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Projek Pembangunan Pertanian Bersepadu (IADA) Samarahan

Samarahan Integrated Agricultural Development Area – IADA (Kawasan Pembangunan Pertanian Bersepadu) is an agency under the Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture Base Industry Malaysia (MOA) that was formerly known as the Limbangan Sungai Samarahan Integrated Agricultural Development Projects (IADP). It is one of the two ‘in-situ’ development project in Sarawak which also involves the work of new land development activities that combine and coordinate all agricultural engineering activities for farmers to run their programs within the project area. According to the initial plan, the project implementation period is for 13 years but by the end of 2007 its status has been changed to a permanent development area and by that virtue the name Limbangan Sg. Samarahan IADP has been changed to Samarahan IADP.

Info : www.moa.gov.my/web/guest/sejarah_iada_samarahan

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