Guest Post Guidelines

Any request for articles submit as guest post to this website article section (blog), please follow the instructions stated below for consideration. Only proposed articles submission that meet these criteria will be considered for publishing.

  1. Make sure the article contents are original, new, no copy or duplicate from other sources.
  2. The article must be useful to the readers of this website / blog.
  3. The article must be grammatically correct and well-written.
  4. The article must not contains blatant advertising and not be entirely self-promotional.
  5. The article may include links to your website / blog or any selected site proposed by the author and was given permission by the admin to be include.
  6. The article must be final, no more new links will be added to it once published, except mistake and / or update of information.
  7. Please consider to add inbound / internal links as well, at least one, to promote SEO.
  8. Images or photos used should be in .jpg or .png format and try make it not more that 1000 pixel width. You’re advice to mention / credit the source of the images or photos below it, or mention / credit all of the images or photos as bullet list at the bottom (last) of the article.
  9. We use third party ads on this site, mostly from google ads and these ads are displayed automatically, so you must agree to allow them to appear in the post, if any.
  10. Guest author should provide his /her bio details; name, or username, email, photo, some of social media links and summary of background to be include as the author. Contributor account will be created.
  11. Guest author must agree that only the admin will publish the articles on behalf of them. At the same time the author may advise the admin if he / she need to modify their bio.

Article received and was approved for publishing, will be published maybe without notice. Please check the website periodically to see if your article has been published.

We reserve the right to reject any articles submitted to us for any reason without notice. Messages following up on the status of the articles or the guest post submission may not be responded to.