Ramadan Mubarak Calligraphy

Beautiful Ramadan Calligraphy Vectors Free To Download

Alhamdulillah, thank God, once again we arrived in the blessing month of Ramadan, the 9th month of the Hijri lunar Calendar. This year the Ramadan of 1440 Hijri (2019 Georgian), we’re thinking to seek and share some more beautiful Ramadan calligraphy vectors free to download, shared by calligraphy designers all over the world.

Actually we have been thinking it for 2 or 3 months before, but could not have the time for that.. and as updated version of our older post of the Ramadan vector.

Here are some of the fresh beautiful Ramadan calligraphy vectors free to download for you. Most of the artworks are free to download and use but You’re advised to give credit to the designers for your works.


Ramadan Calligraphy 2019 – Fresh New Design

Ramadan Calligraphy Free Vector

  • Ramadan 2019 Calligraphy by Karim Mohammed
  • Released on May 2019
  • 3 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai
  • Download



Ramadan Typography 2019

  • Ramadan Typography 2019 by Yassmin Omar
  • Released on May 2019
  • 4 sets of calligraphy
  • Format PSD
  • Download



Ramadan Mubarak Calligraphy

  • Ramadan & Eid Calligraphy works by Algerian Designer
  • Released on May 2019
  • 7 sets of Ramadan calligraphy & 5 sets of Eid calligraphy
  • Format: Ai, Eps, PDF, SVG
  • Download

Ramadan calligraphy vector free

  • Ramadan 2019 Typography by Multiple Owners
  • Released on May 2019
  • 20 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: PNG & PDF
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy & Fonts

  • Ramadan Calligraphy & Fonts by Zakariya Saleh
  • Released on May 2019
  • 52 sets calligraphy also for fonts
  • Format: Ai, CDR, Eps, PDF, Font
  • Download



Ramadan Mubarak Vector Calligraphy

  • Ramadan Typography 2019 by Multiple Owners
  • Released on April 2019
  • 16 sets of calligraphy
  • Format Ai & PDF
  • Download



Ramadan Typography 2019

  • Ramadan 2019 Typography by Mahmoud ElsroGy
  • Released on April 2019
  • 3 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy 2018

Ramadan Mubarak

  • Typography Ramadan by Ramadan M. Hady
  • Released on May 2018
  • 6 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai & PDF (in Rar)
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy

  • Ramadan 2018 Calligraphy by Mohammad Farik
  • Released on April 2018
  • 4 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: PDF
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy Vector

  • Free Ramadan Kareem Typography 2018 by Multiple Designers
  • Released on April 2018
  • 20 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai, Eps, PDF (in Rar file)
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy 2016

Ramadan Wallpaper Vector 1

  • Free Ramadan resources package by Multiple Owners
  • Released on June 2016
  • Variety sets in multiple formats
  • Format: PSD, Eps (vector), Ae (After Effect)
  • Download


What an amazing beautiful calligraphy right..? if you have seen them all. May Allah bless you all, especially for those amazing Ramadan calligraphy designers who contributed their artworks for free to download and we wish you a month full of merits.

Please share to your friends & followers..


Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Smartphone Photography 101: Tips & Tricks for Beginners & The Best Apps to Use

Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Not too long ago, if you wanted professional quality photographs you would need to purchase an expensive camera and accessories. To learn how to utilize your new, bulky camera weighing down your neck on its neck strap, you would need to take a class or read a photography book.

Lucky for us, today many smartphones are now equipped with powerful cameras that can take just as quality photos and videos as the professionals can produce. With the slim, lightweight design of smartphones, you can take your photography hobby with you anywhere without the heavy weight and bulk of older cameras. So when a stunning scene appears before you without warning, you can whip out your smartphone and capture that once in a lifetime shot almost instantly.

Not only have smartphone cameras drastically improved in the past decade, but photo editing apps with enhancement capabilities have emerged, allowing you to take your editing process on the road. Start with these photography tips and the best apps available to edit your pics.


Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography, you wouldn’t be able to take a photo without it. Strong lighting, like on a clear, sunny day at noon, produces harsh shadows and strong contrast. A cloudy day will soften your shadows or you may barely see any at all. For example, you will often see portrait photographers using lighting equipment to create soft diffuse light that won’t create strong shadows on their subjects’ faces.

Many photographers’ favorite time of day to shoot is sunrise and sunset. At these times, the sun’s rays are low against the horizon and pass through more of the atmosphere, giving you the dazzling pink, purple, and orange colors in the sky. Remember: tapping on your phone in dark or light areas will adjust the focus and brightness of your photo.

When taking photographs indoors, keep in mind that different light bulbs will produce lighting with varying color temperature scales. This may cause your photo to appear very yellow or blue. You can always use a photo editing app later to correct your coloring issues using a white balance feature, but don’t be afraid to play with color when you’re shooting because some amazing photos can come out of it.

Close-ups and Zooming

Smartphone cameras have amazing technology that allows you to get extremely close to objects and capture obscure details that would otherwise be overlooked. Professional photographers would traditionally require a macro lens to achieve photos with magnification. You will be able to get similar results, simply by getting close to your subject and tapping to center your area of focus.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Beware of your smartphone’s zoom function. This option may seem quite tempting to get “closer” to an object, but generally, this function will only crop your photo. Zoom in too far and your image will become pixelated and low quality. In this instance, a traditional camera with a zoom lens is capable of taking higher quality photos from afar.

Landscapes and Framing

Composition is essential to any photo or painting. Let’s discuss the law of thirds. In professional photography, a canvas is divided into 9 equal parts. Using these invisible guidelines to place horizon lines and vertical subjects creates a more appealing visual. For example, when you place the horizon line in the center of your photo, the onlookers eye isn’t sure whether to view the top or bottom first. Moving the horizon line to either the top third or bottom third creates a focal point for the viewer’s eye to start at.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

You can also use objects in your scene to create framing in your photo. Placing a tree or edge of a building on one side of your photo can help create the intended focal point. Photographing a scene just outside of a window frame, doorway, or small opening can make a shot more interesting.


Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Creating depth isn’t always easy, but it can bring an otherwise flat photo to life. There are multiple ways to bring depth into your shots. You can try changing your standard viewpoints, like getting low to the ground or shooting from a high viewpoint. Use objects in your foreground to give a sense of how far away and epic your background scapes are. Another option would be to utilize a blurring brush in a photo editing app to blur out your background and bring the subject to the forefront.

Related article: Free Stock Photo Sites For Designers


Photo Editing Apps

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

What comes next? Photo editing, of course. There are many tools out there, from free online editors to free photo editing apps available designed specifically for your iOS and Android smartphone. Here are some of the best that we’d recommend downloading now:


PhotoDirector is a free photo editing and adjustment app. This app includes many of the standard photo editing options you want, like straightening, cropping, tone adjustment and a wide selection of filters to bump up your snapshot. It also includes some great features like “content aware removal”, which lets you easily get rid of a photobomber in the background or telephone wires overhead without changing the dynamic of your shot. You can even use a “skin smoother” tool to smooth out skin flaws in a portrait.


Snapseed is a free photo editing app designed by Google. It features an array of 29 detailed editing options including RAW editing, color and white balance, contrast, vignettes and filters, healing brush, mark ups and tuning. You can easily undo and redo your edits. The app also offers you optional insights and tips to better use the app and advance your photography skills.

Adobe Photoshop Express 

Adobe Photoshop has been an industry standard for decades. The free Adobe Photoshop Express app brings some of their editing options straight to your phone. While not as powerful as the software for your computer, users can still make fine-tuned image adjustments, add filters and frames, straighten and crop images, add text, create collages, and apply blur.


VSCO is another free app for iOS and Android phones. Like Snapseed, they also offer many tips, tricks, and tutorials to improve your photography game. VSCO provides basic to advanced editing tools and will give you access over 170 presets in their library. Some of these must be purchased through the app. You can also join their community, post content and view work made by other creatives around the world.


Stay Charged

Whether you’re out in the field using your phone’s camera or editing image, you may find this will drain your battery quicker than everyday use. It’s never a bad idea to carry a portable battery charger to keep your phone alive all day long, so you don’t miss out on that special shot or lose any work you’ve done editing!


Best Free Painting Software 2019

Best Free Painting Software 2019

Best Free Painting Software 2019

Drawing and painting software has become one of the trends and interests among pc & mobile users not just for artists and designers like before. Digital painting may not be the same as the actual painting using brushes, paints and pallets, but it offers many advantages over the old brush, paint & palette techniques. The results are easier to manage, we don’t need big store room or garage to keep our masterpiece and it can even be applied in many other fields such as printing, advertising, film & animation, etc. That is among the advantage of artworks created with painting software. Therefore we’d like to share 9 of what we think would be the best free painting software as end of 2018.

In fact, the vast of mobile apps industry has spurred its growth as well as the interests of users to sharpen their creative talent through painting apps as a hobby or perhaps as their new career as digital artist. Newbies usually start with few free painting software to try on. Once they get use to it they share their artworks on social media, groups, and some have begun learning to take advantage of it as an alternative income with it. Now everyone can become an artist.

Let see what we may consider as the best free painting software 2019 that we can list down below. Here are the best free painting software for the new coming year 2019, if you would like to create your first masterpiece with it and hey maybe you can start selling it.


1. Krita

Krita is an open source digital painting tool developed for over 10 years by artists to make it affordable for artists, illustrators, and the VFX industry. Krita’s history actually started since last 20 years from KDE project, it was develop as an application that was part of the KOffice (an open-source of Office Suite) named KImage. It was then go through further developed and named KImageShop, Krayon and since 2002 known as Krita.

It offers many common and innovative features to help the amateur and professional in digital arts industry. The intuitive user interface is among the best we can see, with its pop-up pallete tool makes good experience on it and the Brush Stabilizers helps your shaky hands to draw smooth lines. Not to forget, Resources Manager such as brush & texture packs you can share with or import from other Krita’s community.

  • Desktop:     |     |  




2. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is a Japanese painting software developed since 2014. MediBang was being among the favorite of manga artist due to it’s simplicity and the fact that it resembles the legendary PaintTool SAI. MediBang is not open source but it’s still free (compared to SAI).. yeay..!!  Besides desktop versions – Win & Mac, it also provide mobile versions – iPhone, iPad & Android as well.

  • Desktop:     |     |     |   Mobile:     |  

Medibang Paint




GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open source image editor, available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. Most probably the famous free image editor alternative, GIMP is actually a photo editor that provides the free to use tools needed for high quality image manipulation just like Adobe Photoshop can do. But you can for sure use it as another choice of free painting software as well. With lot of tools for retouching, restoring, drawing & painting to creative composites for your works. It is an almost perfect for Photoshop alternative for free photo editor and painting as well.

  • Desktop:     |     |  




4. InkScape

Inkscape is an another open source software just like GIMP, but it is a vector graphic editor like Adobe Illustrator. It is always been listed as Adobe Illustrator and also CorelDRAW alternative for free version. As a vector based graphic tool, Inkscape is more on detail & technical drawing but it doesn’t limits the capability to offers digital painting as well. What make Inkscape special is, it has many authors that contribute to the development as an open-source vector graphic editor, and every author retains their own copyright.

  • Desktop:     |     |     |   Mobile:  



Related Post: 15 Sites Where To Sell Your Vector Arts


5. Artweaver Free

Artweaver is a free full-featured painting tool with a huge set of predefined realistic brushes to paint creatively or just experiment. This Germany based software, is for beginners and advanced users with a powerful and highly configurable brush system to simulate many different brushes. Each brush configuration can be saved as a new variant or even into a new category. One of the nice feature that it offers is the ability to records the whole painting process as events and allows you to save and later to replay them. Demonstrate other users your painting style or just show the progress from an empty image to a finished artwork. Great, you don’t need any third party tool for screen recording, do you..?

  • Desktop:  

Artweaver Free



6.  PhotoDonut

PhotoDonut is a brand new photo editing app by Xycod, a company based in Hungary. PhotoDonut is actually the new and improved version of PostworkShop editing software. PhotoDonut offers drawings & paintings for artist, photo effects & illustrations for photographer & designer as well. Besides offered as free software, there’re also paid versions which offers extra features from the free version. You can find out here the Premium and Pro versions.

  • Desktop 64 bit only:     |  



7.  Speedy Painter

Speedy Painter is a free lightweight OpenGL based painting software for Windows. It support perspective grid tool for building interior or exterior scene painting, multi angle mirror flip, many more.

  • Desktop:  

Speedy Painter



8.  Graphiter

Graphiter is a graphite or simply pencil sketches painting you can consider as an alternative for digital painting tools.

  • Desktop & Mobile:  




9.  Autodesk SketchBook

I remember the first time I bought Galaxy Note 3, it has pre installed SketchBook for Galaxy, then I find out that the app is specifically for Samsung Galaxy Note users as one of the free painting software, and the app has 2 version the free one name SketchBook and paid version SketchBook Pro. Of course the free version is limited compared to Pro version. Now Autodesk SketchBook is FREE for all.. yeay..!! But you need to register for Autodesk ID, which is also free.

The advantage of SketchBook are many, it’s not just for art creations, it also good for technical drawing and best of all you can pair it to work with other Autodesk apps you may have. Actually if you’re serious with this great app, you can get the paid (extra) version, the SketchBook for Enterprise with yearly price, find out in their website.

SketchBook is perfect for artist and designers of any field, therefore it is our choice here ★★★★★

  • Desktop:     |   Mobile:     |     |  



Ok thats are the Best Free Painting Software 2019 according to us, so far. We will add on and update any recommendation by your comment below. So please feel free to share your opinion with us. Meanwhile here are some bonus for free animation software.. we will cover on this topic on our next post, insyaallah..


Free 2D Animations Software

1. OpenToonz

OpenToonz is a 2D cartoon animation software that you can use to develop cartoon animation the professional way.

  • Desktop :     |  




2. Synfig

Synfig is an open-source 2D animation software for Windows, Linux and OSX. Claimed to be as powerful industrial-strength solution for creating film-quality animation using a vector and bitmap artwork. It eliminates the need to create animation frame-by frame, allowing you to produce 2D animation of a higher quality with fewer people and resources.

  • Desktop :     |     |  




Free Stock Photo

Free Stock Photo Sites For Designers

Previously we published Free Designer Tools Online – Website Builder for designer, freelancer, photographer, etc. Today we continue the same topic, designers online freebies, but now specifically for Free Stock Photo Sites For Designers shared by photographers, designers & artists. They’re free to use personally and commercially, so far there are no restrictions, except the copyright used are under creative commons. You might also try reverse image search if you have the sample image and need to find the better copy.

13 Free Stock Photo Sites for Designers

Okay here are some rare photographer’s Stock Photo sites who share quite high quality, creative images and best of all, no copyright restriction as others. What they only ask from you as to support their efforts, if you don’t mind is to provide an attribution for the image you use. Come on lets support them as alternative Free Stock Photo Sites For Designers by share their sites, Like their fb pages, Retweet their tweets, ♥ their Insta, etc.

1. FancyCrave


2. Depositphotos

depositphotos stock photography


3. Pexels


4. Death To The Stock Photo


5. Little Visuals


6. Life of Pix


7. StockSnap


8. Unsplash


9. Pic Jumbo


10. Gratisography


11. SplitShire


12. Startup Stock Photos


13. FreeImages


14. FreeImages UK



50+ More Free Stock Photo Sites

  1. All Free Download

    one of the most popular free stock images - background, wallpaper, vector graphic as well

  2. Magdeleine

    another free stock photo website

  3. pixabay

    site in Portuguese, need to register to download the photos

  4. 9 × 13 glänzend

    photos with Creative Commons license that can be used for any purpose

  5. Bajstock

    great gallery with thousands of free images

  6. ARS

    high resolution images gallery and public domain

  7. The Digital Dreamer

    over 1000 images 100% free

  8. IM Creator

    collection of free (images for) web design resources, all for commercial use, yeay! :)

  9. Amygdela's atmosphere

    picture gallery with free pictures

  10. tinypic

    though they give tiny & low quality images, they have many categories and have gif images too

  11. openphoto.net - photos for artists, developers, teachers and students
  12. stockvault.net - community with more than 3,000 shared photos. Does not allow commercial use
  13. unprofound.com - free photos for any use except redistribution.
  14. FreeFoto - more than 100,000 free images. It is necessary to give assignments to the author.
  15. Big Picture - free photo gallery for any type of use
  16. stockfreeimages.com - more than 1 million photos and illustrations free.
  17. rgbstock.com - one of the best free high quality sites.
  18. photl.com - 10Mb limit per day
  19. freephotosbank.com - photos and images provided by various photographers.
  20. imageafter.com - free images, but with a lot of advertising for paid pictures
  21. freerangestock.com - community for photographers registration required
  22. freedigitalphotos.net - only images with lower resolution are free
  23. morguefile.com - community that allows commercial use of some pictures.
  24. Dns Digital Photography - stock of free images. Requires Registration.
  25. dreamstime.com - free and paid images.
  26. public-domain-photos.com - public domain photos that allows commercial use
  27. Public Domain Stock Photos - Free photos of public domain
  28. cepolina.com - hosts more than 20,000 photos in various categories.
  29. facegfx.com - images, graphics, vectors, icons, templates, PSD files, etc.
  30. photorack.net - free images for download in several categories
  31. photogen.com - allows commercial use and does not require registration
  32. toasto.com - photos of just a photographer
  33. unsplash.com - small amount of high-quality images
  34. littlevisuals.co - small amount of high-quality images
  35. stockarch.com - allows commercial use - high quality images
  36. stockmedia.cc - allows commercial use - high quality images - requires registration
  37. freephotobank.org - allows commercial use
  38. Fotobank - Image bank with paid and free photos.
  39. alegriphotos.com - allows commercial use - high resolution images
  40. bigstockphoto.com - Free photo gallery of medium resolution - allows commercial use - good for blogs.
  41. hooverstock.com - various types of free images
  42. turbophoto.com - over 2000 free high quality images.
  43. pdphoto.org - database of public domain images
  44. pixelgalerie.com - small bank of high-quality images
  45. aarinfreephoto.com - small bench Free images
  46. imagebase.net - great free images in 6 categories
  47. freewebphoto.com - great photos in medium resolution in the free version
  48. abstractinfluence.com - hundreds of free photos in various categories
  49. sunipix.com - more than 15,000 images for personal or commercial use
  50. Burning Well - small photo gallery of high resolution
  51. Studio25 - stock of free images. See the usage restrictions available for each photo
  52. Twice Pix - photos with Creative Commons BY-SA
  53. Yellowstone Digital Slide File

Conclusion on Free Stock Photo Sites

There are many more free stock photo sites for designers we can search out there, I believe new stock photo sites may appear every years, numbers of people sharing freebies increased of the decades, so do with photographers. Or if you are a photographer, mind share with us your photo site..? If you find some other good Free Stock Photo sites, please share with us :)

Adobe Design Book

Adobe Design eBooks, iOS 8 & Android Vector UI Kits

As 2014 approaching its end, we would like to share some of selected freebies recently released and have been around on the internet, from mobile UI vector files to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign tutorial ebooks free download.

iOS 8 Vector UI Kit

iOS 8 Vector UI Kit
iOS 8 Vector UI Kit – Spotlight & Phone

iOS 8 is the eighth major release of the iOS mobile operating system, the latest release (so far) by Apple Inc. which was used in their latest iPhone 6 series. And here we share the free iOS 8 Vector UI kits for iPhones and iPads, if you’re looking for these for your UI, App or design works. The file is in Adobe Illustrator format (support Ai CC and newer), just make sure to you have the fonts.

  • Format: Ai in zip
  • Font used: Helvetica Neue series (Ultra Light, Light, Thin, Medium, Bold) & DIN Alternative
  • Release date: 17 Sept 2014
  • via Mercury


Android 5 UI Kits

Official Google Design

Android latest release is Android 5.0 named Lollipop or Android L, and Google was released their official material design elements that they separate it in 2 categories. First one they call it Sticker Sheets and second one are the System Icons. If your’re serious Android app’s developer or UI designer, you gonna have these:

1.  Component Sticker Sheets

The Sticker Sheets include all the components that make up the Android operating system layouts, including light and dark symbols for status bars, app bars, bottom toolbars, cards, dropdown menus, search field, dividers, side navs, dialogs, floating action buttons, etc. The files are quite big, and there are 3 formats available:


  • PSD (237.74 MB)
  • Ai (189.09 MB)
  • Sketch (6.67 MB)


2.  System Icons

And this is the system icon kits, approx. 750 icons in SVG (vector) format to complete the components above.

Format in zip:

  • SVG & PNG (57.40 MB)


via Google Design


Illustrator Android Material Interface Kit (3rd party)


If you just need the basic interface elements and layouts, some screens adapted for Material Design and some advanced elements from Android UI Design Kit for Photoshop 4.4 (the Nexus 5 version Kitkat 4.4), download this smaller file size in Ai format – Illustrator Android Material Interface Kit by an Android, iOS, WP UX/UI designer:

  • Format & files: Ai, PNG, Fonts, Coloring themes
  • Realease date: 20 July 2014
  • via Jasa Z


Free Photoshop CC Tutorial eBook

Photoshop CC Tutorial eBook

I still remember the first version of Photoshop I used is Photoshop 4.0 some time in 1990’s on Win 95 (if I’m not mistaken), after my transition from manual drawing to digital (including Autodesk AutoCAD R13). Since then I see the demand in Photoshop knowledge specifically, is getting increase till today. And here, I believe many beginners are looking for fast Photoshop skills, besides streaming via youtube, an ebook will be a great offline tutorials and fast reference for user. This is a free crash course of Adobe Photoshop CC tutorial by Designzzz and they claim beginners can learn Photoshop tutorial in just 30 minutes.. ok, that’s damn fast for a newbie ;)

  • Format: PDF (eBook)
  • Pages: 61
  • Size: 12 MB
  • via Designzzz


Adobe Design Basic Book

Want some more..? How about this 3 in 1 Adobe Design eBooks, which includes not just Photoshop, also Illustrator and InDesign too.. sounds great..? And this is from Adobe Education Exchange, where registered users sharing their educational files and resources.. and its free, just sign in to grab. Thanks to Thomas Payne.

Adobe Design Basic free ebook

Adobe Design Basic CC

  • Release: 6 Feb 2014
  • Format: PDF (eBook)
  • Pages: 202
  • Size: 4.31 MB


  • If your browser alerts you with a Security warning, or Certificate issue, or Privacy error, just choose proceed to edex.adobe.com i don’t know why firefox & chrome alerts me with this (Adobe Education Exchange) site.
  • After you’ve sign in and downloaded the file, in some cases (i.e you use firefox to download it), the file downloaded ‘without extension’ (unknown file), so just rename the file, any name with extension .pdf (dot PDF) at the end of the name, and the file will be back to PDF ebook format.

If you don’t have the latest Adobe CC apps and wanted the previous version of tutorial ebooks for your older Adobe CS6 or CS5 or CS4, you can download the previous release of Adobe Design Suite Basics CS5-CS6 version that suitable for CS6 to CS4.

Adobe Design Basic CS5 – CS6

  • Release: 1 Oct 2012
  • Format: PDF (eBook)
  • Pages: 194
  • Size: 4.71 MB

Hope these sharing may benefits some of us. And I personally (hopefully, if God will), will release an Illustrator CC eBook for beginners, targeted for easy to use and understand for beginners.. perhaps in local language, Bahasa (and english too).. please pray for me to make it happen ☺

iOS7 icons vector

Free iOS 7 Icons Vector & Android 4.3 UI Design Kits

Designers and developers for iOS & Android App might looking for these free download graphic sources and UI kits. The iOS 7 vector icon sets created by www.freepik.com inclusive of 48 vector icons.

iOS 7 Icons Vector

iOS7 vector icons

  • Format: Adobe Illustrator (zip file)
  • Size: 0.56 mb
  • Download page: iOS7 Vector Icons
    Read the Term of usage

Android 4.3 UI Design Kit

This is the latest released to date for Android OS User Interface Design Kit for Apps designers and developers (if you’re one). Say thanks to Taylor Ling for his passion creating this as free download.

Android 4.3 UI Design Kit for Photoshop & GIMP

  • Format: Adobe Photoshop & GIMP
  • Size: 30 mb (PSD) & 20 mb (GIMP)
  • For: Google Nexus 7 & 4 – basic design kits
  • Download page: Android 4.3 UI Design Kit
    Read the Term of usage

Will looking for Win 8 vector source later, hopefully..


Printing Guide – ID, PS, Ai, PDF


The latest Adobe Printing Guide version CS6 for designers, advertising agency, printing and creative industries is a must have printing guide book especially for Adobe design apps users. This free 149 pages ebook by Adobe Design Center focus on mostly used Adobe apps for design and printing production which are:

  • PDF Creation – in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop & Acrobat
  • InDesign CS6 – New Features, Preparing InDesign Documents for Output, Working With a Book File, etc.
  • Photoshop CS6 – New Features, Color Mode, Image Format, Printing from Photoshop
  • Illustrator CS6 – New Features, Live Effects, Complex File, Examining Customer Files, Forensic Tools, Printing from illustrator, etc.
  • Acrobat X Pro – Improved Features, Overprint Preview, Print Production Tools, Editing PDF Files, many more.
Adobe Printing Guide


“While this document is focused on the needs and requirements of printers, it is also useful for production artists who are preparing files for print” – Adobe

What This Guide Is Intended to Do

This guide serves as both a detailed technical reference for handling Creative Suite 6 files from your customers, and as a training tool for your staff. For example, this guide will introduce you to forensic tools, such as the Overprint Preview option in Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat X Pro, as well as the Output Preview function in Acrobat, all of which are invaluable in highlighting potential problems. The earlier you can pinpoint problems in a job, the less expensive and complicated they are to rectify.

Go get the Adobe Creative Suite Printing Guide

Photoshop.com To Adobe Revel

Have you been using Photoshop.com free online storage for your photo album..? If you’re using it probably you’ve received their email reminder asking you to move all your photos in your Photoshop.com account to the new Adobe Revel before 18 June 2013, the last date given to users to save (download) all our photos in there. Unless you have your backup offline, you can just ignore it.


photoshop.com logo

Previously one of the main feature available in Photoshop.com is free up to 2GB online storage for users to upload photos and the integration with Photoshop Express Editor to edit our uploaded photos in the library (since 2007 if I’m not mistaken).

Photosho.com to Adobe Revel
Photosho.com to Adobe Revel

Seems like Photoshop.com just removes the online storage features from it and remain (or they upgrade) the site as a one-stop Photoshop related stuffs and news.

Adobe Revel

Adobe Revel logo

On the other site, the Adobe Revel (it’s the upgrade version of previously paid apps Adobe Carousel), developed as a new cloud storage for users to synchronize photos (jpeg only for now) from any devices just like dropbox, and has the features to share the photos to anywhere with our friends just like instagram (ok no need to explain). Surely (and hopefully) Adobe (will always) consider your photos are your photos, not like Instagram controversial policy previously mentioned – ‘your image belong to us’.

Adobe Cloud

Anyway the move made by Adobe itself considered a good start from the giant design’s software (they should start earlier) as free service besides the paid version, just like Google established their Google Drive, Microsoft with Skydrive, Apple with iCloud and some more familiar brands of free & paid cloud storage.

Comparison of Free vs Paid Adobe Revel

Revel (Free)

  • Unlimited Importing – Free for First 30 days
  • Monthly Import – 50 Photos / month
  • Cost – Free

Revel Premium (Paid)

  • Unlimited Importing – Always
  • Monthly Import – Unlimited
  • Cost – US$5.99 /month

Adobe Revel features
Adobe Revel features

While briefly test the features of Adobe Revel by uploading some photos of mine (I’m bit particular of my personal photos), I’m looking for the ‘private setting’ button on the dashboard – ‘Library’ to be exact. But the interface looks too minimal and I can’t find any setting for the album created or for a single photo to set as private. The answer was actually mentioned in the ‘Features‘..

Every photo you upload and every album you create is private by default.

So no worry for your personal photos every time you sync from your mobile or other devices. Only photos that are save to be shared can manually be share, click button Albums and click on one of your created Albums then menu Share (with icon) will appear, simply click to Share. Well you may try it yourself if you not using it yet.


Adobe Revel should be the choice of designers especially for Adobe users to use cloud photo sharing and apps.


But for the time being, Adobe still (since Adobe Carousel in 2011) support only for Mac & iPad users, not yet fully support for Windows & Android devices, and perhaps this kind of limitation make it hard to compete with others top Free Cloud Storage available. Sometimes I wonder, ‘does Apple deal with Adobe to keep Revel stick with iOS only’..? Another bad point, it’s only for Jpeg image..!!

Android users still can use it using Adobe Revel Importer, though its not a full version.

The History of Photoshop

Many of us knew about Photoshop more than any other graphic programs. But did we know the history of Photoshop..? It was started in 1987 by Thomas Knoll as his educational purpose to write the computer code for his doctoral study specialised in computer vision. It was later attracted his brother John Knoll who’s at that time worked with a visual effect’s company for George Lucas film. Then they both collaborate in developing the code to works on the first colored system Macintosh II.

photoshop 1 splash
photoshop 1 splash

Here are some of the infos that we might not know about the history of Photoshop:

  • 1987 it was started as a computer code named – Display.
  • The code was created since the black & white era of computer system with the purpose to show greyscale graphic on monochrome.
  • They stuck to name the finished software for selling when the first name they choose – ImagePro and few others are already taken.
  • 1988 finally they come up with a new name, PhotoShop (with capital ‘S’ and later moved to small ‘s’).
  • The first company interested with Photoshop is Barneyscan, a scanner manufacturer who deal to bundled the first software released version 0.87 with their scanners sold.
  • They have tried some other imaging business related companies including Nikon and Kodak, but those companies refuse with the idea of Photoshop for their digital imaging industry.
    (Nikon mother company in Japan said they’re hardware manufacturer, they not interested with the software.. though Nikon Europe like the idea of Photoshop)
  • A Photoshop demo to Apple computer attracted their engineers and the computer company asked for the software copies.
  • It was said the first Photoshop piracy begins in Apple when their engineers passing around the diskette.
  • 1989 both Knoll brothers successfully attract the art director of Adobe, Russell Brown who first signed with another image editing software – Letraset Color Studio (now Image Studio), the Adobe’s head later convinced and choose Photoshop to join the company with an agreement and the software known as Adobe Photoshop.


The release of Photoshop 1.0 for Apple Macintosh in 1990 was made successful in the computer graphic industry

Adobe Photoshop 1
Adobe Photoshop 1.0

Photoshop 1.0 sell in a single diskete
Photoshop 1.0 sell in a single diskete

The Adobe Photoshop 1.0 for Macintosh with the requirement:  8Mhz proc, 2Mb RAM & 3.5″ Floppy disk of course..

This early version of Photoshop successfully been used in movies such as The Abbys, Terminator 2, Hook and many more. The other year later they produce the new version, Photoshop 2.0 with nay more functions supported.

photoshop 2 splash
photoshop 2 splash

In 1991 the new release Photoshop 2 with CMYK support, Duotones, the Path tool, and rasterization of Illustrator files.

Follow the Timeline of Photoshop since the last 20+ years


credit: photoshopnews.com | maclife.com | gizmodo.com