World Cup 2014 Jersey Vector

World Cup 2014 Vector Logo, Mascot, Teams Jersey

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World Cup is back again after last season in South Africa, and for this year, Brasil 2014, we’re looking for the (designs of) free download of the World Cup 2014 Vector Logo, Mascot, Teams Jersey and Official Ball name Brazuca.

World Cup 2014 Teams Jersey

World Cup 2014 Jersey Vector
WorldCup 2014 Jersey Vector

These are one of the 32 Teams Jersey designs set in vector format available for free download, made by KevLag, student from France.

  • Download from Source: Dribbble
  • Format: SVG (32 files)

Adidas Brazuca Ball

The official World Cup 2014 ball is Adidas Brazuka. The name was selected by public vote organised by local committee of Brasil and Adidas in 2012.

“The informal term ‘brazuca’ is used by Brazilians to describe national pride in the Brazilian way of life.” – FIFA

An artist illustration of Brazuka ball.

FIFA World Cup Poster Designs

This year we can see FIFA showing almost all of the World Cup Poster designs since 1930 before the first World War I.

[metaslider id=587]

Note: 1942 – 1946 not available, we stuck in World War II.

  • Via: FIFA World Cup Timeline


Credit to: FIFA – owner of the World Cup and all of their registered and trademark properties.
Note: All FIFA images and file download links which are the property of FIFA was removed.

low poly mask template

Free Vector, Font Editor, Box Template & Mask

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Latest additions in vector related designs that catch our attention these few days and some from previous year are a few quite simple, useful and free design tools from online vector editor, animated SVG icons, font editor for newbie font designer, detect web font tool, print design freebies, box template and low poly mask.



SVG editor

This is another open source simple SVG vector editor, as an addition to our previously posted Vector Graphic Editor lists.

  • open SVG (only) files from URL & pc
  • connect to Dropbox
  • download as SVG & PNG

Animated SVG Icons

SVG icons animated

The future of vector embedded in a webpage or apps are SVG, and this is some cool examples available out there.

  • for web & apps developer
  • CSS animated





Font editor to design fonts

This is a HTML5 based font editor (or font designer), if you’re looking for free and wanna try to create some self made font.

  • modern browser (HTML5)
  • font converter to Open Type Font

What Font Tool

Detect font in web page

Sometimes we see many interesting fonts or typeface been used in a webpage, but not really know the font’s name.. so this is the perfect tools to detect.

  • for web dev. & print design
  • browser plugin – Chrome & Safari extension


Print Design

Template Maker

Box template

There are many websites offering verity of box template designs, but most of them did not provide the vector ‘die-cut shape template’ as it supposed to, they just give jpeg image instead which are not designer friendly. So here you’ll get box templates with die-cut shapes that might be useful for you projects. Simply choose a template, customize the measurement, create and ready to download.

  • for print design or DIY hobby
  • customize & download
  • download as PDF / SVG, open with Adobe Illustrator (or any vector editor) to edit.

Low Poly Mask

low poly mask template

Well this is not new but still pretty cool Low Polygon shape Mask where you can download the template, design (color it) yourself, print and wear.. and continue your work with the mask on

  • download options – PNG, 3ds, pdo, obj files

Vectorise Analytics of 2013

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Vectorise Analytic 2013

Our 1 year analytics of 2013 for vectorise logo & vectorise forum with top 10 downloads and top referrals (inbound links) summarise.

Vectorise Logo

[table id=2 /]

[table id=3 /]

Vectorise Forum

[table id=4 /]


2013 – 2014 Vector, Logo, Design, Trending & Highlights

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Pixler Express logo

We look back on whats trending along this year of 2013 in our scope of vector graphic topics including logo design, vector SVG, color, best mobile apps of the year and some internet trending news.

1. Logo Design

We can say that logo design trending in 2013 is more on Redesign of existing logo, such as Yahoo! logo that being criticized. Meanwhile a lot of big names have successfully transformed their new logo being better, in redesign term. The most influenced trend is flat design and minimalist style of logo design. You might like to see 2013 Logo Design Trends by Logo Lounge. Anyway here is an example of 2014 logo design that will make next year as football fever once again, can’t wait for samba..? (whenever you enter 2014 logo as keyword, Google will come up with this ↓ image more than any other).

FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014 | via Wiki WC2014


2. Vector

Vector graphic demands are rising on the net, either for logos, illustrations, icons, charts, etc. We can also see some vector graphics site grows over the years. Be it providing and sharing vector freebies or offering vector services. One of the most popular sharing of vector freebies in 2013 are Flat Icons. We can see variety of flat icons’ style being shared freely from many top designers community sites, such as behance, deviantart, dribbble, and many personal sites as well.

Flat Icons vector
Flat icons Hexagon | via deviantart


3. SVG

Scalable Vector Graphic or SVG getting better support and we will see latest upgrade to SVG 2 which will be better integration into HTML & CSS. What was that means..? In simple words, vector graphic will be everywhere sooner or later, on any devices, don’t worry if you don’t have the right app to open vector file (in the future).

Animated SVG image (this is not gif) | via

4. Color of The Year 2014

For this coming 2014, Pantone as usual, was named Radiant Orchid as Color of The Year for 2014. A year before they named ‘Emerald’ as Color of 2013.

Pantone Color of The Year 2014


5. Mobile & Apps

We can see more (and hopefully better) designer’s apps available in App Store and PlayStore, oh yes we would like to see in Win8 Store as well. Anyway, what is The Best App of 2013..? Google Play Store had named 11 Best Apps of 2013, and here – Pixlr Express by Autodesk, is one of them.


6. Internet & Social Media Dilemma

The rise of mobile tech and devices had made social activities change the life style of many of us, whether we realize it or not. In fact, in some country, the authority had made some rules to prevent their people being ‘stuck on gadget’ 24/7. People might blames on social media attractions, but to be frank, social media is just a new kind of tool to communicate. We need to be careful on how we deal with it, not to be too dependent on it.. its not a big deal anyway.

In the middle of this year people around the globe being blast by shocking news of the information security related issue. NSA has ‘direct access’ to the servers of Google, Facebook and others. Using a program named #PRISM they spy on us, collecting our personal infos especially on our media social accounts. There came the most popular name in 2013, Edward Snowden (compared to Obama).

They collect 2 kind of data, Metadata & Content – The Verge


7. Vectorise Turn 7

Last but not least, we at vectorise will turn 7 years old this coming 2014, March to be exact.. thanks for all your supports, we will continue our efforts in providing vector logo, vectorise services and helping you in our forum. If you have something good to share, or any idea do contact us and let us know.. happy hohoholiday & happy new year

ECommerce Systems Comparison

ECommerce Systems Comparison

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This Infographic explained the differences among top 3 ECommerce Platforms for you to decide. So you might choose the right one for your Ecommerce or Shopping Cart website. Either it PrestaShop, Magento or OpenCart, lets see..

PrestaShop vs Magento vs OpenCart

PrestaShop vs Magento vs OpenCart


Bing New Logo

The Internet Giants Rebranding

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After Yahoo! streamlining its latest logo through their campaign of ’30 logos of 30 days‘, the rebranding race among Internet giant became more apparent when Google seems to change their current logo. This make sense when Google recently completes the series of their products’ rebranding with the new logo design, which looks more clean and flat. If (the rumors are true), the Google logo will be the same design – clean and flat style without embossed and shadow, it’s only an updated version of Google logo as expected. Now the latest news, Bing a search engine which belongs to Microsoft, is also on the race track introducing its new logo design of Bing, yes with logo.

Yahoo! Logo

The New Yahoo! Logo

This new logo design chosen, has been one of the most criticized logo design by many in the design world on the internet and I do not want to add some more.

The Old Yahoo! Logo


Google logo

We still waiting this new version will take place officially.. and hopefully ; )

New Google Logo

Current Google Logo

In brief, the word Google came from ‘Googol‘ which means very large number, to be exact, 1 (one) with hundred 0 (zero).. can you imagine that.. obviously it’s about data.

old Google logos

The first Google logo looks like candy, and even the brand seems not professional at first, they managed to grow huge and most of us ♥ them. You might also like to enjoy official Google Doodles collections since 1998 here.

Bing logo

While many of us still waiting the new refreshed Google logo take place, Bing introduced their new Logo Design on their blog yesterday. But seems not yet officially launch on the Bing site.

The New Bing Logo
New Bing Logo

Microsoft preferred to based on grid system in creating the interface or designs as we can see in their new Windows 8 Metro style, also with their latest Microsoft logo – with the square windows.

Honestly what I see at a first glance of the new Bing logo, I thought of Google Drive.. ok forget it :)

Bing logo
Current Bing Logo (assume the black is transparent)

What was being criticized on Bing since their first appearance some time in 2009 is not the design, but the name itself and the ability of its new search engine. Can they being on par with Google and Yahoo!? According to cnet Bing is now drop to no. 5 in Search Engine ranking.

If Bing add ‘oo’ to its name = Bingoo, it would be someting (as Yahoo! & Google).. just saying ;)

What next, we’ve also seen some social medias redesign their new logos, some new features, but the race I’m talking here is about whose gonna make on top of the ranking to ‘break the record’ or at least would be the favorite for the majority of us.


credits: | | |

Brand Guideline

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The Brand Guideline which are normally produced by the company itself or their appointed agency, explains on how to show or labels their brand’s mark – the logo, typeface, tagline and their color schemes in a proper way according to their corporate standard. Usually the Brand Guidelines explains their brand’s logo in brief with some important specifications for users to follow:

    • The logo sets are normally provided with soft-copy in full colors, 1 color, positive & negative (inverted color)



    • The fonts used are normally supplied and shown as sample


    • The arrangement of the logo, position, circumference margins & the proportionate


  • The Do’s & Don’ts on how to apply it

We will see here some of the internet social media brands since many of us using these brands in exposing our contact labels that we might use to show on our site or printed materials, if any..

Google +

Google plus is actively updating their social media lately to cope up among top 3 social networks on the net. They also do provide sign-in features via G+

The Guideline:

The arrangement, the color, font used & size, padding are clearly shown here.

The Do’s & Don’ts

The use of other logo than Google plus logo is not wise. People or your visitors will confused on the wrong logo being used.

See Google + Branding Guidelines



Recently Twitter update their new logo design replacing the old bird. As one of the top influence social networks on the net especially in feeding live news all around the globe. It was said the Arab Spring is the ‘twitter revolution’.. Anyway, here are their brand guidelines.

The Do’s & Don’ts

modifying the original logo always being a bad attitude..

keep on update with the latest logo..

The Use

how about you wearing @yourname or #yourtag on your Tee Shirt design and get free followers ;)

See more Twitter Logo & Brand Display Policy



As the most used social media for individuals or products, you might find out how ‘to branding’ your contact with the f label..

Check out Using Facebook Brand Assets


There are many top performers born via YouTube.. oh yeah the Gangnam (should we say more?). Anyway if you’re promoting your own musics videos offline, read their Brand Guidelines, you can download the official YouTube vector files in ai, eps, pdf format for your project there.

So these are the standard practice on how to use registered trade mark logo or brands in our project, adverts, etc. Normally your clients will provide you with their official Brand Assets to be use, just make sure they provide it.. unless you’re the designer of their assets.

Google Products

Visual Design for Google

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Google Products

Google’s visual redesign identity project was inspired by the CEO Larry Page in 2011 to enhance the company’s main products identity including search, maps, mail and software suite especially app icons and the UI elements. The project was then started in January 2012 leads by their senior graphic designer Roger Oddone, art director Christopher Bettig and with their designers team.

Gmail icon design

The are simple, modern, friendly and sometimes quirky. Product icons are highly simplified, exaggerated and caricatured in nature so that they are appropriate for use at small size.

Let’s see how the design dept of Creative Lab behind this internet giant develop and redesign the User Interface (UI) of Google’s visual assets for their products and become guidelines for their product’s UI designers, app developers and their vendors. The style then being trendy all over the net.

Redesign Process

Google Earth
Google Earth
Design on White background
Design on Dark background


Corporate color
Simplified from 3D to Flat Design
Simplified from 3D to Flat Design


The Design Principles

The designs should be simple, straight forward and user friendly, so they are several rules to be made clear.

Good Geometric Shape – the more geometrical shapes used, the better and make it as precise as possible.

Design Principle - Geometric


Front Facing – front view and symmetrical shapes always communicate better for user compared to isometric 3D style.

Design Principle - Front Facing
Front Facing


Flat & Shadow – flat design looks clean & beautiful, light and fast loading.

Flat & Shadow
Flat & Shadow


Pixel Perfect – as these designs are tiny and for screen devices, always make sure the pixels are in their grid to keep them perfect for HD or retina screen.

Design Principle - Pixel Perfect
Pixel Perfect


Source: Google Visual Assets Guidelines P1 | Google Visual Assets Guidelines P2

Visual Design for Google seems getting smatter and lighter. We might probably see Google start transforming their visual assets into SVG near future..

Google Trends in Full Screen

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Google Trends
Hot Google Searches visualize in full screen grid

Last couple of days Google has update their Hot Search trending data in visual style. What make it looks cool (or hot) it presented in full screen and best of all we can view it in grid, just choose the grid size (at the top left icon) that suits your screen size. For every keyword shown in the boxes, represents for certain countries. For now it’s only showing searches from 11 countries – US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong and few more. View it in full screen.

Google seems to show how nice the web-tech should be presented, simple, clean and following the new style flat design interface web trends. Also the popular grid style layout with their 4 corporate colors. But I’m not really sure if the Red color represents the hottest keyword searched compared to the other 3, I assume it just random.. and the script renders the output as vector ☺