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JASA – Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas


The background of Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas – JASA

  • Established on 11 May 1960 under the name of Bahagian Hal Ehwal Khas – BHEK, or Special Affairs Division.
  • The original intention of the BHEK’s establishment is to preserve and maintain political stability and the government of the Alliance.
  • To create awareness and understanding of quality, precision and clarity in the political and religious aspects.
  • Provide feedback report with accurate, current and valid on issues of politics and religion.
  • Provides materials and multimedia publishing current information on politics and religion.
  • Prepare and provide expert services to the people face to face communication.
  • To provide quality support in terms of financial and human resources.
  • Acting on the principle of truth looms Cemerlang` State in carrying out its duties.

The Functions

  • To plan and implement strategies, programs, activities to educate and convince the people to the leaders of the country.
  • Mobilise the community to face the thought reform wave of globalisation and information technology.
  • To counter propaganda, slander, accusations and rigid thinking and religious extremism among the people.
  • Analyse patterns and attitudes of the people towards the government policies.
  • Conduct research and prepare reports for issues of socio-political and religious.
  • Identify and monitor any issues that could undermine people’s trust in government.



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