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Sepaktakraw – ISTAF Super Series Logo

Logo Sepaktakraw Super Series

The most prestigious Sepak Takraw tournament, the ISTAF Super Series was introduced (besides ISTAF World Cup tournament), in 2011 as a grand prix format whereby national sepak takraw teams compete in a series of tournaments during a season. The ISTAF Super Series usually held in 3 or 4 tournament of a season, in which every tournament will be the a champion. For the final tournament, participate teams will be based on the world ISTAF ranking of sepak takraw teams, based on points they collect in the previous tournaments (some new teams might be invited by ISTAF to join the battle). This is the battle ground for the elites world ranking sepak takraw teams to perform their powerful skills, super fast serve of the tekong, high adrenaline strike of the killer in acrobatic maneuver, and perfect defends of the opponents.. every teams will battle to achieve the champiaonship title.

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