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Universiti Tenaga Nasional – UNITEN

Universiti Tenaga Nasional UNITEN

Universiti Tenaga Nasional – UNITEN is a Malaysian Government Linked Company (GLC) private university. UNITEN is wholly owned by the public listed Tenaga Nasional Berhad – TNB, one of the largest utility companies in South East-Asia. The university was commenced operation since 1976 as Institut Latihan Sultan Ahmad Shah – ILSAS, which served for many years as the corporate training center for Tenaga Nasional Berhad – TNB itself and its predecessor, the National Electricity Board.

In 1994, ILSAS was transformed into an institute of higher learning and renamed Institut Kejuruteraan Teknologi Tenaga Nasional – IKATAN. It offered academic programmes in engineering and business management at undergraduate and graduate levels through twinning links with local and foreign universities which is Indiania University Purdue University Indianapolis, USA for Engineering. In 1997, IKATAN was upgraded to Universiti Tenaga Nasional – UNITEN as it was known today.

UNITEN providing both academic programmes within their two campuses, Putrajaya Campus in Federal Territory and Muadzam Shah Campus, Pahang.​ Their programmes are focused on Engineering, Information Technology, Business Management and related areas.

The College of Engineering – COE, is the largest college in UNITEN that offer programmes at foundation and bachelor levels. The COE also collaborates with the College of Graduate Studies to offer programmes at Masters and PhD levels. The programmes are structured into semesters and are broad-based with a strong emphasis on basic fundamentals. Towards the end of the studies, students can choose the technical area they wish to specialise in. These specialised technical electives are courses that are of great demand and needed by the industry and the nation at large. These are coupled with strong emphasis on development of soft skills such as communication, leadership and management, and nurturing humanitarian values to mould you into becoming a well-rounded and competent professional engineer in harmony with holistic societal values. UNITEN are committed to producing engineers who are career resilient that always equip themselves with the latest technology and skills to be able to adapt and are ever ready to apply them to any work environment.



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