Ramadan Mubarak Calligraphy

Beautiful Ramadan Calligraphy Vectors Free To Download

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Alhamdulillah, thank God, once again we arrived in the blessing month of Ramadan, the 9th month of the Hijri lunar Calendar. This year the Ramadan of 1440 Hijri (2019 Georgian), we’re thinking to seek and share some more beautiful Ramadan calligraphy vectors free to download, shared by calligraphy designers all over the world.

Actually we have been thinking it for 2 or 3 months before, but could not have the time for that.. and as updated version of our older post of the Ramadan vector.

Here are some of the fresh beautiful Ramadan calligraphy vectors free to download for you. Most of the artworks are free to download and use but You’re advised to give credit to the designers for your works.


Ramadan Calligraphy 2019 – Fresh New Design

Ramadan Calligraphy Free Vector

  • Ramadan 2019 Calligraphy by Karim Mohammed
  • Released on May 2019
  • 3 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai
  • Download



Ramadan Typography 2019

  • Ramadan Typography 2019 by Yassmin Omar
  • Released on May 2019
  • 4 sets of calligraphy
  • Format PSD
  • Download



Ramadan Mubarak Calligraphy

  • Ramadan & Eid Calligraphy works by Algerian Designer
  • Released on May 2019
  • 7 sets of Ramadan calligraphy & 5 sets of Eid calligraphy
  • Format: Ai, Eps, PDF, SVG
  • Download

Ramadan calligraphy vector free

  • Ramadan 2019 Typography by Multiple Owners
  • Released on May 2019
  • 20 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: PNG & PDF
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy & Fonts

  • Ramadan Calligraphy & Fonts by Zakariya Saleh
  • Released on May 2019
  • 52 sets calligraphy also for fonts
  • Format: Ai, CDR, Eps, PDF, Font
  • Download



Ramadan Mubarak Vector Calligraphy

  • Ramadan Typography 2019 by Multiple Owners
  • Released on April 2019
  • 16 sets of calligraphy
  • Format Ai & PDF
  • Download



Ramadan Typography 2019

  • Ramadan 2019 Typography by Mahmoud ElsroGy
  • Released on April 2019
  • 3 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy 2018

Ramadan Mubarak

  • Typography Ramadan by Ramadan M. Hady
  • Released on May 2018
  • 6 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai & PDF (in Rar)
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy

  • Ramadan 2018 Calligraphy by Mohammad Farik
  • Released on April 2018
  • 4 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: PDF
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy Vector

  • Free Ramadan Kareem Typography 2018 by Multiple Designers
  • Released on April 2018
  • 20 sets of calligraphy
  • Format: Ai, Eps, PDF (in Rar file)
  • Download



Ramadan Calligraphy 2016

Ramadan Wallpaper Vector 1

  • Free Ramadan resources package by Multiple Owners
  • Released on June 2016
  • Variety sets in multiple formats
  • Format: PSD, Eps (vector), Ae (After Effect)
  • Download


What an amazing beautiful calligraphy right..? if you have seen them all. May Allah bless you all, especially for those amazing Ramadan calligraphy designers who contributed their artworks for free to download and we wish you a month full of merits.

Please share to your friends & followers..


Get Lost Data With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Get Lost Data Back With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

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Get Lost Data With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

We live at a time when we can’t even imagine life without computers. Whether it be school work, office work or storing personal files, for most of us, our laptops and computers are hands down the most precious possessions.

This doesn’t mean that computers don’t cause us problems every now and then. The very fact that most of us are so dependent on computers and storage ends up being a source of inconvenience for us. This occurs when we lose the data stored on our computers. This can occur due to accidental deletes, malware attack or a glitch in the system. The fact remains that the loss of precious data files is a nightmare for many.

Is your data lost forever?

Let’s say your computer got attacked by a virus which corrupted all your files or wiped off your entire storage. Does this mean you have lost your data forever? No! In fact, all you need is a data recovery software, and you are good to go. What does data recovery software do? Well, it does exactly what the name suggests. It recovers your lost files for you.

About EaseUS recovery software

Professional services are quite expensive. Rather than opting for them, in most of the cases, using a free data recovery software is recommended. Among the various options available, EaseUS data recovery manages to extract various types of data efficiently.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Here are the main features associated with this data recovery software.

Recovering various types of lost data

Usually, free software is not thorough in their services. At most, it will recover accidental deletes of the recycle bin.

However, in the case of EaseUS, the free software takes it further up the notch and allows you to retrieve a wide variety of data, whether it be images, audio files or documents. It doesn’t matter how you lost the data; it allows you to retrieve it all quickly.

Quick and deep scans

Different problems require different solutions. Sometimes a quick scan can easily allow you to recover data. At other times, a more comprehensive solution is needed. This software has both features. You can choose to do a quick scan and find files within seconds. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can opt for deep scans that take a longer time and are more thorough; Here, your hardware is searched layer by layer to extract all lost and deleted data.

Quick and simple

The best thing about EaseUS has to be how easy the software is to use. Rather than making a complicated interface that only computer geeks can understand, EaseUS recovery features a simple interface and scanning process. All you need to do is click on a few buttons, and voila you are done.

Device support

You can also use the software to extract lost data from USB drives, camcorders, music players and Pen Drives along with laptops and computer. Therefore, this software comes in handy in all types of data loss, over a range of devices.


Retrieve your essential data easily with EaseUS data recovery software. You will not be disappointed with the results. By the way, EaseUS Making 50% off of the Pro version now. You can get it with lowest price now.

Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Smartphone Photography 101: Tips & Tricks for Beginners & The Best Apps to Use

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Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Not too long ago, if you wanted professional quality photographs you would need to purchase an expensive camera and accessories. To learn how to utilize your new, bulky camera weighing down your neck on its neck strap, you would need to take a class or read a photography book.

Lucky for us, today many smartphones are now equipped with powerful cameras that can take just as quality photos and videos as the professionals can produce. With the slim, lightweight design of smartphones, you can take your photography hobby with you anywhere without the heavy weight and bulk of older cameras. So when a stunning scene appears before you without warning, you can whip out your smartphone and capture that once in a lifetime shot almost instantly.

Not only have smartphone cameras drastically improved in the past decade, but photo editing apps with enhancement capabilities have emerged, allowing you to take your editing process on the road. Start with these photography tips and the best apps available to edit your pics.


Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography, you wouldn’t be able to take a photo without it. Strong lighting, like on a clear, sunny day at noon, produces harsh shadows and strong contrast. A cloudy day will soften your shadows or you may barely see any at all. For example, you will often see portrait photographers using lighting equipment to create soft diffuse light that won’t create strong shadows on their subjects’ faces.

Many photographers’ favorite time of day to shoot is sunrise and sunset. At these times, the sun’s rays are low against the horizon and pass through more of the atmosphere, giving you the dazzling pink, purple, and orange colors in the sky. Remember: tapping on your phone in dark or light areas will adjust the focus and brightness of your photo.

When taking photographs indoors, keep in mind that different light bulbs will produce lighting with varying color temperature scales. This may cause your photo to appear very yellow or blue. You can always use a photo editing app later to correct your coloring issues using a white balance feature, but don’t be afraid to play with color when you’re shooting because some amazing photos can come out of it.

Close-ups and Zooming

Smartphone cameras have amazing technology that allows you to get extremely close to objects and capture obscure details that would otherwise be overlooked. Professional photographers would traditionally require a macro lens to achieve photos with magnification. You will be able to get similar results, simply by getting close to your subject and tapping to center your area of focus.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Beware of your smartphone’s zoom function. This option may seem quite tempting to get “closer” to an object, but generally, this function will only crop your photo. Zoom in too far and your image will become pixelated and low quality. In this instance, a traditional camera with a zoom lens is capable of taking higher quality photos from afar.

Landscapes and Framing

Composition is essential to any photo or painting. Let’s discuss the law of thirds. In professional photography, a canvas is divided into 9 equal parts. Using these invisible guidelines to place horizon lines and vertical subjects creates a more appealing visual. For example, when you place the horizon line in the center of your photo, the onlookers eye isn’t sure whether to view the top or bottom first. Moving the horizon line to either the top third or bottom third creates a focal point for the viewer’s eye to start at.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

You can also use objects in your scene to create framing in your photo. Placing a tree or edge of a building on one side of your photo can help create the intended focal point. Photographing a scene just outside of a window frame, doorway, or small opening can make a shot more interesting.


Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

Creating depth isn’t always easy, but it can bring an otherwise flat photo to life. There are multiple ways to bring depth into your shots. You can try changing your standard viewpoints, like getting low to the ground or shooting from a high viewpoint. Use objects in your foreground to give a sense of how far away and epic your background scapes are. Another option would be to utilize a blurring brush in a photo editing app to blur out your background and bring the subject to the forefront.

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Photo Editing Apps

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

What comes next? Photo editing, of course. There are many tools out there, from free online editors to free photo editing apps available designed specifically for your iOS and Android smartphone. Here are some of the best that we’d recommend downloading now:


PhotoDirector is a free photo editing and adjustment app. This app includes many of the standard photo editing options you want, like straightening, cropping, tone adjustment and a wide selection of filters to bump up your snapshot. It also includes some great features like “content aware removal”, which lets you easily get rid of a photobomber in the background or telephone wires overhead without changing the dynamic of your shot. You can even use a “skin smoother” tool to smooth out skin flaws in a portrait.


Snapseed is a free photo editing app designed by Google. It features an array of 29 detailed editing options including RAW editing, color and white balance, contrast, vignettes and filters, healing brush, mark ups and tuning. You can easily undo and redo your edits. The app also offers you optional insights and tips to better use the app and advance your photography skills.

Adobe Photoshop Express 

Adobe Photoshop has been an industry standard for decades. The free Adobe Photoshop Express app brings some of their editing options straight to your phone. While not as powerful as the software for your computer, users can still make fine-tuned image adjustments, add filters and frames, straighten and crop images, add text, create collages, and apply blur.


VSCO is another free app for iOS and Android phones. Like Snapseed, they also offer many tips, tricks, and tutorials to improve your photography game. VSCO provides basic to advanced editing tools and will give you access over 170 presets in their library. Some of these must be purchased through the app. You can also join their community, post content and view work made by other creatives around the world.


Stay Charged

Whether you’re out in the field using your phone’s camera or editing image, you may find this will drain your battery quicker than everyday use. It’s never a bad idea to carry a portable battery charger to keep your phone alive all day long, so you don’t miss out on that special shot or lose any work you’ve done editing!


Free WordPress Page Builder 2019

Free Most Popular WordPress Page Builders 2019

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As many of us already knew (or maybe some of us does not know) that the most popular website creation tool or we called it website builder is WordPress, the self-hosted WordPress. The statistic in 2018 shows WordPress 68% conquering more than 2/3 of the global website platform. Therefore today we will cover 23 Free Most Popular WordPress Page Builders 2019.

credit: opensourcecms.com

Those days, in 1990’s people develop website the old-school way, the ‘Hello World’ coding method. After the millennium there have been many apps for building website the easier way without having to learn and understand the alien codes.

These web building apps is what we called as CMS – Content Management System. It’s fast, easy and we don’t have to worry about technical things or even error that might occurs when using the native way. In fact the CMS system is so easy as drag & drop, you only need your contents to be ready, that’s all.

20 Free Most Popular WordPress Page Builders

1.   SiteOrigin Page Builder   SiteOrigin Page Builder

  • siteorigin.com/page-builder



2.   Beaver Builder   Beaver Builder (Lite Version)

  • wordpress.org/plugins/beaver-builder-lite-version


3.   Elementor Free   Elementor Free

  • elementor.com



4.   Page Builder Sandwich   Page Builder Sandwich

  • pagebuildersandwich.com



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5.   Themify Builder   Themify Builder

  • themify.me/builder



6.   Brizy   Brizy

  • brizy.io



7.   Live Composer Site Builder   Live Composer Site Builder

  • livecomposerplugin.com


Recommended Page Builder

Top Page Builder


8.   King Composer   King Composer

  • kingcomposer.com



9.   Pootle Pagebuilder   Pootle Pagebuilder

  • pootlepress.com


10.   MotoPress Content Editor   MotoPress Content Editor Lite

  • wordpress.org/plugins/motopress-content-editor-lite



11.   Unyson   Unyson

  • wordpress.org/plugins/unyson



12.   azexo   azexo

  • azexo.com



13.   WP Page Builder   WP Page Builder

  • themeum.com/product/wp-pagebuilder



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14.   Nimble Builder   Nimble Builder

Nimble Page Builder

  • wordpress.org/plugins/nimble-builder
  • docs.presscustomizr.com/collection/334-nimble-builder



15.   Bold Page Builder   Bold Page Builder

  • wordpress.org/plugins/bold-page-builder



16.   Brix Lite   Brix Lite

  • justevolve.it/product/brix



17.   Mesh   Mesh

  • meshplugin.com



18.   Fusion Page Builder   Fusion Page Builder

  • wordpress.org/plugins/fusion



19.   Ultimate Page Builder   Ultimate Page Builder

  • themehippo.com



20.   Tailor   Tailor Page Builder

  • wordpress.org/plugins/fusion



3 Free Landing Page Builder

And these are Free Landing Page Builder. We can actually build landing page easily just with any of the Free Most Popular WordPress Page Builders 2019 listed above. But for those who are looking just for landing page, here are some of them you can try out.

21.   WP Lead Plus X - Free Landing Page Builder   WP Lead Plus X

  • wordpress.org/plugins/free-sales-funnel-squeeze-pages-landing-page-builder-templates-make



22.   Free Landing Page Builder   Free Landing Page Builder

  • https://wordpress.org/plugins/landing-pages-builder



23.   Landing Page by PluginOps   Landing Page by PluginOps

  • wordpress.org/plugins/page-builder-add


If you have tried any of these list Free WordPress Page Builder, we appreciate if you could share your opinion and experience in using it. Which is your best Free WordPress Page Builder according to you, or do you have any other which is not listed, let us know.
Credit for medias to all their respective owners

Best Free Painting Software 2019

Best Free Painting Software 2019

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Best Free Painting Software 2019

Drawing and painting software has become one of the trends and interests among pc & mobile users not just for artists and designers like before. Digital painting may not be the same as the actual painting using brushes, paints and pallets, but it offers many advantages over the old brush, paint & palette techniques. The results are easier to manage, we don’t need big store room or garage to keep our masterpiece and it can even be applied in many other fields such as printing, advertising, film & animation, etc. That is among the advantage of artworks created with painting software. Therefore we’d like to share 9 of what we think would be the best free painting software as end of 2018.

In fact, the vast of mobile apps industry has spurred its growth as well as the interests of users to sharpen their creative talent through painting apps as a hobby or perhaps as their new career as digital artist. Newbies usually start with few free painting software to try on. Once they get use to it they share their artworks on social media, groups, and some have begun learning to take advantage of it as an alternative income with it. Now everyone can become an artist.

Let see what we may consider as the best free painting software 2019 that we can list down below. Here are the best free painting software for the new coming year 2019, if you would like to create your first masterpiece with it and hey maybe you can start selling it.


1. Krita

Krita is an open source digital painting tool developed for over 10 years by artists to make it affordable for artists, illustrators, and the VFX industry. Krita’s history actually started since last 20 years from KDE project, it was develop as an application that was part of the KOffice (an open-source of Office Suite) named KImage. It was then go through further developed and named KImageShop, Krayon and since 2002 known as Krita.

It offers many common and innovative features to help the amateur and professional in digital arts industry. The intuitive user interface is among the best we can see, with its pop-up pallete tool makes good experience on it and the Brush Stabilizers helps your shaky hands to draw smooth lines. Not to forget, Resources Manager such as brush & texture packs you can share with or import from other Krita’s community.

  • Desktop:     |     |  




2. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is a Japanese painting software developed since 2014. MediBang was being among the favorite of manga artist due to it’s simplicity and the fact that it resembles the legendary PaintTool SAI. MediBang is not open source but it’s still free (compared to SAI).. yeay..!!  Besides desktop versions – Win & Mac, it also provide mobile versions – iPhone, iPad & Android as well.

  • Desktop:     |     |     |   Mobile:     |  

Medibang Paint




GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open source image editor, available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows and more operating systems. Most probably the famous free image editor alternative, GIMP is actually a photo editor that provides the free to use tools needed for high quality image manipulation just like Adobe Photoshop can do. But you can for sure use it as another choice of free painting software as well. With lot of tools for retouching, restoring, drawing & painting to creative composites for your works. It is an almost perfect for Photoshop alternative for free photo editor and painting as well.

  • Desktop:     |     |  




4. InkScape

Inkscape is an another open source software just like GIMP, but it is a vector graphic editor like Adobe Illustrator. It is always been listed as Adobe Illustrator and also CorelDRAW alternative for free version. As a vector based graphic tool, Inkscape is more on detail & technical drawing but it doesn’t limits the capability to offers digital painting as well. What make Inkscape special is, it has many authors that contribute to the development as an open-source vector graphic editor, and every author retains their own copyright.

  • Desktop:     |     |     |   Mobile:  



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5. Artweaver Free

Artweaver is a free full-featured painting tool with a huge set of predefined realistic brushes to paint creatively or just experiment. This Germany based software, is for beginners and advanced users with a powerful and highly configurable brush system to simulate many different brushes. Each brush configuration can be saved as a new variant or even into a new category. One of the nice feature that it offers is the ability to records the whole painting process as events and allows you to save and later to replay them. Demonstrate other users your painting style or just show the progress from an empty image to a finished artwork. Great, you don’t need any third party tool for screen recording, do you..?

  • Desktop:  

Artweaver Free



6.  PhotoDonut

PhotoDonut is a brand new photo editing app by Xycod, a company based in Hungary. PhotoDonut is actually the new and improved version of PostworkShop editing software. PhotoDonut offers drawings & paintings for artist, photo effects & illustrations for photographer & designer as well. Besides offered as free software, there’re also paid versions which offers extra features from the free version. You can find out here the Premium and Pro versions.

  • Desktop 64 bit only:     |  



7.  Speedy Painter

Speedy Painter is a free lightweight OpenGL based painting software for Windows. It support perspective grid tool for building interior or exterior scene painting, multi angle mirror flip, many more.

  • Desktop:  

Speedy Painter



8.  Graphiter

Graphiter is a graphite or simply pencil sketches painting you can consider as an alternative for digital painting tools.

  • Desktop & Mobile:  




9.  Autodesk SketchBook

I remember the first time I bought Galaxy Note 3, it has pre installed SketchBook for Galaxy, then I find out that the app is specifically for Samsung Galaxy Note users as one of the free painting software, and the app has 2 version the free one name SketchBook and paid version SketchBook Pro. Of course the free version is limited compared to Pro version. Now Autodesk SketchBook is FREE for all.. yeay..!! But you need to register for Autodesk ID, which is also free.

The advantage of SketchBook are many, it’s not just for art creations, it also good for technical drawing and best of all you can pair it to work with other Autodesk apps you may have. Actually if you’re serious with this great app, you can get the paid (extra) version, the SketchBook for Enterprise with yearly price, find out in their website.

SketchBook is perfect for artist and designers of any field, therefore it is our choice here ★★★★★

  • Desktop:     |   Mobile:     |     |  



Ok thats are the Best Free Painting Software 2019 according to us, so far. We will add on and update any recommendation by your comment below. So please feel free to share your opinion with us. Meanwhile here are some bonus for free animation software.. we will cover on this topic on our next post, insyaallah..


Free 2D Animations Software

1. OpenToonz

OpenToonz is a 2D cartoon animation software that you can use to develop cartoon animation the professional way.

  • Desktop :     |  




2. Synfig

Synfig is an open-source 2D animation software for Windows, Linux and OSX. Claimed to be as powerful industrial-strength solution for creating film-quality animation using a vector and bitmap artwork. It eliminates the need to create animation frame-by frame, allowing you to produce 2D animation of a higher quality with fewer people and resources.

  • Desktop :     |     |  




Polarr Free Online Photo Editor Pro

15 Best Free Online Photo Editor

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Best free online photo editor or you can also say best free online graphic editor, but they’re actually slightly different, is a handy graphic app available online. Being bookmarked by many users for any photo or graphic editing purpose and in fact their mobile apps version, as must have apps, have been downloaded millions of time in Play Store, App Store & Windows Store as well. Remember here we’re talking about the free online version, for desktop pc for sure. There are many free online graphic editor available to be choose out there, but which one is the best suits for your need? Please bear in mind, most of them require Flash enable browser, so make sure you enable your Flash in your browser.

Don’t be tangled with lots of options available out there, variety always benefits us as consumers, don’t you think so? Check these list of free online photo editor that may suits your regular needs. Whether you’re looking for just a photo editing function or the one with extra functions with text editing as well. Let us be clear first, the different between these two name.

Photo Editor vs Graphic Editor

  • Free Online Photo Editor – Basically it’s a free web based app for photo editing purpose – to lighter or darker, resize & crop, transform flip & rotate and to apply some effect ability. Extra functions added consider as bonus. If you just need to edit these kind of functions, Photo Editor is suffice for you. But if you need to do much more such as poster with text info, some decorative elements, etc, then go for next category ↓.
  • Free Online Graphic Editor – Sometimes it also called Free Online Design Editor (it’s the same). It may have the basic of Photo Editor functions (but usually not as many as Photo Editor itself), plus adding Text with some free Fonts, vector element such as Shapes (sometimes called stickers), editable Templates or ready made graphic elements – combination of fancy text + border style, florals or other decorations, etc.

We’re not discuss about Graphic Editor, but we’re talking only about Free Online Photo Editor below, with no registration needed to use and to save artwork as the priority.


1.  Pixlr

Pixlr Best Free Online Photo Editor

Pixlr has been named one of the best free online photo editor, editors choice app, no.1 free photo editor and many more by many tech and apps related blogs. Most users well known of this free photo editing apps either the online version or mobile app version. Pixlr has the ability of standard paid photo editing software such as Photoshop. Even the user interface (UI) especially the tools, the top menu and the right tool panels seems similar to Photoshop. These similarities make it a good reason that most users feel comfortable to works with it and make it the most popular free photo editing app.

As optional, Pixlr recently provide a new paid version named Pixlr Pro that claimed to be the most advanced web based image editor. Surely will be feature rich tools, freebies, many image format supported including PSD, thousands of free templates, premium royalty stock images, fonts, etc. You can try Pixlr Pro as cheap as $5 per month.

  • Registration / Login : Not needed
  • Text / Fonts availability : Yes
  • Pro : ✔️ Similar to Photoshop interface (Photoshop user’s friendly).
  • Con : ❌ The Ads banner at the right side takes up almost 1⁄4 of the screen.

View it



2.  Ribbet

Ribbet Free Online Photo Editor

Ribbet is among the best free online photo editor or we can say free online design editor or free online graphic editor, because it offers not just photo editing, but many basics graphic design tools as well. The quick version doesn’t need you to register or login, but if you choose to register & login you will be provide with up to 5 images upload. Once you start Ribbet, you ‘ll see image loading options; upload from your pc, connect to facebook (facebook photos), connect to Google Photos, connect to Flickr & connect to webcam. These features make it easier for users on mobile as well to access their photos on facebook, for Google Photos cloud users or photographer who use Flickr and webcam as a plus.

  • Registration / Login : Not necessary
  • Text / Fonts availability : Yes & it support System Fonts (from your pc), it also provide fonts info and its website sources of the font used.
  • Pro : ✔️ A comprehensive & feature-rich Free Online Graphic Editor that you can think as Photoshop alternative. Support webcam as well.
  • Con : ❌ Some Premium features are seems locked in the editor (it push you to upgrade).

View it



3.  Canva

1. Canva Photo Editor

Canva Best Free Online Photo Editor

Canva have some separate apps, Photo Editor, Custom Graph, Design for Print. The free online photo editor version without register & login needed – Canva Photo Editor, is a basic free photo editor that provides basics photo adjustment such as crop, transform, brightness & contrast, saturation and some ready made Filters.

  • Registration / Login : No need, you can use it freely
  • Text / Fonts availability : No
  • Pro : ✔️ No Ads..!! (only their own ads to promote paid version) No register & login needed
  • Con : ❌ Too basic, besides ready made Filters

2. Canva Design Editor

Canva Free Online Graphic Editor

There is also Canva Design Editor or Graphic Editor with feature rich for image editing, text and many more with ready made templates for design creations. This Canva version you need to register & login as user to use it online freely. Just choose your design purpose with available template sizes and you can start your editing works.

  • Registration / Login : Yes
  • Text / Fonts availability : Yes
  • Pro : ✔️ No Ads..!! Multi Pages support. Saving to JPEG, PNG (transparent bckgrd), PDF (with high quality)
  • Con : ❌ Must register & login to use

View it



4.  Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Photoshop Express Free Online Photo Editor

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is the free online version that has the ability of basic image editing features. However this Photoshop Express Editor is limited to only support JPG, JPEG & JPE formats, limited functions, even the free font only has 9 list. Though we think its worth to be listed here as one of the popular free online image editor.

  • Registration / Login : No need
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes, limited fonts
  • Alignment Guide : No
  • Pro : ✔️ Its Photoshop !!
  • Con : ❌ Only JPEG !! Limited upload source. Limited functions compared to full Photoshop version.

View it


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5.  Crello

Crello Best Free Online Graphic Editor

Crello provides design creations for many purpose which include graphic designs for advertising, social media posts & cover arts, you name it, it covers it, almost. Crello integrate all in one features to provide state of the art free online graphic editor for any purpose. It have many ready made graphic design templates, graphic element templates, text style templates to choose from, and you can also customise it as single element. Crello image can be upload from your pc or you can choose from their free image library, there are many and impressive design for your inspiration. However, as a non register user, you will need to register & login to save, download & share your artwork.

  • Registration / Login : Not necessary when using, but must register & login to Save, Download your artwork.
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes
  • Alignment Guide : Yes
  • Pro : ✔️ No ads..!! Photo Editor & Graphic Editor in one, just select function by design template. Support keyboard shortcut.
  • Con : ❌ Must register & login to Download, Save & Share artwork, even though while using it no need to register & login.

View it



6.  iPiccy

1. Photo Editor

iPiccy Best Free Online Photo Editor

iPiccy offer 3 types of free graphic editor, labeled as; Photo Editor, Collage Maker & Graphic Design. The Photo Editor is very impressive, with a lot of tools and elements we can found in the editor. The iPiccy free online Photo Editor we can say is one of the most feature-rich function among the rest for editing photo. It has variety of adjustment tools, has Layers to add extra image – Text, vector Stickers & vector Shapes. So if you cannot find the Text tool, activate (click) Layers tool and you’ll see Text tool.

  • Registration / Login : Not necessary, you can use & save without register / login.
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes, but it is ‘hidden in Layer tool’.
  • Alignment guide : No
  • Pro : ✔️ One of the most extensive photo tools available. Has Vector Mask shapes. Has Before & After effect preview. Support Layers.
  • Con : ❌ Very little to mention.

2. Graphic Designer

iPiccy Free Online Design Editor

iPiccy free online Graphic Design Editor seems pretty simple, but you can find most of the basic functions available in Designer. From (Photo) Editor interface you can divert directly to Designer or Collage, via top left orange button. One of the good point we notice in this iPiccy free online Graphic Editor (Designer), if you found out that its free font is not enough for your design, it has function to load your own fonts and preview in real-time fonts from your pc. Overall, the iPiccy Design Editor as we can, is just Layers tool (minors other tools as in Photo Editor) – with add Photo, add Text, vector Sticker & vector Shape, just like Photo Editor’s Layers. Actually, the integration of these 3 apps – Photo Editor, Collage Maker & Design Editor make it a perfect free online graphic editor you must bookmark.

  • Registration / Login : Not necessary, can save without register / login.
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes
  • Alignment Guide : No
  • Pro : ✔️ Support fonts from local pc. Use & Save your artwork without register needed.
  • Con : ❌ Its seems too simple with only Layers & Background tools available compared to the Photo Editor app.

View it



7.  Befunky

Befunky Best Free Online Photo Editor

Befunky also have 3 types of free online photo editor, similar to iPiccy, there are Befunky’s Photo Editor, Collage Maker & Designer. The Photo Editor has the ability as other photo editors, plus many extra features like professional editor. Befunky Photo Editor also provide some ready made effects to be apply, but most of them are for Plus (paid) version. Meanwhile, the Designer Editor is not as impressive as the iPiccy Design Editor that we covered above, even though it has a lot of ready made templates and graphic elements, but again, most of them are locked for Plus (paid) version.

  • Registration / Login : No need, can save it without register / login.
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes, the text has extra adjustment like pro.
  • Alignment Guide : Yes
  • Pro : ✔️ Ability to add fonts from local pc. Has History panel for easier undo level. Professional style interface.
  • Con : ❌ Many ready made features are locked for paid version.

View it



8.  Fotor

Fotor Best Free Online Photo Editor

Fotor is another good and must try Free Online Photo Editor, Collage & Design Editor if you’re looking the good one. As free online Photo Editor, it offers plenty of useful features for free, using and also saving to your pc freely without need to register & login. But bear in mind that when you choose to register & login, you will get extra option such as load & save to cloud and many more.. and also the Premium (upgrade) version offers much more freatures will be unlock.

  • Registration / Login : No need, can save the artwork without register / login.
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes
  • Alignment Guide : Yes
  • Pro : ✔️ Lot of features available to make the adjustment and many elements as well. It offers Affiliate program with 35% for first timer and 25% for every renewal subscription.
  • Con : ❌ About half of the features & elements are for Upgrade version, you may use it but ‘fotor’ watermark will appear. To Save or Share your artwork, need to register & login.

View it



9.  piZap

piZap Free Online Photo Editor

PiZap is one of the must try free web based graphic editor, it offers a few different graphic purposes, besides Photo Editor, Collage maker & Design editor, it also provide graphic editor for specific Photo Touch Up, Emoji Maker, Facebook Cover, Twitter Cover & YouTube Cover. These are great for users looking for various purposes. The Photo Editor also has few additional creative tools, such as Touch Up – for photo fine tune, while Cut Out Tool – to crop image by shape (similar to Photoshop Extract), the Meme – to generate meme image, and the Paint & Graffity – just basic and not impressive. After trying some adjustment, texting, stickers, unfortunately we cannot find undo function, instead we have to delete one by one elements on the artwork. This can be annoying to most of the user.

The Design Editor at the other hand, you can try the new (beta) HTML5 based engine of the classic Flash based editor. The interface seems same as the Photo Editor and even most of the function looks similar. What makes it differ is when you start the Design Editor, you need to choose the template size for specific task.

  • Registration / Login : No need, can save without register / login.
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes
  • Alignment Guide : No
  • Pro : ✔️ Plenty of photo adjustment tools. Offers 20% Affiliate Program on every subscribe for paid version.
  • Con : ❌ Ads banner area surrounding the editor makes the canvas size only 1⁄4 of your screen. Text available but the fonts are too fancy and cannot add more from your own pc. No undo.

View it


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10.  Fotoramio

Fotoramio Best Free Online Photo Editor

Fotoram!o or Fotoramio also offers 3 types of editor named Edit (Photo Editor), CollageArt Style. At first I guess the Edit is the design editor and the Art Style I guess is the photo editor, but it’s not, the Art Style is more to just for ‘playing with ready made effect’, unfortunately I cannot find the undo for the effect applied. Anyway, the free Photo Editor interface seems clean and easy to use, with adjustment tools docked at the bottom of the screen. It offers many standard image adjustments, text, effects and cliparts as well.

  • Registration / Login : No need, can save without register / login.
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes
  • Alignment Guide : No
  • Pro : ✔️ Easy to use photo adjustment tools. All tools & features are free, no locked elements.
  • Con : ❌ Besides ready made effects & cliparts, the image adjustment are too basics, no advance features.

View it



11.  PhotoMania

PhotoMania Free Online Photo Editor

PhotoMania offers simple free online photo editing with 3 main category for editing your image. You will find at the left side tool there are Artistic, Fun & E-Card creation. Artistic tool are list of ready made filters in variety of subcategories, while Fun tool provide ready to use creative templates on how your image will be applied to it. The E-Card tool is a set of celebration type of ready templates that you can use for your image, just choose from the list and see, no extra adjustment required. Besides the image creation can be save or download to your pc, the disadvantage of using PhotoMania are, there is no undo while editing your image and you will get the PhotoMania logo watermark or labeled at the bottom right of your image.

  • Registration / Login : No need, can use & save it without register / login.
  • Text, Fonts availability : No
  • Alignment Guide : No
  • Pro : ✔️ Easy to use photo adjustment tools.
  • Con : ❌ Not for serious project. No undo. Once use it, their Logo will be marked on artwork.

View it



12.  PicMonkey (7 days Trial)

PicMonkey Online Photo Editor

When we tried PicMonkey Photo Editor for the first time, without register & login, we feel that the interface looks pleasing, easy to use graphic & adjustment tools even for newbies or for non graphic users. While we keep on trying most of the intuitive functions it offers, we found out that using PicMonkey Photo Editor is not really free. Yes we notice the yellow button with Free Trial label on the top right of the editor screen, but we think that’s optional package for upgrade or premier version, like Pixlr Pro and Ribbet Premium upgrade as we discussed earlier. We’re wrong to assume that we may save the artwork without register.

Anyway, you have given 7 days trial to use it for free and can save, share & export your masterpiece, before you need to decide whether to upgrade as paid user of not. For that reason, we suggest you to try the 7 days trial to test drive it.

  • Registration / Login : No need when using, but.. must register & login (upgrade) when you need to save your artwork, (use free 7 days trial)
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes, comprehensive text adjustment features.
  • Alignment Guide : Yes, but the Alignment Grid is off as default, you need to activate it.
  • Pro : ✔️ Professional Photo Editing function with lot of features. Layers control available. It also offers Affiliate program with 50% for initial purchase and 25% for renewal & additional purchase.
  • Con : ❌ No free version (besides the trial)

View it



13.  Polarr

Polarr Free Online Photo Editor Pro

Polarr offers 2 types of free online photo editors, which, 1 is for newbie or non-experience graphic users named Express, another 1 is for experience users who have been familiar with common graphic apps or for designers, named Pro. Polarr Express has basic features while the Polarr Pro provide professional style of free online photo editor with detail adjustment you can find for every Filters available. Polarr Pro interface is seems clean with Filters, Text & Shape, Retouch, Crop (+ Rotate & Flips) & Overlays tool at the left side. While at the right side you’ll see the Adjustments tool and Selective Adjustments to modify your image’s color & tone settings.

There are so many adjustments you may see and to choose from based on your creativity and how you going to works on it. These very detail adjustments that need professional skill to get your image as perfect as you intended. You may probably think that this free app is much harder than Photoshop. However, the app provides on the screen animated helps on How To Do It for you, for most of the tools you going to use, good point.

Extra Features

The Text tool has what a design editor has for editing the text attribute, not too basic as what offered with other apps. Aside from that Polarr Pro also has Preset under the Text tool, to create ready made ‘template with text’, but there are just a few in this free version. There is also a History tool with number marked at it showing that how many steps you have done, for selective undo. Below it, there is a normal Undo tool, or you can just use keyboard shortcut as well.

  • Registration / Login : No need, can use & save without register / login.. as long as you don’t use Premium features in it (when to save)..!!
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes, comprehensive text adjustment features, the fonts are not so many to choose from.
  • Alignment Guide : We cannot find it.
  • Pro : ✔️ Professional Photo Editing function with lot of adjustment features for serious photo editing. Saving format are JPG, PNG & TIFF. No Ads.. yeay..!!
  • Con : ❌ The ability to Try Premium features makes your artwork cannot be Save as free version. While you enjoy trying most of the features, you don’t realize that you have used some of the Premium features as well, because you cannot really see the ‘lock-for-premium’ label at the features you use, therefore you cannot Save your artwork, unless you choose to upgrade. Or you can choose ‘Remove all Active Pro Tools’, and it delete back all the premium features.

View it



14.  Lunapic

Lunapic Free Online Photo Editor

Lunapic interface looks like it was made from web 1.0 or the 90’s style of website, but it worth to try though. The tools at the left side looks like Photoshop tool icons, but the light grey background interface make it looks like Ms. Paint icons. After we make some editing test, we found out that the operation also seems the old-school way. For example, when you need to make some adjustment, it will open the adjustment value settings in ‘Windows 95 fill in the form’ style and a button to apply the adjustment. Then the screen will refresh every time it make changes. Actually Lunapic doesn’t need you to have Flash to run this free online photo editor in your browser.

Even though the interface and the operation runs in classic way, it does have a lot of features. Besides standard image adjustments & transforms you can find in the left tools or top menu, it provide a lot of extra features, from Draw, Borders, Filters, Effects, Art even gif Animation features you can find in this classic photo editor. If you use high spec machine, try those top 13 lists, however for those who runs on old machine, can consider this free online photo editor.

  • Registration / Login : No need, you can use it & save it without register / login.
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes, quite good in old-school style.
  • Alignment Guide : No.
  • Pro : ✔️ A lot of ready made effects to try. Support Web Cam & Gif Animation. Support open & post image from top social medias.
  • Con : ❌ The looks and the way it process command seems too old for today tech. Refreshing screen for every adjustment made sometimes annoying.

View it



15.  FreeOnlinePhotoEditor.com


As the name given, FreeOnlinePhotoEditor provide free online photo editor in basic & simple interface. You can see all the tools at the top of the canvas. It looks simple and straight forward and not much we can say, the tools are just standard image editing tools plus Borders, Filters & Effects you can apply. Even though the interface of the app seems 1 or 2 level better than Lunapic, but it lacks in variety of features that offered by Lunatic that has more ready made features.

  • Registration / Login : No need, you can use & save without register / login.
  • Text, Fonts availability : Yes, standard text editing.
  • Alignment Guide : No.
  • Pro : ✔️ Basic & Simple. Good for newbie or first timer graphic users. The straight forward name & the domain is exactly what it does.
  • Con : ❌ Too basic and feels outdated editor that need to be update to compete.

View it


Hope these list are enough for you to choose from, but before you try any of these, make sure your pc have and will allow Adobe Flash Player or Shockwave Flash in order to run these web-based apps. Otherwise, you will need to download the Flash first. Tell us your opinion on which free online photo editor is your choice and why. If you know any better free online graphic editor that we missed, please let us know as well in the comment below 👌

Credit: National Geographic Animal Gallery


Microsoft 70-532 Exam

Microsoft 70-532 Exam – Tips & Tricks To Pass The Exam

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Azure is a cloud computing service developed by Microsoft to help in creation, deployment, and management of applications and services through data centers managed by Microsoft. The Azure services have been largely adopted by organizations due to their great benefits. This has led to increased demand for Microsoft 70-532 certification that equips learners with the knowledge and skills in Azure services.

Microsoft 70-532 exam tests your ability to develop, design, implement and manage Azure products. The technical skills that it focuses on are:

  • Creation and Management of Azure Resource Management Virtual machines
  • Designing and Implementation of Data Strategy
  • Management of Identity and Network Services
  • Designing of Azure services

This exam is for anyone who is geared towards building and putting together Microsoft Azure solutions – in short, for developers.


Here is what Microsoft 70-532 exam includes in percents:

  • Creation and management of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Virtual machines – this takes 20-25% of the test.
  • Design and implementation of a storage and data strategy – this covers 25-30%
  • Management of identity, application and network services – this covers 10-15% of the exam.
  • Designing and implementation of Azure compute, web and mobile services – this takes 35 – 40% of the exam.


Why should you become Microsoft certified?

  • Increase your chances of getting a promotion

    To qualify for a promotion, you must have the required knowledge and skills. Getting a Microsoft certification is one way to prove your technical abilities in a particular area.

  • Microsoft products popularity

    Microsoft is a well-known brand. Products by this company arewidely used in running and managing a number of programs in today’s virtual world. This has increased the need for Microsoft professionals in organizations.

  • To gain new knowledge and skills

    Microsoft certifications introduce you to new technologies. You learn a lot of new skills that can help you give the best service while at the same time supporting your career growth and development.

  • Specialization

    Earning Microsoft certifications makes you a professional and an expert in a certain area. The more you specialize in an area, the more you become a sought-after expert. With specialization comes quality service delivery and efficiency. This qualifies you for high paying jobs and makes you a part of a community of world-class professionals.


Why is Microsoft 70-532 certification so popular?

  • Microsoft 70-532 certification introduces the popular cloud platform solutions to the learners
  • Microsoft certifications including 70-532 credential are recognized internationally
  • Azure services have been largely adopted in organizations due to their huge benefits
  • Microsoft 70-532 certification topics are wide and cover cloud technologies in-depth


If you want to pass Microsoft 70-532 exam, you need to do the following:

  • Use right study materials
  • Identify a learning technique that works for you
  • Allocate enough time for exam preparation
  • Studyconsistently
  • Eathealthy food
  • Balance study with leisure activities


Microsoft 70-532 exam details you need to know

Microsoft 70-532 is a multiple choice test that contains 40-60 questions. Candidates are usually given a period of 2 hours to complete the exam. Important: you can only retake the test three times in a year.

The test can be found in the English, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Japanese, and Portuguese (Brazil) languages.


Tips for passing Microsoft 70-532 certification exam

  • Review the test objectives

    Exam objectives state clearly what the test covers. This gives you an overview of what to prepare for. You save time by only concentrating on what matters.

  • Practice

    Microsoft Azure MCSA 70-532 Practice Test is a great exam preparation method. There are good practice tests online that can give you the real boost. Through, by practicing you identify your weak areas and further work on them. As you get these tests online, ensure that they are up to date and in-line with Microsoft 70-532 exam objectives.

  • Join a discussion group

    The power of discussion groups cannot be underestimated during exam preparation. Through discussion groups,you understand exam concepts deeper. You may also learn certain strategies of tackling test questions from your group members.

  • Take notes

    While studying, make sure you take notes on important concepts. You can rarely forget what you write down. These days, there are online tools that you can use to record or save your most important notes. Have a look at these very important tools on the official Microsoft website. You can save the best notes for later referencing. You no longer need to go back to your textbooks or tutorial videos when you need to remind yourself something. We live in a world of technology and you must keep up with az-103.


Here is my personal experience of passing Microsoft 70-532 exam

I always aim at growing my career by taking various certifications. Recently, I took Microsoft 70-532 certification test and passed. I would like to share my experience in order to help anyone who may be preparing for the same exam.

First I would like to admit it was not an easy journey. Microsoft 70-532 exam covers a wide range of topics that require extensive study. Study materials are also limited.

With all the limitations, all I was looking forward was a success. I prepared a study plan and made sure I stuck to it. With the study materials I had gathered I studied topic after topic taking short notes. Taking notes helped me not to forget what I read.

Practice tests were also helpful during the exam preparation. Taking them often helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. I also got to know what to expect in thetest I was preparing for. Taking practice tests in a timed setting helped me manage the allocated exam time and I was able to answer all the testquestions on time.

I also enrolled in a short online course for about two weeks. The course helped me understand hard topics with ease. I also learned several methods of tackling exam questions from my instructor.

The exam was tough, but by reading questions carefully and using the elimination method, I conquered it all. Taking enough time to prepare contributed quite a lot to my success.

If you want to pass Microsoft 70-532 exam, study consistently and practice more and more.


What are the best training courses for Microsoft 70-532 exam?

  • 20532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Instructor-led Training
  • Building Your Azure Skills Toolkit Online Training
  • Getting Started With Azure App Service Online Training
  • Azure Cloud Service Multi-tier Application Tutorial
  • Linuxacademytrainingcourse
  • CBT nuggetsvideotrainingcourse


Microsoft 70-532 exam dumps are really helpful, and that’s why:

Test dumps are the only resource you can easily find online that help you know what to expect at the actual exam. This boosts your confidence and reducespanic during the test. By keenly going through the exam dumps you learn how to answer questions. However, don’t expect similar questions in the real test you are preparing for. From the dumps, you can learn only how to answer exam questions. The other wonderful bit about them is the fact that you can set the time yourself. This will teach you how to manage your time as you do your test.


Here are top web resources for Microsoft 70-532 exam preparation



Microsoft certification has changed the cloud computing world in a positive way. Developers are now equipped with skills and knowledge of Azure services, making it easier for organizations to adopt them. This has made possible for organizations to cut costs, while at the same timeensuring flexibility and security for their systems and data.


Site To Sell Vector Arts Online

15 Sites Where To Sell Your Vector Arts

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Site To Sell Vector Arts Online


As a designer, specifically involved in visual or illustration design, sometimes it comes in your mind, after a lot of vector arts or vector illustrations you have made, where to sell your vector arts online. Either you start thinking to slow down on servicing  fussy clients, or just to fulfill your passion in creating more vector arts, you can start thinking to sell your vector arts and survey some top digital stock agencies that provide best offer for you to sell your masterpieces. Usually they called it micro stock agency, and we listed down some of the most popular sites among designers and buyers as well.

Vector graphic market still considered less available compared to stocks image or stocks photo market that flooded anywhere in the digital media stocks we can find. So this is our opportunity to fulfill the buyers demand out there, in fact creating vector graphics can only be done by artist or designer like you, not everybody can do it.

FAQ to Selling Your Vector Arts Online

Vector (vector graphic file format), usually called vector graphic or vector arts or vector file, is a graphic media format that created using Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw, or InkScape, or any other vector graphic editor. Contrary with ‘Raster image’ or pixel based image (i.e jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tiff, psd, etc.), vector graphic can be scaled to any size without losing its quality, because it contains the physical attributes with it, such as width, height, line-stroke, fill-colors value that can easily be edited back with vector graphic editor.

Look around, everything requires graphic. From product packaging, brochure, flyers, magazines, internet, mobile apps, many more, all contains vector graphics. Who create them? Every single vector graphic in this world is created by someone, and you might be one of the original source creator. We create graphics and buyers, either they are designers as well or non designers, buy from us. Designers buy from us because it is much cheaper and time-saving than to create new for a project.

We don’t sell it ourselves. We upload them to micro stock agencies and buyers will buy from there. This is just like how hypermarket works. Buyers search for the thing they want, they pay for it, and we got money.

There are so many out there. But we will recommend top 15 sites as listed below due to popularity among designers and buyers looking for it.

Different micro stock agencies have different royalties percentage. Some take more, some take less. You earned between 15% to 60% from the total revenue.

No. They will have to review your vector graphics first in term of quality and technical requirements before they put it up for sale.

No. They will be continue to sell forever. That is how designers make money while sleeping :)

It depends. Some agencies allow you to sell the same artworks on other sites. Some are not allow you to do that, so always read the terms & conditions before you proceed.

From $20/month to $20,000 a month. Some statistic survey saying average vector artists made about $300 a month.

Anything, such as wallpaper, icons, abstract arts, background graphics, floral elements, animals, tools, furniture, characters, etc.

Anything that is good looking will sell. Some good tips said prepare for the coming big festivals like new year celebration related arts can be hot selling stuffs.

Sure, almost everyone in this industry do it as part time. And there are also many millionaire artists or designers doing it ‘full time’ at home.

You can opt your agency to pay you through PayPal, MoneyBookers, cheque. Some agencies may offer extra options.

When you have a business model whereby everyone has to pay to gain, it is then obvious that it is not a scam.

Micro stock industries spent millions of dollar in advertisement and they already have hundreds of thousands buyers there.
You should only concentrate on producing more works and not marketing.

credit: http://sellingvector.blogspot.my/p/faq-selling-vector-to-make-money.html

Where to Sell your Vector Arts ?

1.  Adobe Stock

sell your vector arts at Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock among the youngest ‘stock photo providers’, since 2015, we can find out there. Indeed Adobe needs one to complete their Creative Cloud features with digital stocks, and they was acquire Fotolia, one of the most popular stock photo. Adobe Stock provides creative assets from photography, videos, vectors and many more for creative users looking for digital assets on their jobs. Before you proceed, understand their rules on How to submit & sell on Adobe Stock.

2.  Graphic River

sell your vector arts at GraphicRiver

Graphic River is one of the most popular and rich contents of creative stock or digital assets category owned by Envato, an Australia based company. It is also among the most searched by creative users simply because they provide variety of sub-categories, from fonts, logos, icons, vectors, templates, presets, web elements, 3D, mock-ups, and many more.

3.  Creative Market

Creative Market

Creative Market is another big name in creative digital assets market place. 5 star rating handcrafted digital assets made by creative designers all over the globe, offers so many categories for buyer to choose from. Buyers can just insert a keyword to find the digital asset that come in their mind and the result lists are so many, make it easier for them to get the perfect one. Creative Market is a must have list for designers wanted to sell vector arts and also a must visit website for buyers looking for digital assets.



4.  Shutterstock

sell your vector arts at Shutterstock

Shutterstock is well known for its photo stocks, graphic stocks, video clips and they also provide vector stock as well. They claim to cover near to 200 million royalty-free images, stock video clips, and music tracks. Besides that, they also have huge amount of vectors for high demand vector graphic users.. and what make Shutterstock one of the best option for designers or artists to submit is they provide contributors with comprehensive support, forum, guideline, etc.

6.  Pond5

sell your vector arts at Pond5

Pond5 providing not just photos, but they also offer rich royalty-free multimedia categories including video footage, music tracks, sound effects, After Effect templates, Vectors, Photoshop (PSD) and 3D models as well. Check it out, and see under your prefered category.

7.  123RF

sell your vector arts at 123RF

123RF have an impressive 97 million stock images, vectors, video & audio clips and they claimed to offer low prices for users to get their stocks. ‘RF’ simply means Royalty-Free. With huge amount of graphic stocks, they also attract millions of buyers. This will be an another good agency to sell your vector stocks.

8.  Freepik Contributor

Freepik Contributor

A well known free graphic resources from vectors to any graphic items that can be downloaded free (with credit) and premiums stocks. Find out how to join them selling premium vectors graphics as freepik contributor.

9.  Vector Stock

sell your vector arts at VectorStock

Vector Stock as their name, the site specifically dedicated to vector graphics, designed for vector artists, designers and anyone looking for royalty-free vectors. So vector artist, illustrator, this is the place you need to try sell your vector arts..

10.  Dreamstime

sell your vector arts at Dreamstime

Dreamstime claimed to have 74 million images, from photography and vector graphics. With quite impressive numbers of graphic stocks, they are among popular royalty-free graphic stocks being searched. Try sell your vector arts with them..

11.  iStockPhoto

sell your vector arts at iStock

iStockPhoto is another ig name in this industry, owned by Getty Images, so we will see more photo stock sources, but they still have vector sources under Illustration category. You don’t want to missed this name in your list..

13.  Alamy


Alamy has separated sellers or contributors from photo seller and vector seller.. so check it out..

14.  Go Media

Go Media

Go Media is well known for their collections of vector packs, such as silhouettes, vector textures, patterns, symbol elements, etc. Find out how to join them selling your vector packs.

15.  Cutcaster

Cutcaster is another photo & vector stocks provider and they do offer for designer selling stock as well.

16.  PayLoadz


PayLoadz probably might not be a familiar name for some, but they simply offer almost anything that can be downloaded for selling, including digital arts – vectors..

There are many more options too choose, creative e-commerce sites that offers printed vector designs & artworks with their selling products that you can sell your artwork design is another good choice to start. They mostly offer selling creative T-Shirts with your designs printed on it, canvas framed arts, creative bags or other souvenir items, and you can promote it yourself, selling your designs and getting commissions at the same time. Happy surveying ☺


. . .

Apowersoft - Free Online Screen Recorder

13+ Free Screen Recording Software – Video Screen Capture

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One of the important and must have tool in today’s visual information technology is Screen Recording Software.. or usually called video screen capture. Be it for PC, or for mobile platforms, the needs for screen recording apps in today life style, has made apps developers compete to create the best screen recording software. As the user, what and which screen recorder apps would be the best for our job. To save time, we choose not to test one by one, instead we share some list from trusted sourcing we managed to collect, free screen recording apps.

We put some basic features that normally free screen recorder software offered as standard features; record anything from screen, record voice, speed control, zoom, record webcam, draw on screen, upload to youtube, and video editing as a bonus. This list as continuing our previous series of Free Designers Tools that benefits many readers. If you’ve experience in some of these apps, or others not listed here, kindly share with us, we’d love to hear your feed back.. and maybe share your articles related.

13+ Free Screen Recording Software for Desktop [Video Screen Capture]

1.  OBS Studio

OBS Studio free screen recording

OBS Studio is an open source high performance real time video/audio capturing and mixing apps. With unlimited scenes it can be switch between seamlessly via custom transitions. Filters for video sources, intuitive audio mixer with filters, multiple themes available, etc. You can learn how to use obs easily with no additional software. They also provide forum support for fans or users sharing tips and helping beginners. OBS Studio has been rated as most powerful free screen recording software by Techradar.

  • Export Format: FLV (MP4 can also be supported)
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Platform:      

View it

2. VideoProc

VideoProc is one-stop video processing software by making full use of Level-3 GPU Acceleration, which supports simultaneously screen recording and webcam with system audio and microphone sound. Besides, it allows users to add text annotations and other elements like circles, lines & arrows while recording as well as to record and download live streaming videos. As a complete video toolbox, VideoProc can also edit, convert, resize and adjust large-sized/4K/DJI videos, audios and DVDs easily and offer powerful video download features. More importantly, all the recorder features can be enjoyed in the free trial version.

  • Export Formats: FLV, MP4, MOV, MKV, TS (support over 420+ format conversion)
  • Watermark. No Time Limit
  • Platform:    

View it

3.  Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream free screen recording

Icecream Screen Recorder offers a complete suite of tools and options for professional screen capture with audio. They claimed this app as ‘Swiss Army knife’ among the free screen recorder software for desktop. With Icecream screen recording app you can record webinars, games and Skype videos in HD, on-screen drawing (annotating) while capturing and much more. What we notice about this app, they’re actively updating this app every month as shown in their change log. In fact, sometimes they update it three times a month. The company is really serious to provide the best for us, don’t you think so..?

  • Export Format: WebM, MP4, AVI, MOV
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Platform:    

View it

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4.  iSpring Free Cam

iSpring Free Cam free screen recording

iSpring Free Cam is another good desktop screen recording software that provide recording the entire screen, selected area of the screen, or a single window. It also record voice over with mic, record the sounds of your programs and applications or add some background music to your video. iSpring Free Cam offers built-in video editor to help us fine tune the recording such as, deleting unwanted parts, remove background noise, etc. However, it only support for WMV file format output, no webcam supported, but it make it easy for sharing the output video to Youtube with a click..!!

  • Export Format: WMV
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads.
  • Platform:  

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5.  ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter free screen recorder

ActivePresenter is a powerful and feature rich software that not just a screen recording tool, more than that it includes all the tools needed besides record screen, to edit screencast video and create interactive eLearning course as well. For instance, if we want to make eLearning video by making things easily explainable, this app offering a feature to insert interactive elements like quiz building, callouts, voiceover, annotations, graphics etc.

  • Export Format: AVI, FLV, WMV, WebM, MP4
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads.
  • Platform:    

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6.  Ezvid

Ezvid free screen recording

Ezvid Video Maker is another HD free screen recording & video editing in one software with user friendly operation. Claimed to be the World’s Easiest Screen Recorder, well you can give it a try. Doesn’t ask for any codecs or other supplementary tools that might distract users, it is compatible with all modern Windows versions (starting from Win XP), so hardware requirements should not be a challenge for any modern day computer with Ezvid Video Maker. Have most of the basic free screen recording features, such as record anything from screen, draw on

  • Export Format: MOV, WMV
  • No Watermark, Time Limit: 45 min, No Ads
  • Platform:  

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7.  Apowersoft – Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft - Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft is one of a good available independent developer that specialised on free audio & video recorder, editor, downloader, converter and mobile transfer. Besides their premium series of audio & video software tools for Windows & Mac, Apowersoft also offers many good freeware series of audio & video tools as well.

Among them is Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder that runs online, it does not require Java Applet, however, you will need to install a launcher for the first time using it. You can then record screen online in HD with no time limits, add audio / voice, insert webcam. I’ve personally used it, it’s user friendly and easy to use for beginner. It has common basic features just like other free versions offered, such as annotation features – add colors, shapes, notes, icons, etc. using its toolkit, and also video editor integrated. Upload options offered by Apowersoft – Free Online Screen Recorder are quit extensive, they offer upload to Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive & Dropbox.

  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Export Format: MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, VOB, ASF
  • Platform:    

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8.  DVDVideoSoft – Free Screen Video Recorder

DVD Videosoft - Free Screen Video Recorder

DVDVideoSoft is an independent developer well-known for its free audio & video; converting, editing and downloding software tools. Similar to Apowersoft company that specialised on audio & video software, DVDVideoSoft also provide variety of very good software tools that focused on 100% free softwares series. DVDVideoSoft Free Screen Video Recorder – as the name given, is among the free screen video recording software offered, and it has some good reviews.

  • Export Format: MP4
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Platform:  

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9.  eLecta Live Screen Recorder

eLecta Live Screen Recorder

eLecta Live Screen Recorder is a very simple and straightforward tool that allows you to record your screen activity, for creating instructive materials, to record webcam conversations, etc. The interface only shows 4 buttons; New, Start, Pause & Stop. One of the different feature that this program has is, the ability to saving the file before the start of video recording. Most of the other programs reviewed here saves the file after the capture is completed, understandably due to video editor mode, hence it becomes vulnerable to crash due to large video size, and the whole file might lost.

  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Export Format: AVI
  • Platform:  

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10. Debut Video Capture

Debut Video Capture free recording

Debut Video Capture offers quite impressive features, besides recording desktop screens, webcam, it also provide networked camera recording as well. Many settings and configuration can be set, from video effects to task scheduling especially if you wanted to set CCTV recording from network camera. It also one of the free video recording software that offers variety of video output format to choose from. The best thing is, Debut Video Capture is among the smallest for full version download freeware in the list, with only 1.64MB download size (besides ApowerSoft Free Online Screen Recorder’s launcher).

  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Export Format: AVI, WMV, FLV, MPG, MP4, MOV, MKV, OGV, WEBM, DV, ASF, 3GP
  • Platform:    

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11.  CamStudio

Camstudio free screen recording

CamStudio is an open source desktop screen recording & streaming video. CamStudio Open Source is able to record all screen and audio activity on your pc and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs). This free screen recording app was last update in 2013, and no new updated version since that, if you’re using old system, CamStudio Open Source might be the right choice. Before I forget, don’t get confuse between CamStudio (open source) with Camtasia Studio from TechSmith, the later is a premium (paid) screen recording app.

  • Export Format: AVI, SWF
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit, No Ads
  • Platform:  

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12.  Webinaria

Webinaria free screen recorder

Webinaria is another open source screen recording software, it’s not just free from limitation and free form ads but this desktop screen recorder (is quite old, the lastest version is almost last 10 years), is also suitable for old machine, if you still use Win 98 you can use this.

  • Export Format: AVI to FLV
  • No Watermark, No Time Limit No Ads
  • Platform:  

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13.  Screen2EXE

Screen2EXE free screen recording

Screen2EXE is a good alternative if you’re looking for ‘executable self playing‘ video file, very good for making tutorial for via CD / DVD. Screen2EXE claimed to be the highest compression (smallest ‘video executed’ file size), and support from Win XP up to Win 10. However it has limited to only 1 hour recording for free version. The pro / paid version is name Screen Anytime.

  • Export Format: SWF, FLV, MP4, AVI, EXE (self-playing file)
  • Timelimit: < 1 hour (below 60 min)
  • Platform:  

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14.  Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic free screen recording

Screencast-O-Matic is an online video screen capture, like Apowersoft. It is quit easy and straightforward to use, but the free version has recording time limit to 15 minutes and watermarks in the videos. It has no editing tools and does not support audio / voice recording. You may consider get the pro version at affordable price of $18.

  • Export Format: FLV, AVI, MP4
  • Watermark, Time Limit: 15 min
  • Platform:    

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Extra Free Screen Recording Software

Some other good basic free screen recording software available out there, we can found..

15.  Screen2Avi – Installable & Portable version available, AVI format, last version 2011.

16.  Jing – Timelimit only 5 min, (TechSmith company), Win & Mac Platform.

17.  Rylstim Screen Recorder – light application for instant recording, but download size is 12+MB, last version 2015

18.  JScreenRecorder – Java based, MP4 format, last version 2015

19.  Screenr – was retired since 2015, because it based on Java RE that Chrome no longer support.

Please share with us your selection of free screen recording if you have any other alternatives, we like to hear your opinion and would like to add in here.