Sugar Art

Trace Logo for SugarArt

This one is an another request came to us to Trace Logo from given jpeg image. The hard part, as always, when there is fancy font used, to get the exact font is the most time consuming besides the tracing works itself. If we (and most of designers feel) unlucky to get the exact font used, we need to trace the text too. Another time consume.

So the process (or we can say the secret) to detect what is the (name of the) font used in a logo, is to submit it to the font detection sites. We have to touch up the text in the image, to make it clear enough and submit it to few font-detection sites. Thank God, we managed to get the exact font used in this Sugar Art logo. It’s A Yummy Apology, you can search it, if you like.

Jobs done, thanks Sugar Art.


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