10 Canva Magic Ideas

10 New Canva Magic Ideas

Recently Canva has introduced 10 intuitive tools powered by AI machines that they called it Canva Magic Ideas. If you still don’t know about it or have never tried using it, then this is the time for you to experience the magic it produces for yourself.

Here are 10 Canva magics ideas that will definitely make your creative works much easier and most importantly save you a lot of time in creating creative contents.

1. Canva Magic Media

Canva Magic Media turns your ideas into stunning visuals, where words come alive in captivating images and videos. Imagine it, design it – Magic.

2. Canva Magic Switch

Effortlessly switch between formats, languages, and dimensions with Magic Switch. Canva Magic Switch instantly convert decks to various document types, seamlessly adapt designs for multiple platforms and auto-translate without leaving the page.

3. Canva Magic Design

Instantly produce custom, on-brand, and attention-grabbing content with Canva Magic Design. It’s simply describe your vision and let AI craft professional presentations, videos, or social posts in seconds.

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4. Canva Magic Expand

Canva Magic Expand AI, effortlessly expand an image in any direction for the ideal shot. Rectify awkward framing, rescue zoomed-in images, or swiftly transform a vertical shot into a horizontal one within seconds.

5. Canva Magic Eraser

Erase elements from your images effortlessly with this Magic Eraser. This tool instantly eliminate unwanted distractions with a touch of magic.

6. Canva Magic Grab

Redesign images effortlessly with Canva Magic Grab, akin to using a Canva template. Choose and isolate your photo’s subject, enabling you to edit, reposition, or resize with ease.

7. Canva Magic Edit

Canva Magic Edit transforms your image by adding, replacing or editing with a brief written prompt. Just choose the area for the change, express your desire, and witness your image undergo a magical makeover.

8. Canva Magic Morph

Easily metamorphose words and shapes using a straightforward written prompt. Employ this Canva Magic Morph to apply effects to text and shapes, swiftly generating intricate patterns and textures.

9. Canva Magic Video

Turn your video visions into reality with Canva Magic Video. Describe your vision and witness Magic Media generate short videos tailored to your design using the Runway engine.

10. Magic Animation

Canva Magic Animation helps you to draw the path for your animation effortlessly. Adjust the speed along the way, relax and witness the magic unfold.

So which of these Magic tools is your favorite..? And tell us, do you find your life being easier with AI..?