Creative Idea Stock Image

5+ Creative Ideas Using Stock Images for Your Marketing

Creative Idea Stock Image

As we dot our i’s and cross our t’s for the end of 2019, it’s a good time to start thinking about the new year 2020. What we can prepare for better marketing efforts in the new coming decade. Surely your business isn’t this far into December without some kind of 2020 marketing strategy started, but let’s dive into it a little more in stock images.

Stock Images as Visual Communications

The importance of visual communications, especially photo & video used in marketing strategy are undeniably will help to boost the campaigns. Whatever type of marketing strategy campaigns you will use in 2020, email newsletters, social medias, web contents, or anything else, Stock Images are among the biggest player. Companies like iStock by Getty Images is one of the must listed site to shop for stock images.

This world’s leading royalty free stock content marketplace, iStock by Getty Images offer oceans of carefully selected premium contents.

You just name it, they got it.. images, vector illustrations & videos.

Yes, they offer all contents category in one place:

In fact, they also provide useful tools and smart plugins to smooths your work tasks, such as Adobe CC plugins, just to name one.

With that said, here are 5 tips to using iStock and their collection of stock images in the upcoming year 2020 and the new decade.

January Idea

Since this month has probably already been taken care of before the holidays, use iStock’s Boards to help manage the upcoming months. Simply create a board to save any content that you might have found and are not ready to use yet. Way better than bookmarking or write down the images you’ve come across during other projects. So, when the time is right, you already have the options to start with.

Hey remember, January 25th is a big celebration for our Chinese friends. Spruce up your website or create a gift guide for the Chinese New Year images holiday.

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March Ideas

Be prepare for the International Women’s Day 2020 graphic contents in 8 March. Be unique for this month to get attention for ladies with visually appealing marketing. Also there will be Earth Hour 2020 on 28 March, so you may have some ideas to be different from your common strategy. Save time and use a pre-made sale template that fits the theme and designed to make them click through.

April Idea

Taxes. Make this time a little more fun for people and throw a Refund Sale to get rid of the stress.

May Idea

Fills your May marketing strategy with heart touching content is another good way to try out. Honor mothers around the world or your target markets with special stories, promotions, or gift guides for Mother’s Day and make them extra special with heartwarming images.

June Ideas

Summer vacation planning is usually in full swing by now since school is out and people are wanting to enjoy the warmer weather. Offer up some destination ideas with amazing places photos from actual places to visit.

Within half a year, you’ll get use with iStock and more familiar with the way iStock has to offer. Therefore, check out their plug-ins and see how to streamline and simplify your projects even more with your working apps.

Now you have all the tools and confidence you need for a successful 2020, head over to iStock and browse their flexible pricing plans & low cost credit packages. You’ll be surprised how much you need can be found in one place!

Free Stock Photo

Free Stock Photo Sites For Designers

Previously we published Free Designer Tools Online – Website Builder for designer, freelancer, photographer, etc. Today we continue the same topic, designers online freebies, but now specifically for Free Stock Photo Sites For Designers shared by photographers, designers & artists. They’re free to use personally and commercially, so far there are no restrictions, except the copyright used are under creative commons. You might also try reverse image search if you have the sample image and need to find the better copy.

13 Free Stock Photo Sites for Designers

Okay here are some rare photographer’s Stock Photo sites who share quite high quality, creative images and best of all, no copyright restriction as others. What they only ask from you as to support their efforts, if you don’t mind is to provide an attribution for the image you use. Come on lets support them as alternative Free Stock Photo Sites For Designers by share their sites, Like their fb pages, Retweet their tweets, ♥ their Insta, etc.

1. FancyCrave

2. Depositphotos

depositphotos stock photography

3. Pexels

4. Death To The Stock Photo

5. Little Visuals

6. Life of Pix

7. StockSnap

8. Unsplash

9. Pic Jumbo

10. Gratisography

11. SplitShire

12. Startup Stock Photos

13. FreeImages

14. FreeImages UK


50+ More Free Stock Photo Sites

  1. All Free Download

    one of the most popular free stock images - background, wallpaper, vector graphic as well

  2. Magdeleine

    another free stock photo website

  3. pixabay

    site in Portuguese, need to register to download the photos

  4. 9 × 13 glänzend

    photos with Creative Commons license that can be used for any purpose

  5. Bajstock

    great gallery with thousands of free images

  6. ARS

    high resolution images gallery and public domain

  7. The Digital Dreamer

    over 1000 images 100% free

  8. IM Creator

    collection of free (images for) web design resources, all for commercial use, yeay! :)

  9. Amygdela's atmosphere

    picture gallery with free pictures

  10. tinypic

    though they give tiny & low quality images, they have many categories and have gif images too

  11. - photos for artists, developers, teachers and students
  12. - community with more than 3,000 shared photos. Does not allow commercial use
  13. - free photos for any use except redistribution.
  14. FreeFoto - more than 100,000 free images. It is necessary to give assignments to the author.
  15. Big Picture - free photo gallery for any type of use
  16. - more than 1 million photos and illustrations free.
  17. - one of the best free high quality sites.
  18. - 10Mb limit per day
  19. - photos and images provided by various photographers.
  20. - free images, but with a lot of advertising for paid pictures
  21. - community for photographers registration required
  22. - only images with lower resolution are free
  23. - community that allows commercial use of some pictures.
  24. Dns Digital Photography - stock of free images. Requires Registration.
  25. - free and paid images.
  26. - public domain photos that allows commercial use
  27. Public Domain Stock Photos - Free photos of public domain
  28. - hosts more than 20,000 photos in various categories.
  29. - images, graphics, vectors, icons, templates, PSD files, etc.
  30. - free images for download in several categories
  31. - allows commercial use and does not require registration
  32. - photos of just a photographer
  33. - small amount of high-quality images
  34. - small amount of high-quality images
  35. - allows commercial use - high quality images
  36. - allows commercial use - high quality images - requires registration
  37. - allows commercial use
  38. Fotobank - Image bank with paid and free photos.
  39. - allows commercial use - high resolution images
  40. - Free photo gallery of medium resolution - allows commercial use - good for blogs.
  41. - various types of free images
  42. - over 2000 free high quality images.
  43. - database of public domain images
  44. - small bank of high-quality images
  45. - small bench Free images
  46. - great free images in 6 categories
  47. - great photos in medium resolution in the free version
  48. - hundreds of free photos in various categories
  49. - more than 15,000 images for personal or commercial use
  50. Burning Well - small photo gallery of high resolution
  51. Studio25 - stock of free images. See the usage restrictions available for each photo
  52. Twice Pix - photos with Creative Commons BY-SA
  53. Yellowstone Digital Slide File

Conclusion on Free Stock Photo Sites

There are many more free stock photo sites for designers we can search out there, I believe new stock photo sites may appear every years, numbers of people sharing freebies increased of the decades, so do with photographers. Or if you are a photographer, mind share with us your photo site..? If you find some other good Free Stock Photo sites, please share with us :)