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Malaysian Advertisers Association

Malaysian Advertisers Association

    • The Malaysian Advertisers Association (or MAA) represents the interests of brands and marketers in all areas of commercial and marketing communications.


    • Founded in the 1964, the MAA currently represents the interests of brands whose total annual marketing and communications expenditure is in excess of 6 billion ringgit. These include some of the largest, most influential and innovative marketers in the country across categories as diverse as travel, packaged goods, technology and healthcare.


    • Today the MAA leads initiatives to tackle some of the most business-critical issues affecting marketers today:
        • Promoting marketing effectiveness. (link to effies)
        • Strengthening and standardizing of marketing measurements and metrics and advocating the standardisation advertising rate cards.
        • Representing collective interests of marketers in managing agency-, govenrment- and media- related challenges in areas of business environment, regulation and cost.
        • Promoting advertising self-regulation.
        • Creating a collaborative business environment for marketing together with agencies, media & regulatory stakeholders.
        • Advocating the complete and accurate disclosure of circulation figures by media proprietors by participating in the management of Audit Bureau of Circulation and Circulations Audit Board.
        • Advancement of knowledge and sharing of expertise in emerging areas of marketing & communications. {learn more: link to Future of advertising feature}
        • Issuing advisories and guidance on key topical issues to members. (learn more: link to features)
    • Acting as arbitrator or mediator in settlement of disputes arising out of communications-related transactions.


  • Eliminating all fraudulent, untruthful, misleading or otherwise objectionable advertising, increasing thereby the public confidence in advertising and in advertised goods and services.


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