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We list here some of vector specific programs for graphic applications. From well known Adobe products, Corel and some free versions of vector graphic editor for you to try and use as alternatives to these 2 expensive software.

Adobe Illustrator

Ai icon

We can say the most popular of Vector Graphic editor is Adobe Illustrator and it becomes the ‘industry standard’ in vector graphic application for many purposes and media format. Whether we need vector for advertisement, publishing, animation or printworks, it’s a must have application for busineses. What make Illustrator the best choice, probably this program has big supports from users all around the globe, like websites & blogs specifically to Illustrator Tutorials, How-to Tips, YouTube videos, not to forget Plugin downloads, Brushes, and huge Vector resources for free download as graphic elements ready to be use with Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator CS6 screenshot
Adobe Illustrator CS6 screenshot
  • Latest version: Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Platform: Windows, Mac
  • Format: .Ai

For their latest news see Illustrator blog


CorelDraw X6 icon

The closest Adobe Illustrator’s competitor by popular user, CorelDraw is one of  the top name in design applications besides their photo/image editor Corel PhotoPaint which has similar function with Adobe Photoshop. What’s good about CorelDraw is, it has the ability to load Adobe Illustrator file, the Ai format, which Illustrator cannot (or refuse) do for CorelDraw file, cdr format.

CorelDraw screenshot
  • Latest version: CorelDraw X6
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: .CDR


Inkscape (Free)

Inkscape icon

Inkscape is one of the top free Vector Graphic editor. It’s an open source vector editor that produce SVG (scalable vector graphic) image file, a standard vector image that supported by modern web browser. Inkscape also has the ability to open Illustrator files.

Vintage Car by Tim Jones | Inkscape Gallery
  • Latest version: Inkscape 0.48
  • Platform: Windows, Mac
  • Format: .SVG



FreeHand icon

Previously known as Macromedia Freehand (before Adobe take over Macromedia) then it was named Adobe FreeHand until Adobe announced to discontinue the support in 2004. Eventhough Adobe was stopped continuing Freehand update, (that make their fans dissapointed), you can still buy it or try it.

  • Status: Discontinued
  • Last version: Freehand MX (version 11.02) last update 2004
  • Platform: Windows, Mac


Xara Xtreme (Free)

Xar icon

Xara Xtreme is an another free Vector Graphic editor from Xara. Based on the paid version, Xara Designer Pro X, this free version is an open source for Linux based system.

Xara Xtreme screenshot
  • Recommended version: version 0.7 Revision 1692
  • Platform: Linux system
  • Format: .Xar


Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition (Free)

Serif DrawPlus icon 100

An another free Vector Graphic editor from Serif software, DrawPlus Starter Edition has the ability for many common used in vector editor includes support for pen tablet. From some reviews, we can say that its more on drawing tools if you prefer to draw on computer. Surely this free version has features limitation compared to the paid version of Serif DrawPlus X6.

Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition
  • Latest version: DrawPlus Starter Edition
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: .DPP


Skencil (Free)

Skencil is another free, open source from sK1 Project team for GNU / Linux / Unix based system Vector Graphic editor. Developed and powered by Phyton, a powerful, object-oriented, high-level interpreted language. Its also import Adobe files.

  • Latest version: 0.6.17 (stable version)
  • Platform: Linux / Unix, Windows
  • Format: .sk


Aviary Raven Vector Editor (R.I.P)

This is some good Free Online version of Vector Graphic editor from Aviary, but seems it was dead. Previously they have some graphic product lines from vector to photo editor. Sadly they not managed to continue the development.

Aviary Raven Vector Editor Online Vector Drawing Tool
Aviary Raven
  • Status: R.I.P (dead)
  • Platform: Online


There’re few more vector graphic editors out there and we will try to cover next time, stay tune ☺

The History of Photoshop

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Many of us knew about Photoshop more than any other graphic programs. But did we know the history of Photoshop..? It was started in 1987 by Thomas Knoll as his educational purpose to write the computer code for his doctoral study specialised in computer vision. It was later attracted his brother John Knoll who’s at that time worked with a visual effect’s company for George Lucas film. Then they both collaborate in developing the code to works on the first colored system Macintosh II.

photoshop 1 splash
photoshop 1 splash

Here are some of the infos that we might not know about the history of Photoshop:

  • 1987 it was started as a computer code named – Display.
  • The code was created since the black & white era of computer system with the purpose to show greyscale graphic on monochrome.
  • They stuck to name the finished software for selling when the first name they choose – ImagePro and few others are already taken.
  • 1988 finally they come up with a new name, PhotoShop (with capital ‘S’ and later moved to small ‘s’).
  • The first company interested with Photoshop is Barneyscan, a scanner manufacturer who deal to bundled the first software released version 0.87 with their scanners sold.
  • They have tried some other imaging business related companies including Nikon and Kodak, but those companies refuse with the idea of Photoshop for their digital imaging industry.
    (Nikon mother company in Japan said they’re hardware manufacturer, they not interested with the software.. though Nikon Europe like the idea of Photoshop)
  • A Photoshop demo to Apple computer attracted their engineers and the computer company asked for the software copies.
  • It was said the first Photoshop piracy begins in Apple when their engineers passing around the diskette.
  • 1989 both Knoll brothers successfully attract the art director of Adobe, Russell Brown who first signed with another image editing software – Letraset Color Studio (now Image Studio), the Adobe’s head later convinced and choose Photoshop to join the company with an agreement and the software known as Adobe Photoshop.


The release of Photoshop 1.0 for Apple Macintosh in 1990 was made successful in the computer graphic industry

Adobe Photoshop 1
Adobe Photoshop 1.0
Photoshop 1.0 sell in a single diskete
Photoshop 1.0 sell in a single diskete
The Adobe Photoshop 1.0 for Macintosh with the requirement:  8Mhz proc, 2Mb RAM & 3.5″ Floppy disk of course..

This early version of Photoshop successfully been used in movies such as The Abbys, Terminator 2, Hook and many more. The other year later they produce the new version, Photoshop 2.0 with nay more functions supported.

photoshop 2 splash
photoshop 2 splash

In 1991 the new release Photoshop 2 with CMYK support, Duotones, the Path tool, and rasterization of Illustrator files.

Follow the Timeline of Photoshop since the last 20+ years


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Vectorise Forum

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Vectorians community, a place where we provide the vector source files to download & for contributors to upload as well, sharing infos, tutorials, tech, mobile, gadget’s talk, etc..