Top 8 Tips For a Creative Logo Design

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Creative Logo Design

Logo design is not only about being creative. It is also about being able to envision the mission of the brand and express it as concisely as possible. Many people think that it is easy to find a person who can paint to design and create a perfect and creative logo. However, the job is not as easy as it seems.

To come up with a timeless and creative logo, a skilled and experienced designer needs time and knowledge about the client. They should understand what design elements can really help promote the brand since a logo tells a lot about the products and services that a company offers. Colors, features, objects and even font matters when it comes to a logo. For example, if a brand becomes more environmentally friendly, companies usually choose green colors to manifest their good intentions.

logo design tips

Thus, given the fact that creative logo designing requires an individual approach to every business, there are several tips that can be useful for those who only start working in this field:

1. Simplicity

People like what is easy to understand and laconic. When you design a logo, you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine how they would comprehend what they see. If this logo does not call for any association with the brand, it is a bad logo. Let’s focus on several most popular companies. Apple, Nike, Adidas, they all have very simple logos. However, this simplicity adds up to brand recognition. Customers can unmistakably guess what company a half-eaten apple refers to.

2. Context

Logo designers who only start their professional career should understand that their final product should be practical. Even the most beautiful logo can have zero practical value. In this case, its customers would hardly notice this company among dozens of competitors. A good and functional logo should have the context to make people imagine, fantasize and associate when they look at it.

3. Originality

Creativity implies uniqueness and originality. If a logo you created looks similar to the one that exists for a long time, it is a low-quality product. A potential customer will always associate your clients with products and services they have no relation to. Thus, it is critically important to create a unique logo. Designers of Apple could choose several apples or just one of them to be their logo. However, in this case, even a small detail such as a bite can turn an ordinary logo into a huge hit.

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4. Customer Prioritization

As a designer, you should prioritize your client. However, their main priority is their customers. Thus, when you are creating a logo, it all comes down to the fact that you should prioritize potential and existing customers. You should guess what they would want to see and what associations they have with the brand to reflect them positively in the logo. For example, logo designers of samedaypapers company decided to keep their logo simple while keeping the name of the company. Due to harsh competition in the industry, this decision was the best in order not to confuse a client.

5. Versatility

Colors, photography, fonts, objects, and layouts serve as key elements that turn a simple picture into an impactful logo. Moreover, a good designer should be able to see a bigger picture meaning how this particular logo will look like on the products, marketing materials, etc. All of it affects customers’ perception of marketing information. Creating a timeless and versatile logo usually means projecting it onto its key mediums.

6. Contemporary Art

To postpone your logo’s expiry date, you need to make sure that there is a meaning behind it. Moreover, you should make it as contemporary as you can for now. A skilled designer should always keep abreast of all trends and development in the industry, offering their clients the best that the industry has. The usage of contemporary elements will also ensure that your product is memorable. Good advice for it is to look for inspiration in places where no one has dared to seek before. Reputable illustrators say that nature is the best place to search for contemporary and memorable elements.

7. Getting into Basics

Sometimes computers cannot seize all your creative ideas in one. You may try using different instruments and textures, but the designed logo still does not look like the one that already exists in your head. Thus, do not be afraid to go to the basics and use a pencil and paper for your creative process. Sketching on paper had helped lots of people before computers made their way into our lives, but it never lost its charm and practicality. Sometimes, the best logo ideas are born on paper and then become digitized.

8. Quality Over Quantity

When you start working on a logo design project, you want to show all of your ideas to the client. However, all of them may get rejected because you focus on quantity rather than quality. Instead of showing 10 drafts, prepare 3-4 logos that look finalized and show them to the client. Quantity will not make you stand out. Quality will. Focus on the latter, and it will definitely make a difference in your work.

Final Words There is much more behind logo design than creativity and artistic and decorative skills. Logo design requires people in this occupation to be experts in marketing and customer interaction. They should understand that their product is long-lasting, that it will be printed on the company’s products and that it will add up to brand awareness. Thus, professional logo designers are usually guided by simplicity, originality, versatility, and contemporariness in their work. Only if they can project the future application of their logo and its impact on customers, they can create a timeless and creative final product.

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Creative Idea Stock Image

5+ Creative Ideas Using Stock Images for Your Marketing

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Creative Idea Stock Image

As we dot our i’s and cross our t’s for the end of 2019, it’s a good time to start thinking about the new year 2020. What we can prepare for better marketing efforts in the new coming decade. Surely your business isn’t this far into December without some kind of 2020 marketing strategy started, but let’s dive into it a little more in stock images.

Stock Images as Visual Communications

The importance of visual communications, especially photo & video used in marketing strategy are undeniably will help to boost the campaigns. Whatever type of marketing strategy campaigns you will use in 2020, email newsletters, social medias, web contents, or anything else, Stock Images are among the biggest player. Companies like iStock by Getty Images is one of the must listed site to shop for stock images.

This world’s leading royalty free stock content marketplace, iStock by Getty Images offer oceans of carefully selected premium contents.

You just name it, they got it.. images, vector illustrations & videos.

Yes, they offer all contents category in one place:

In fact, they also provide useful tools and smart plugins to smooths your work tasks, such as Adobe CC plugins, just to name one.

With that said, here are 5 tips to using iStock and their collection of stock images in the upcoming year 2020 and the new decade.

January Idea

Since this month has probably already been taken care of before the holidays, use iStock’s Boards to help manage the upcoming months. Simply create a board to save any content that you might have found and are not ready to use yet. Way better than bookmarking or write down the images you’ve come across during other projects. So, when the time is right, you already have the options to start with.

Hey remember, January 25th is a big celebration for our Chinese friends. Spruce up your website or create a gift guide for the Chinese New Year images holiday.

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March Ideas

Be prepare for the International Women’s Day 2020 graphic contents in 8 March. Be unique for this month to get attention for ladies with visually appealing marketing. Also there will be Earth Hour 2020 on 28 March, so you may have some ideas to be different from your common strategy. Save time and use a pre-made sale template that fits the theme and designed to make them click through.

April Idea

Taxes. Make this time a little more fun for people and throw a Refund Sale to get rid of the stress.

May Idea

Fills your May marketing strategy with heart touching content is another good way to try out. Honor mothers around the world or your target markets with special stories, promotions, or gift guides for Mother’s Day and make them extra special with heartwarming images.

June Ideas

Summer vacation planning is usually in full swing by now since school is out and people are wanting to enjoy the warmer weather. Offer up some destination ideas with amazing places photos from actual places to visit.

Within half a year, you’ll get use with iStock and more familiar with the way iStock has to offer. Therefore, check out their plug-ins and see how to streamline and simplify your projects even more with your working apps.

Now you have all the tools and confidence you need for a successful 2020, head over to iStock and browse their flexible pricing plans & low cost credit packages. You’ll be surprised how much you need can be found in one place!

Higher Education Marketing

What Are The Must-Have Skills for Higher Education Marketing?

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Must Have Skills for Higher Education Marketing

Next year, the class of 2020 will break-in a new decade of graduates. As times change, new marketing strategies will be essential for attracting prospective students and maintaining a strong alumni network. While marketing channels consistently change, there are some foundational approaches that can be transferred to any new platform or trend. Here are 5 key skills for higher education marketing:

1. Know your audiences

Higher education institutions must cater to various groups in order to be successful. Sometimes these groups have competing interests or interact with social media in different ways. Generally, colleges and universities have 4 main audiences they should cater to:

Prospective students

Perhaps the most important of the four, prospective students are likely to engage with online content in order to familiarize themselves with the school. Your school web page is of utmost importance for this group, as it is likely the first contact that these students have with your institution.

The second most important content for engaging prospective students is social media. Every passing year brings fresher cohorts. To engage with them, schools need to keep a pulse on how they use technology and what type of content holds their attention.


A strong and supportive alumni network is priceless. The key to engaging with this group is to be aware of the diversity in demographics. For starters, alumni will have graduated from different departments in different years (or different decades!). Beyond this, they will have gone on to various career paths and engage in different hobbies. A strong school spirit and a solid school identity help consolidate all these competing interests.

School sports are a common unifier but look for other events that can bring people together. Philanthropic events, marathons, and theater can also serve as hallmarks of the alumni experience.

Current students

Even though current students don’t need to be marketed to in the same way as prospective students, they are an integral part of higher education marketing. Current students form the community that prospective students will want to participate in. These students can act as social media gurus, essay writers online, or guides to the school!

Because most students live on-campus and spend the majority of their time there, they are the best resources for authentic content. Oftentimes, students will organically disperse photos and information about the school via Facebook, Instagram, Yik Yak, and other social media channels. Tap into what is already there – and then centralize it! Hashtags and submission platforms are a great way to engage the student body.

2. Use technology in your classrooms

Prospective students no longer need to physically visit the schools they are considering. Streaming lectures or Q&As are a great way to add a live component to your school’s social media components. This allows for more individualized engagement and fosters real links. Post dynamic professors who lecture about topics related to current events.

Is there a computer science professor who can talk about advancing technology? Great! How about a panel of professors discussing a hot topic in their field? Even better! The brightest applicants will value the learning environment and want to envision themselves in their future classrooms.

3. Social media engagement is key

It is no secret that social media engagement has become the central form of marketing across most, if not all, sectors. As younger generations become more and more invested in their online lives, social media will play a larger role in how institutions are perceived. The key is knowing how to build an active and self-propagating online community.

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4. Perfect the art of the newsletter

Although social media is slowly taking over, email is still a vital part of marketing and outreach. And digital newsletters have replaced the bulk of snail mail that universities send to prospective students and alumni. Know what content your audience looks for and the best format to deliver that content.

Prospective students will look to have their questions answered, insider perspectives, and tips for applying to college. Therefore newsletter is one of a good way for higher education marketing.

5. Engage the campus community

This was mentioned above but deserves to be repeated: current students are amazing resources! They provide authentic visual and verbal accounts of what is happening on campus, right now. Partner with the student newspaper, student council, and residence life staff to create dynamic hashtags and blog posts. Stay on the pulse with how the student body envisions itself and what makes your institution important to them.

Communicating and receiving feedback from the student body is the ultimate tool for successful marketing. Engaged students become engaged alumni, and they will act as the ultimate “influencers” for prospective students. Create regular opportunities for students to engage with prospective students and alumni, both online and on-campus. Ambassador programs, overnight visits, and homecoming events are wonderful opportunities to collaborate.

logo design

How to Choose a Logo Design that is Perfect for You?

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You might have never seen a brand without its logo. The logo represents a major role in how your customers will observe your brand. Hence your logo must be amazing and heart touching. The logo symbolizes your brand’s identity and understanding that makes your logo design brilliant. You can try to have a look at the Interior Office Signage logos that looks great and perfectly represent the brand’s image. It reflects the best way of designing the logo.

Here are some ways of how to choose a logo design that is perfect for you:

First of all, you need to understand why you need a logo. Define the identity of your brand, you need to choose the best design style for your logo, right type of logo, and most importantly pay attention to the color of the logo design.

Why you need a logo?

The logo is known as the most essential part of your brand. You need to design a logo style perfectly. Your branding materials must have a logo that is designed for your company. Hence we need a logo to represent our brands, and clients will be able to recognize our company with the help of the logo. If you have the perfect logo, you will have more clients and your brand will be recognized by a lot of people.

Describe your brand personality

A good logo has been a well known identity and no need a word to say it.

You need to define your brand’s identity. First of all, you must understand what your brand’s personality is. If you have a clear idea of what your brand is all about, it becomes easy for you to make designs that look best for your brand. Some questions need to know before defining your brand’s identity.

For example; what is the reason that we are starting this business? What is the better step to choose the logo design? What makes our brand special? What are the words that you want your customers to describe your company or brand?

What it takes to have a great logo

We have already discussed that the logo reflects your brand’s message but it is important if your logo looks great and good. It is stated that a good logo seems professional with a brand’s identity. A good logo should be unique, distinctive, memorable, any size, timeless, and reflects your brand’s identity or personality.

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Choose your logo design

It is quite difficult to search for your logo design. If you have a clear idea of what your logo should be, then you need to start working on that logo. But if you have no ideas about different logos and it is becoming difficult for you to design a logo then you need to look towards the colors, shapes, graphics of your logo that looks great with your brand. You need to pick the right design appealing for your brand. 

Classic Designs:

The logo should look fun and exciting. The classic style plays an important role in logo design and helps your company to reach a huge amount of clients that would recognize you with your best logo. Due to the logo artistic design, it keeps the graphics and fonts in a better way.

Retro or vintage Designs:

It is indeed that vintage and retro design are on-trend and look great on the logo. If we talk about the vintage logo, it tells your clients that how history is important to you and what you are selling is done right.  

How to Find the right type of logo?

When you are creating your logo you need to choose the 7 main types of logos. You can pick the one logo that suits your company name or create something unique.

Letter mark logos can look great to simplify your brand’s name if your name is very long to remember. Some businesses choose monograms that can be great for designing logos but remember that monograms are not going to express what your business is about. Another way is known as the Wordmark that is used in a straightforward way for using your brand’s name as a logo.

Another way of designing a logo is the Pictorial marks or logo symbols. The first step like what we start thinking of listening about a logo. The images are easily recognizable and represent your brand in an image. It is easy for you to choose a simple or complex logo but more importantly creating a unique logo is a better option to avail that reflects your brand’s image and looks great.

Combining colors

You can choose different colors on the logo, for example, if you want to have some girly look on your logo you must try pink or yellow colors whereas if you want a formal look of your logo you should try black or white colors. Whereas, if you need a mature or classy look you must try Gray color.  

Script fonts

Use some different unique ways of writing your logo in script fonts. Use it to make your logo more individualistic and characteristic.

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Display fonts

Display fonts represent the most decorative fonts that are styled highly fashionable and brilliant. The typography used in your logo design will make it powerful when you combine different logo fonts.  

Bring your design elements together

While selecting the design of your logo or important types that are being used in the logo. What the next and the last step is to make sure that those different elements used in your logo can work together or not. Whereas, for a great logo all the different elements must work together in a better way. It reflects the design look elegant, natural, shape, classic font, and natural color. Hence it is stated that good logos reflect the brand’s image and represent your company in a better way. Your clients will be increased in a great amount and will be able to know your brand perfectly. Customers will be able to know you and wanted to work with you. this is how the logo plays a vital role in making a picture of your brand.

Design Branding

Graphic Design: What Makes the Brand Go Successful?

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Design Branding

The digitalized world has altered the trends of marketing. The digital marketing world is centered upon creating attractive and fascinating visuals to attract customers. Graphic designing is the major source that facilitates the brands to cope with digitalized marketing trends. Creative branding agency provide tactics that we see on e-stores or any business websites are the manifestations of popularity that graphic designing has gained in the last few decades. Be it a clothing brand or a sanitary products website, graphic designing helps every single business venture to present its products in an effortlessly striking and intriguing way, thus persuading the customer to buy it.

By creating logos, advertisements, magazines, business cards, etc. graphic designing helps you to fortify your brand’s elegance, style, and quality in any form. Here are some major facts about how graphic designing helps your brand go successful and keeping its success intact by targeting the target audience:

Communication Through Graphic Design

When a person sees a flyer, advertise mentor receives a text message his/her phone about any of your sale offers, they want to pause doing their assignment or office work and will access your website. They don’t have time to read your brand’s description or reviews, but they will only see the images, which gives you only a few seconds to grab their attention and make them stay.

In that case, graphic designing helps you do this. The vibrant, attractive, high-quality visuals and images are what keep customers glued to your websites if you are a clothing brand, for instance, customers want to see the cloths more clearly and through multiple angles.

Therefore, graphic designing helps you create 3D images and GIFS which helps the customers to do online shopping in a more satisfying way. Graphic designing helps you propagate your campaigns in a more attractive way. Graphics convey your message to the customers faster than words and help build a positive image of your company in the marketing world.

Creativity Wins

Creativity Wins

Humans are all about believing in visuals. Believe it or not, nothing attracts us more than creative, well designing, elegant images. Graphic designing gives you leverage to digitalize your creativity. Remember you are not the sole brand who is trying to fit into digital marketing trends, rather there are number of other competitors that you might not even be aware of.

For this reason, creativity is what will let you win the success race. So, build a team with a bunch of creative souls and create unique and voguish visuals that other brands don’t have, after all our humanely thirst for seeing something new is never-ending. Let your creativity speak for your brand.

Graphic Design Customization

Customization has never been so easy for business websites. Graphic designs enable you to add a diverse range of features that are catchy for the customers. For example, most of the clothing brands let you zoom in the pictured outfit by just putting a cursor on it, which helps customers to get a detailed view of an entire dress and its design, which is essential for buying something online. Besides, you can add as many buttons to your website as you want plus the vast range of fonts and color allows you to build your website as per your taste and your brand’s identity.


Attractive visuals, creativity and customization are what help create your brand’s identity and also keeps it intact. It’s the perks of graphic designing that logos have replaced the brand’s name on the products. The artistically designed logo is what helps your brand build an identity. These days having a logo of a brand is enough for people to buy a product. Even if replicated, the engaged customers always recognize what your genuine logo looks like.

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Happy customers are what leads your brand to success. Keeping in view what attracts them and merging it with your brand’s style and theme enables you to make an impactful digital presence and graphic designing facilitates this process.

Graphic designing provides us with a high quality of visual, infographics and illustrations that are more likely to attract customers at a higher rate, unlike poor quality images that are fatal to the brand’s reputations. Therefore, adapt to the changing marketing trends and bring your brand to the limelight on the business map through graphic designing. Let the graphics speak for your brand, as they communicate more impactfully than words and last longer. Your logo is what becomes a symbol of reliability.