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IBFIM – Islamic Banking & Finance Institute Malaysia


IBFIM (Islamic banking & Finance Institute Malaysia), is a lifelong learning institution which specializes in industry technical certifications. The certifications are designed to ensure attainment of technical proficiency levels to fulfil jobs requirement and support professionalization of the industry. Their key programs are developed based on IBFIM Qualifications Framework and are accorded Full Accreditation by the Finance Accreditation Agency to maintain the quality and provide progressive career route for the certificate holders.

Their learning modules are customizable to fulfil the specific needs of the clients within the Islamic financial institutions specifically as well as other sectors engaging in Islamic finance.

IBFIM also offer joint programs with relevant industry professional bodies and collaborate with academic institutions in its effort to prepare talent for the industry. The programs are delivered via classroom and online learning.

IBFIM’s Islamic finance publications and advisory services are also available in supporting the industry’s talent development initiative.


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