Vector Illustration


New service added for your creative works, jobs or business.. here we introduce you Vector Illustrations for:

  • any kind of Vector Arts
  • more complicated artwork for Vector Tracing
  • Vector Portraits, Figures
  • draw Maps, Charts, Objects, etc.

View our Gallery page to see some of our jobs done to understand more and probably you have some ideas to hire us.


Products Illustrations


cookies & cupcake


Character Tracing & Illustrations


1 miku body
The Body
2 miku hands legs
The Hands & Legs
3 miku face
The Face

4 miku skirt
The Skirt
5 miku dress
The Dress (un-naked : )
6 miku
Hair & Complete


Motorsport KoolArt


Cub Prix


Car Tracing


vectorise car
Vectorise Car


How It Works


  1. Make your request order via Vector Illustration Form link below and Submit.
  2. We receive your request, analyse your job order and appointed designer will contact you.
  3. The designer will confirmed your order with you and asked for 50% deposit (from your agreed budget in the request form), to proceed your job order.
  4. If you agree and pay 50% deposit (with proof payment), the designer in charge will proceed your order within the time period and will show / send to you the final artwork in jpeg.
  5. You receive the sample jpeg, confirm & pay the 50% balance payment to claim the final vector artwork. The designer receive the payment proof from you & send you the vector file artwork.
    (You may asked for final modification to the artwork where needed as standard procedure.)


If you’re interested to hire us for this service, follow the Orange Box link button at the bottom left page:

50% deposit required for this service should be paid to the designer in charge to proceed the job. He/she will provide the details – name, contact & account number to you.

We have done many Trace Logo services, Logo Designs, Vector Illustration works via online, in fact more than what we have provide in here with trust. We deal with our clients (like you) via online and most of them have been our friends and connected via social media. We try our best to serve you with friendly service as we practice it 😉


Have anything in mind to ask..? Just use the comment box below, we’ll try our best to help and answer you.




    1. vectorism

      secara kasar harga Vector Illustration bergantung kepada image yg nak di illustrate kan..
      lagi mudah / kurang detail image tu lagi rendah charge..
      biasanya kami charge antara RM100, RM200, RM300, ke atas..
      kene tgk image dulu utk kami quote harga..

      terima kasih atas pertanyaan..

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