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Designs, Events, Standard Symbols

Updated 15 August 2013

Design logo category includes Design Award for an event usually famous design award’s event organised by brand community or organisation as well as local government and institutions award for specific occasions. Normally design awards were organised annually to celebrate designers, agency, firms, groups and individuals for their excellent contributions to the industry. For some annual event logo, they usually used the same logo, only the year is changeable, so you can edit the year according to current event.

Besides that, we listed here famous Events logo organised by their own industry such as manufacturing, publishing, military & defence industry, food, SME and many more industry events. We also combined here with Merdeka logo design celebrations especially for designers to use in their design works.





Merdeka Events



Awards, Celebrations, Events



Note: We’ve advised to remove Halal logo by JAKIM, to avoid misused by unauthorised users as mentioned by JAKIM.

Standard Symbols

Standard Symbols category are awarded or certified logo for specific products of services such as ISO certified logo. Please note that these Standard symbol vector logo should be used only by the certified users. We are not responsible for any miss used of any Standard symbols by whoever downloads here. Such as ISO logo series, should only be used by certified company or products awarded by the authorities.


Credits to:

  1. Ataei Ismail for the Ins. Tadbiran Awam Negara – INTAN & Malaysia Book of Record,
  2. Faizal for the IQNet Cert. Mgmt. Sys,
  3. Rafie Yakub for the official SIRIM Bhd logo..
Dear Contributors – I recommends u to join us as Author easy for u all to directly upload files & share vector logos here.. no longer need to email every logo and waiting me to received the files.. Anyway, keep up your supports & tq..

Others that not available here might be under Logo Government Bodies, Dept. or look under Logo Brands, Product, Company… for full list of log look at top left sidebar – Free Logo List. Support us by links back to vectorise logo.

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  1. Real says:

    bro apasal Oops! This link appears to be broken
    untuk halal logo & buatan malaysia logo..

  2. ZOul 07 says:

    nape logo iso9001 x leh amik asik kuar page lain jerk

  3. Azmanar says:


    LOGO SIRIM BERHAD ada tak?

    Cari tak jumpa….

  4. vectorism says:

    Azmanar – dlm list kat atas tu Sirim Berhad laa tu bro..

    pada sesiapa yg takleh download sila baca FAQ kat bottom page.. tq.

  5. Lid_G says:

    Hi there, nice blog u're having here.
    Just wondering if u happen to have the new
    Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia logo? Looking for it is just so challenging, hope you have it ^,^

    Thanks for creating this site, u really helped many people. Good Job man!!

  6. vectorism says:

    hi Lid_G.. yeah i have many request on this logo and i wish i have it.. but no i dont..
    subscribe us & u'll get update info rite in your email.. or simple bookmark us.. u'll be notified once the logo available..

  7. Fadli says:

    hey, just wanted to know, what’s the font used for the 1Malaysia logo?

  8. Mr Watch says:

    sesiapa ada logo SACC SHAH ALAM CONVENTION CENTRE please email to me gto_miy@yahoo.com


  9. kris says:

    siapa ada logo alam flora sdn bhd pls email to me

  10. shidi says:

    Logo hrgroup2u ada tak ?

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