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Vector Illustration

Vector Illustration

Vector Illustrations service is basically similar to our Trace Logo service, but the differences are, this service is specifically for:

  • any kind of converting raster image (jpeg, bitmap, etc.) to Vector format (Ai, eps, pdf) other than logo.. because we have separate the Trace Logo service.
  • more complicated artwork for Vector Tracing or Vector redrawing.
  • Vectoring objects other than logo, such as, product, vehicle, building, figure, draw mapscharts, etc.

Below are some samples of our Vector Illustrations work.

To view most of our works done, go to the blog section – Works Done, or via top menu link.

How It Works

  1. Make your request order via Vector Illustration Form button at the bottom page, fill in the details & Submit.
  2. We receive your order and will review it. If all the information given and attached image are clear, we will accept the job.
    (We have the right to reject your request if the info & image provided are unsatisfactory or the job is out of our scope of work).
  3. We will contact you to confirmed your order and will request for 50% deposit (from your agreed budget in the request form), to proceed your job order.
  4. If you agree and paid the 50% deposit, we will start your job within the time period.
  5. Once the job done, we will show you the sample artwork (in jpeg image).
    You may request for some modification to the artwork where needed at this stage.
  6. If you satisfy with the sample image that we show, we will request for the 50% balance payment prior for sending the final artwork.
  7. Once the full payment has been made, we will send you the final artwork, (Ai format).

If you’re interested to hire us for this service, follow the Orange Box link button at the left of page:

Have anything in mind to ask..? Just use the comment box below, we’ll try our best to help and answer you.

18 thoughts on “Vector Illustration”

  1. do you have logo for Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak? how much it is cost to get full and very fine vector? thanks

    1. secara kasar harga Vector Illustration bergantung kepada image yg nak di illustrate kan..
      lagi mudah / kurang detail image tu lagi rendah charge..
      biasanya kami charge antara RM100, RM200, RM300, ke atas..
      kene tgk image dulu utk kami quote harga..

      terima kasih atas pertanyaan..

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