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Majlis Perbandaran Dungun

Majlis Perbandaran Dungun, MPD (Dungun Municipal Council) was established on 1st January 1981. As one of the seven (7) local authorities available in the state of Terengganu Darul Iman. MPD is the transformation of the Dungun Local Council and Paka Local Meeting Council. Dungun is a district in the state of Terengganu. It’s name was derived from the name of a Dungun tree which is a type of tree that grows in fresh water swamp. Dungun was believed to be opened by immigrants from Pagar Ruyung, Sumatra based on:

  • Most of Dungun people, at one time before, were from the Indonesian Islands.
  • The names of some villages in Dungun resembles those in Indonesia such as Kampung Binjai, Kampung Bemban, Kampung Gombang and various others.

Mission – To make MPD a local authority which is capable of increasing municipal development towards the comfort and perfection of Dungun residents’ life.

Vision – Towards producing an efficient, excellent and dynamic administration management and municipal service.


  • To create socio economic development including increasing bumiputra’s participation in business field and restructuring the society.
  • Well-arranged, controlled and well-planned town planning structure so that it will be more arranged and balanced.
  • Cheerful, clean and beautiful environment and premises to create a healthy society.
  • To upgrade the quality of service and public facilities for local society.
  • To create financial autonomy structure and to increase financial sources.

Website: mpd.terengganu.gov.my

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