Designers Redesigned Visit Malaysia 2020 Logo As Protest

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Above are two of the proposed for Visit Malaysia 2020 logo by designers..

A few days ago, the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, through it's Tourism & Culture Minister, launched the new Visit Malaysia 2020 logo. The logo then become jokes and criticism from the netizens. Malaysians were surprised, while the country on its way towards as a developed countries in 2 years time, for vision 2020, still produce some poor quality of work results, it looks outdated, primitive that make many of netizens express disappointment, but the ministry itself feel proud of it - the logo of VM2020.

Majority of the netizen comments, especially Malaysian graphic designers through social medias, blamed the superior of the department who usually control everything in the government agencies, for approving the designs quality. Take a look at previous design of Malaysia 55th Independent Day or Merdeka 55 logo, the logo was criticized by netizens as the worst Merdeka logo ever, the minister of the Ministry of Communication & Culture defend their decision to use the 'ugly logo design'. This kind of working attitude especially in designs field, one must let the expert do the job, the designer appointed, be it the in house designer or appointed design agency, not the minister itself who lead the ministry or department and hold the 'remote control'. This kind of working culture, the 'yes boss attitude' in government agencies in particular, is hard to changed no matter how many times the minister or the political party changed.

Anyway we are here to show you some design masterpiece from the Malaysians Designers Community as the proposal to change the unacceptable current Visit Malaysia 2020 logo by many, to newly fresh designs by real designers for the sake of the dignity of the country's the graphic design industry.

There are a lot more in the Grafik Malaya facebook group. To view the rest of the designs go to → Logo Visit Malaysia 2020 from Grafik Malaya Group designers


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