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Kolej Universiti Antarabangsa PICOMS

Logo Kolej Universiti Antarabangsa PICOMS

Previously known as Pusrawi International College of Medical Sciences – PICOMS, they’re now rebranded and known as Kolej Universiti Antarabangsa PICOMS, (PICOMS International University College).

Wholly owned by Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan – MAIWP, PICOMS was started in 1993, when Islamic Medical Center Sdn Bhd, founded the university then known as Pusrawi College of Nursing.

Guided by Islamic values to remain true to its origins, PICOMS seeks to fulfil MAIWP’s mission to relieve the socio-economic status of the poor through education via concentrating on the health sector.

PICOMS has started getting favourable reactions from across the nation in its second year of operation. Today, in both West and East Malaysia, PICOMS is a sought-after college university for medical sciences learners.


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