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Piala Malaysia NEW (2017)

The Malaysia Cup (Malay: Piala Malaysia), also known as the TM Piala Malaysia due to sponsorship reasons, is an annual association football tournament in Malaysia. The cup was first held in 1921. Even though it is the nation’s oldest cup tournament, it is currently a secondary cup to the Malaysia FA Cup as the Malaysia FA Cup is the cup which is given the nation’s slot for continental cup tournament. The competition was previously managed by Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) before it was transferred to Football Malaysia LLP (FMLLP) in the 2016 season.

A new format was introduced for 2016 season where only the best 11 teams from Malaysia Super League (MSL) and five others from Malaysia Premier League (MPL) qualified to play in Malaysia Cup that season where the final position for the qualification was determined after the least game of first round of MSL and MPL. After all 16 teams has been identified, the team will be divided into four groups which then will compete in the tournament for the cup.

The Malaysia Cup was played at the end of each year’s football season until the 2016 season where it was changed to be played near the end of the football season in order to promote competitive league within Malaysian football league.

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