The Internet Giants Rebranding

After Yahoo! streamlining its latest logo through their campaign of ’30 logos of 30 days‘, the rebranding race among Internet giant became more apparent when Google seems to change their current logo. This make sense when Google recently completes the series of their products’ rebranding with the new logo design, which looks more clean and flat. If (the rumors are true), the Google logo will be the same design – clean and flat style without embossed and shadow, it’s only an updated version of Google logo as expected. Now the latest news, Bing a search engine which belongs to Microsoft, is also on the race track introducing its new logo design of Bing, yes with logo.

Yahoo! Logo

The New Yahoo! Logo

This new logo design chosen, has been one of the most criticized logo design by many in the design world on the internet and I do not want to add some more.

The Old Yahoo! Logo


Google logo

We still waiting this new version will take place officially.. and hopefully ; )

New Google Logo

Current Google Logo

In brief, the word Google came from ‘Googol‘ which means very large number, to be exact, 1 (one) with hundred 0 (zero).. can you imagine that.. obviously it’s about data.

old Google logos

The first Google logo looks like candy, and even the brand seems not professional at first, they managed to grow huge and most of us ♥ them. You might also like to enjoy official Google Doodles collections since 1998 here.

Bing logo

While many of us still waiting the new refreshed Google logo take place, Bing introduced their new Logo Design on their blog yesterday. But seems not yet officially launch on the Bing site.

The New Bing Logo
New Bing Logo

Microsoft preferred to based on grid system in creating the interface or designs as we can see in their new Windows 8 Metro style, also with their latest Microsoft logo – with the square windows.

Honestly what I see at a first glance of the new Bing logo, I thought of Google Drive.. ok forget it :)

Bing logo
Current Bing Logo (assume the black is transparent)

What was being criticized on Bing since their first appearance some time in 2009 is not the design, but the name itself and the ability of its new search engine. Can they being on par with Google and Yahoo!? According to cnet Bing is now drop to no. 5 in Search Engine ranking.

If Bing add ‘oo’ to its name = Bingoo, it would be someting (as Yahoo! & Google).. just saying ;)

What next, we’ve also seen some social medias redesign their new logos, some new features, but the race I’m talking here is about whose gonna make on top of the ranking to ‘break the record’ or at least would be the favorite for the majority of us.


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