3 Ways to Effectively Structure Your Logo Design Presentation

Hey, graphic designer!

Are you cramming over tomorrow’s logo design presentation but experiencing creative a drought?

We are here to help you with some ideas on how to effectively structure your logo presentation. But before we begin, let’s walk you through the essentials that your logo design presentation should include.

The Essential Constituents of Logo Presentation

When structuring your logo presentation, you will have several basic components:

  • A story behind the logo. This story will rely on your research on brand identity and should clarify why this particular logo represents this identity in the best way.
  • Features of the logo. An important aspect of your presentation will be covering the details of your logo and how each of them contributes to representing the brand.
  • Logo variations. Apart from your main logo idea, your logo design presentation should also contain logo variations. This will increase the chances of your logo design being approved.

Market research and competitor analysis. In this part of your logo presentation, you will need to explain the expected performance of the logo you created as opposed to how the logos of the company’s competitors perform, and how well your logo will perform in relation to the niche market.

1. Question-Answer Format

Logo Presentation

The first way to effectively structure your logo presentation is to organize every section in the question-answer format. Thus, you will also start your presentation with a question, similar to the one on the image above.

Every section will include a targeted question that you asked yourself when designing the logo, as well as the answer that prompted you to achieve the result of your design.

Here’s an example of how you can use the question-answer format to describe the features of your logo:

Vectorise Logo Design Description

What benefits does this variant of logo presentation bring you?

With this logo presentation structure, you will make sure that you keep the discussion open. While you represent your ideas as an artist, you also allow your listeners to track these questions, answer them, and then discuss your vision of the logo in relation to their opinions.

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2. Logo Presentation, Attached to a Story

Great Design Start with a Pen

Asking questions is a great way to grab the attention of your clients from the beginning of your presentation. Another great approach is storytelling.

You can organize your logo presentation in the form of a journey that takes your clients through every step you’ve taken when designing the logo.

To deliver a storytelling presentation, you need to collaborate with a marketing team and use the help of the best writing service to understand who the target audience is and to write a story that represents this audience in relation to your logo design.

As a result, you may attach your presentation to a fictional story of a target audience persona, how your logo drew their attention and made them choose your client’s business:

Why this logo presentation format works well to impress your clients?

Storytelling is widely employed in marketing as a tool that works best at engaging wide audiences and growing brand recognition.

In your case, however, storytelling also shows that you did in-depth research of the company, its values, and its goals.

In the picture above, you can see how we built a story around the main concept of the logo – a pen, and its role in every designer’s work. You can do the same and structure your entire logo presentation around one story. Even if it’s fictional, it doesn’t mean that it has no relation to the real-life circumstances that the company’s audience can face.

3. Academic Approach to Logo Presentation

Logo Presentation Sample

You can also structure your entire presentation based on the facts, such as audience and market analysis, to create a substantial reason behind your vision of the company’s logo.

This way of structuring a logo design presentation will require more time and effort, as well as your active collaboration with the company’s marketing team, who can provide you with target audience analytics as well as the analysis of niche market.

This approach also presupposes that you will use logo design statistics to support your choice of colors and shapes. Here’s how your Logo Features section might look like in this case:

Logo Presentation description 2

Why would such an approach to logo presentation structure work well?

It adds extra credibility to your logo design. For some clients, creative vision is not enough when it comes to logos, as they play will play a crucial role in the company’s marketing strategy.

Including research as well as insights from the marketing team will help you prove your point and avoid uncomfortable questions during the presentation. You will also show your professionalism and genuine interest in creating the logo design that will define your client’s company in the best way, and will also help this company stand out.

Pay Attention to the Format of Your Presentation

When structuring your presentation, do it, keeping your target audience in mind.

During the process of designing a logo, you’ve probably had many conversations with your client, asked them questions, so you now have a general idea of who you will present your design to.

For instance, if your client doesn’t like dry facts, then the third option isn’t the best idea for the structure of your logo design presentation.

You can also combine different approaches to structuring your logo presentation, like bringing together storytelling and statistics. This is a more complex approach to the structure of a logo design presentation, but it will work great if your target audience of listeners is more diverse.

Wrapping Up

In the case of logo presentation, you need to employ the same approach you use when working on designs.

Be creative.

There is no single correct approach and no rule book for structuring the logo design presentation. But there is one thing for sure – your logo design should be the leitmotif of your presentation.

Structure your presentation around what your logo is, your vision of it, how you came up with this idea, and what prompted you to single out this design as opposed to other variations of your logo. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. You’re the artist, after all.

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