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Al Jabbar

Al Jabbar Group Sdn.Bhd is a health-based companies in which it was officially opened on 5 August 2008. This business started with the product “Liver Tonic” by En.Mohd Kamaruzmaan Bin Che Hussain as Chief Executive Officer of Al Jabbar Group. By leveraging 10 years of operating experience, Al Jabbar has strengthened so as to produce a machine known as Dr. therapy. Jism and it received tremendous response among the people of Malaysia are also in Brunei and Indonesia. Omission in the study of nature has formed the basis for the operation Al Jabbar. Advanced technology is used to form pharmaceutical grade product. As evidence that Al Jabbar Group Sdn.Bhd dedicated to providing the highest quality herbal products, the company has been awarded by SIRIM QAS, Halal Certification Product and Quality Management System Certificate.

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