5 Ways Great Images Improve Sales

Great Images Improve Sales

As a business, you will want to attract as many customers as possible to your brand. Therefore, using high-quality photos of your products can be a great way to increase sales. How your images look can make a huge difference and will be the determining factor in how many sales you make. Customer satisfaction should be your number one priority, so here are five ways great images can improve sales.

Make Your Images Stand Out

When a customer is on your page, the product image is typically one of the first things that they will see. Therefore, you need to use eye-catching images to get buyers hooked from the get-go. The better-quality images you use, the more chance you have of securing more interest in your business. Therefore, refrain from using your iPhone to take pictures. Instead, use a professional camera that can enhance your images. If you need help with an Amazon PPC campaign and want to know how better images can help your business, get Amazon PPC specialists to review your strategy. The team can help build your brand and help to increase sales.

Give Buyers Multiple Perspectives

To attract more sales, you will need to give customers a variety of angles of a product. Buyers want to see how a product looks from every angle. To do this, you can either upload multiple images or set up 360-viewing. If you go with the former option, a great tip to keep in mind is either using a hover to enlarge feature or a popup box that goes through every image (with the thumbnails of the product in a row at the bottom).

Up Close and Personal

In day to day life, we don’t tend to hold products right up to our eyes. However, buyers want to inspect what they are purchasing, so it’s important to include a zoom feature on your photos so customers can get up close and personal with a product to see what sort of condition it’s in, as well as any special features that it may contain. If you use a poor-quality camera, the picture will become grainy once zoomed in, so it’s essential that you invest in the latest technology to see the best results.

Show How the Product Works

While fantastic images are essential, how they are presented can make a big difference. For example, if you are selling headphones, you should have them placed in a person’s ear, rather than discarded on a surface. Letting customers know how your products work can not only increase more sales but gives them an idea of what to expect. Who you include in your photos can also make a huge difference, too. If you are selling a sofa, your buyers want to know what sort of demographic it is best suited for. Whether it is a sofa for the family or a bachelor pad, including the right models in the photo is important.

Keep Perspective and Scale in Mind

Buyers want to know that what they are purchasing is exactly what is shown on the tin. If you are selling a smartphone, for example, you should take a photo of it next to similar objects, so the customer can get a better idea of its size. While there are certain tools and techniques that you can use to enhance an image (such as a filter), it’s important not to fool the buyer into purchasing a product. You should be honest with what you are selling, so keeping size and dimension in mind is key. You can use software such as Photoshop to scale down an image.

Having images that stand out and are of high quality may be all you need to drive more interest to your business. Customer attention span can be short, so you will want to include images that are eye-catching from the get-go. Make sure that buyers can zoom in and examine photos to help improve sales.


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