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Terengganu Turtles

Terengganu Turtles is a sepaktakraw club from Terengganu that participating in Malaysia SepakTakraw League – STL. Terengganu Turtles also has some national players, Zulkifli Razak as second Malaysian Tekong who helped Malaysian SepakTakraw team win gold in Asian Games 2018 recently and also Hanafiah Dollah as one of Malaysian team killer (or striker).

However, even though they have senior players just like Selangor Pistons, Terengganu Turtles team current ranking is not so good, but they ranked a bit better than Selangor Pistons, at no. 7 from the 10 teams in the STL League.

Download the vector logo of Terengganu Turtles below..



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