previous versions of Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign eBook below.

Download Photoshop CC Help | Previous Photoshop version

Download Illustrator CC Help | Previous Illustrator version

Download InDesign CC Help | Previous InDesign version

Pixel Perfect Precision – Photoshop and Digital Design

Download Pixel Perfect Precision

Dreamweaver CC Basics

Dreamweaver is one of the most popular web building using WYSIWYG editor for developing fundamental website to high end. Originally created by Macromedia then was acquired by Adobe Systems in 2005. Thanks to Adobe for continuing the development of this great app, and here is the free eBook of Dreamweaver CC for Basics.

Download Dreamweaver CC Basics

Acrobat X Pro & Acrobat XI Pro

One of the useful publishing tool from Adobe, besides Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign is Adobe Acrobat. The newest version for desktop is Acrobat XI (ver. 11) for desktop version, but the latest version is newly introduce – Acrobat DC. Anyway here are the eBook of Acrobat X & Acrobat XI.

Download Adobe Acrobat X  |  Download Adobe Acrobat XI

Open Source Vector Editor

Method Draw is an open source online vector graphic editor. A very basic vector tool that support SVG files and also can save your drawing to PNG format.

If you have any interesting related designs, vector, etc. to share with us, we are happy to see and try it, please share it ;)

Adobe Design Book

Adobe Design eBooks, iOS 8 & Android Vector UI Kits

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As 2014 approaching its end, we would like to share some of selected freebies recently released and have been around on the internet, from mobile UI vector files to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign tutorial ebooks free download.

iOS 8 Vector UI Kit

iOS 8 Vector UI Kit
iOS 8 Vector UI Kit – Spotlight & Phone

iOS 8 is the eighth major release of the iOS mobile operating system, the latest release (so far) by Apple Inc. which was used in their latest iPhone 6 series. And here we share the free iOS 8 Vector UI kits for iPhones and iPads, if you’re looking for these for your UI, App or design works. The file is in Adobe Illustrator format (support Ai CC and newer), just make sure to you have the fonts.

  • Format: Ai in zip
  • Font used: Helvetica Neue series (Ultra Light, Light, Thin, Medium, Bold) & DIN Alternative
  • Release date: 17 Sept 2014
  • via Mercury


Android 5 UI Kits

Official Google Design

Android latest release is Android 5.0 named Lollipop or Android L, and Google was released their official material design elements that they separate it in 2 categories. First one they call it Sticker Sheets and second one are the System Icons. If your’re serious Android app’s developer or UI designer, you gonna have these:

1.  Component Sticker Sheets

The Sticker Sheets include all the components that make up the Android operating system layouts, including light and dark symbols for status bars, app bars, bottom toolbars, cards, dropdown menus, search field, dividers, side navs, dialogs, floating action buttons, etc. The files are quite big, and there are 3 formats available:


  • PSD (237.74 MB)
  • Ai (189.09 MB)
  • Sketch (6.67 MB)


2.  System Icons

And this is the system icon kits, approx. 750 icons in SVG (vector) format to complete the components above.

Format in zip:

  • SVG & PNG (57.40 MB)


via Google Design


Illustrator Android Material Interface Kit (3rd party)


If you just need the basic interface elements and layouts, some screens adapted for Material Design and some advanced elements from Android UI Design Kit for Photoshop 4.4 (the Nexus 5 version Kitkat 4.4), download this smaller file size in Ai format – Illustrator Android Material Interface Kit by an Android, iOS, WP UX/UI designer:

  • Format & files: Ai, PNG, Fonts, Coloring themes
  • Realease date: 20 July 2014
  • via Jasa Z


Free Photoshop CC Tutorial eBook

Photoshop CC Tutorial eBook

I still remember the first version of Photoshop I used is Photoshop 4.0 some time in 1990’s on Win 95 (if I’m not mistaken), after my transition from manual drawing to digital (including Autodesk AutoCAD R13). Since then I see the demand in Photoshop knowledge specifically, is getting increase till today. And here, I believe many beginners are looking for fast Photoshop skills, besides streaming via youtube, an ebook will be a great offline tutorials and fast reference for user. This is a free crash course of Adobe Photoshop CC tutorial by Designzzz and they claim beginners can learn Photoshop tutorial in just 30 minutes.. ok, that’s damn fast for a newbie ;)

  • Format: PDF (eBook)
  • Pages: 61
  • Size: 12 MB
  • via Designzzz


Adobe Design Basic Book

Want some more..? How about this 3 in 1 Adobe Design eBooks, which includes not just Photoshop, also Illustrator and InDesign too.. sounds great..? And this is from Adobe Education Exchange, where registered users sharing their educational files and resources.. and its free, just sign in to grab. Thanks to Thomas Payne.

Adobe Design Basic free ebook

Adobe Design Basic CC

  • Release: 6 Feb 2014
  • Format: PDF (eBook)
  • Pages: 202
  • Size: 4.31 MB



  • If your browser alerts you with a Security warning, or Certificate issue, or Privacy error, just choose proceed to i don’t know why firefox & chrome alerts me with this (Adobe Education Exchange) site.
  • After you’ve sign in and downloaded the file, in some cases (i.e you use firefox to download it), the file downloaded ‘without extension’ (unknown file), so just rename the file, any name with extension .pdf (dot PDF) at the end of the name, and the file will be back to PDF ebook format.

If you don’t have the latest Adobe CC apps and wanted the previous version of tutorial ebooks for your older Adobe CS6 or CS5 or CS4, you can download the previous release of Adobe Design Suite Basics CS5-CS6 version that suitable for CS6 to CS4.

Adobe Design Basic CS5 – CS6

  • Release: 1 Oct 2012
  • Format: PDF (eBook)
  • Pages: 194
  • Size: 4.71 MB


Hope these sharing may benefits some of us. And I personally (hopefully, if God will), will release an Illustrator CC eBook for beginners, targeted for easy to use and understand for beginners.. perhaps in local language, Bahasa (and english too).. please pray for me to make it happen ☺

Illustrator Alternative, Imagined by Designers

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Today we will share an another new designer’s chosen vector and design apps that have been talked about since couple of months ago in social medias. Many designers have tried the free beta version with positive feedback and soon it will be launching the official version.

Affinity Designer

Vector Art & Design for Mac

Perhaps some of you have been already knowing about this Affinity Designer and so far 30,000+ downloads has been recorded according to their statistic. This new designer’s app which still in beta, has been test drive by designers and they express it being fast, easier and better than the popular Illustrator and Photoshop by Adobe, according to some reviews we read on twitter & facebook.

Affinity Designer Tools
The vector tools & raster tools

What catch our interest to share this app in here are some opinions say that Affinity Designer is a real Illustrator alternative, or Illustrator + Photoshop, in one.. Vector + Raster graphic app. Imagine every time you work on Illustrator (vector drawing), and Photoshop (image editing) running at the same time, save and switching windows, back again. With Affinity Designer, its smart persona with just a click to change from vector workspace to raster workspace, on the same document.. it fast, easier & works smart.

“Imagined by designers, created for Mac”

Affinity for Mac


Owned by Serif, a designers apps company who creates DrawPlus (vector drawing editor), PagePlus (desktop publisher), PhotoPlus (photo editor), WebPlus (html editor) and many more. Now they creates Affinity for Mac a new professional vector editor + raster editor in one package. They claim to gives you as designers, exactly what you need for the highest quality artwork, photos and designs – accurate, high quality tools in fast, innovative, reliable apps with flair.

“Vector drawing + Raster illustration”

“A million per cent Zoom”


Some good points we can share in here are (they’re many), Pan and Zoom at 60 fps, a million percent zoom, transform objects in correct z-order, real-time adjustments or applying effects, always see live previews of brushes or tools. Whether it’s a 100 megapixel image or the most complex vector drawing with thousands of curves, it’s still the same and never runs out of memory.. which may happened to you, system freeze unexpectedly or error message occurred before you save your design works, didn’t you..?

File format supported includes standard image formats, Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), PDF, EPS, SVG, Adobe and Macromedia FreeHand (FH) as well, good point for FreeHand users.

PSD Ai PDF supported
file formats supported
File formats supported


Unfortunately, its only created for Mac, with minimum requirement start with OS 10.7 and no news for other platform so far. Windows user may hope Serif will release for Win version, or stick with Adobe CC, or Inkscape as Illustrator alternative.. see our previous post about Vector Graphic Editor.

Currently Affinity Designer beta is free to download and they will launch Affinity Designer on this coming Thursday, 2nd October 2014, with the first week, until 9th Oct. at 20% discount, the discounted price will be $39.99 (no, this is not advertisement). Are you comparing the price with Adobe Illustrator CC or Adobe Photoshop CC, which is $19.99 per month (x 12 month) = $239.88 a year for a single app (x 2 for both app, Ai & Ps)..? ☺


credit: AffinityDesigner | MacAffinity | creativebloq

World Cup 2014 Jersey Vector

World Cup 2014 Vector Logo, Mascot, Teams Jersey

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World Cup is back again after last season in South Africa, and for this year, Brasil 2014, we’re looking for the (designs of) free download of the World Cup 2014 Vector Logo, Mascot, Teams Jersey and Official Ball name Brazuca.

World Cup 2014 Teams Jersey

World Cup 2014 Jersey Vector
WorldCup 2014 Jersey Vector

These are one of the 32 Teams Jersey designs set in vector format available for free download, made by KevLag, student from France.

  • Download from Source: Dribbble
  • Format: SVG (32 files)

Adidas Brazuca Ball

The official World Cup 2014 ball is Adidas Brazuka. The name was selected by public vote organised by local committee of Brasil and Adidas in 2012.

“The informal term ‘brazuca’ is used by Brazilians to describe national pride in the Brazilian way of life.” – FIFA

An artist illustration of Brazuka ball.

FIFA World Cup Poster Designs

This year we can see FIFA showing almost all of the World Cup Poster designs since 1930 before the first World War I.

[metaslider id=587]

Note: 1942 – 1946 not available, we stuck in World War II.

  • Via: FIFA World Cup Timeline


Credit to: FIFA – owner of the World Cup and all of their registered and trademark properties.
Note: All FIFA images and file download links which are the property of FIFA was removed.